Yazoo River Houses

Below are photos of a variety of Yazoo River houses from the early part of the 20th century. Most are associated with relatives and friends of theirs

Charles F. Oakes home: Probably Lot 5 in map below, Harworth, MS ca 1913.


Labelled “Old Man Leist” and Carroll Barham, same place and occasion as picture above. Carrolll was father of Mikke Barton Clark. The Leist is likely one of Sam’s sons.

ca 1935. Allena Hayes Cowan (1920-41), daughter of Minnie Lee Wilson Barton. Probably Lot 5, 6 or 7, Harworth, MS
Note the chimney foundation where it fell or was removed. Triple mullion windows, steps, stove pipe, etc., match this house and one above it.


Lizzie Barton and unknown. Back part of Leist House, stairs have been moved. Siding vertical.

Leist home, Leist landing, vertical siding.

Leist store and Leist home, Leist landing, Yazoo River bank. Note there is another house next door.

Sam Leist house on bank of Yazoo River, photo taken from Indian Mound, maybe Mound A in map above. Few simple calculations: In map above distance appears to be about 400 meters. Assuming the tree is about one foot in diameter and around 10 meters away and the house has about same angular width as the tree then the house would be 40 times the linear width of the tree making it about 40 feet wide. It the house in the map is roughly to scale then it is about 15 meters or 45 ft. From journal of archeologist Clarence Bloomfied Moore, ca. 1908.

Maybe Cowan Home: Probably Lot 5, 6 or 7, Harworth, MS.

Child on left is Mikki Barton (Clark), daughter of Liz Barton who is pictured below. Mkki is about one year old, making photo ca. 1940. Mikki, now Mikki Clark Ashe, was adopted by the Clark family in Vicksburg about a year later. Looks like same house above before stove installed.

Houseboat on Yazoo River

1939ish Dollie, Claude Barton (1919-?) in Arkansas, Lizzie Barton (1923-?) and Mrs Delks boy on tractor. Claude and Lizze were children of W. L. and Mamie Barton.
Double mullion windows like the Leist House, however, it has horizontal siding. In 1940 Census, Claude and wife Lizzie are living in Vickburg. He is a laborer, and she is a waitress. They are listed in error as married. Private Claude M. Barton died September 4, 1940, and is buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery, Section G Site 5661-B). He was a member of Co. D 20th Engrs USA

M. L. and Grace Barton with daughter Mary E. and ? Houseboat, B &W version, ca. 1910

M. L. and Grace Barton with daughter Mary E. and ? Houseboat, original versionca. 1910.

Likely Leist or Dose place.

John T. Plake in boat. Yazoo River. House probably across river from Leist or Dose Places. ca. 1921-22