Frederick Franklin and Margie Louise Hartley Oakes

Frederick Franklin Oakes was born May 18, 1903, in Issaquena County, MS, near Harworth, MS, a sawmill town along the Yazoo River. The town no longer exist, a casualty of too frequent flooding, clear cutting and the depression. He was the son of Charles Franklin and Sophie Dose Oakes. His siblings included John Christian, Robert Grantham, Laura Annis and William Warren. Two sidblings, Milton Elliot and Ruth Dean died young. Four of the children are shown with their parents in the picture below. The family life centered around farming, fishing, hunting and trapping. Life was difficult, little opportunity to accumulate any wealth. Loans were necessary survive. Most of the family eventually moved to Vicksburg and left their farm to be confiscated for failure to pay taxes. Fred left in 1922 at the age of 19 and found work with the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad and a workman in their repair shop on Levee Street in Vicksburg. Several of his fellow workers were from Flora and it is highly likely that through them he met Margie Louise Hartley, a sixteen year old bright young girl from Flora. They were married in 1923, sadly she did not finish high school, a disappointment she sometimes expressed to her children. She had been an excellent student. She had beautiful had writing and was accomplished at writing. She was born in 1906 to George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Oakes. Her siblings included: Alma Lee, Leila Mae, George Benjamin, Samuel Richard, Edward Lee, James Russell, Marvin Ashley and Aileen. A son Rudolf died very young. Margie's parent were subsistance farmers also and struggle financially, hence all the children left home early to seek other employment. Most of the boys became saw filers, a profession that was always in demand at the many sawmills in Mississippi and Louisiana. Most were also able mechanics.

Fred started repairing cars as a sideline which grew to the point he quite his job with the railroad and opened his own shop. He moved to larger shops as his business expanded and he bought wrecked cars to use for parts in his repair work. Eventually he started to sell parts from the salvaged cars directly to the public. He and Margie had five children, Charles, Melvin, Floyd, Donald and Eleanor. They were all raised in a house Fred had built next to his wrecking yard. It was a good life and the family flourished For more details check: Fred Oakes Memoir


Left to Right, Fredrick Franklin Oakes, Laura Annis Oakes, Charles Franklin Oakes, Sophie Dose Oakes, Robert Grantham Oakes and John Christian Oakes, Home in Harworth, MS ca 1913.


Father: Charles Franklin Oakes Father: George Leroy Hartley
Mother: Mary Sophie Dose Oakes Mother: Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley
Father: Fredrick Franklin Oakes Mother: Margie Louise Hartley Oakes







Fred and Margie Oakes

Fredrick Franklin Oakes (Dad) 1903-1978
Margie Louise Hartley(Mom) 1906-1970
Fred & Margie Oakes,
Margie & Fred Oakes, maybe Petrified Forest, Flora, MS, earliest known picture of two.
Margie Hartley, age 21, All Saints School, Vicksburg, c. 1927
Margie Louise Hartley Oakes , about 1930, probably at the Lake House, Oakes Auto Parts.
Fred & Margie Oakes(1940s)
Margie Louise Hartley (1936)
Frederick Franklin Oakes(1946)
Robert Grantham Oakes
Fred Oakes
LtoR: Photo has id as Gearney Hyman & Freddie Oakes. Freddie's id is highly likely, however Gearney was 7-8 years older. That age difference is hard to accept for the two boys, however Gearney lived with Fred and his family at the time of this photo, ca 1905-06
Chris, Laura, & Fred Oakes
Chris, Laura, & Fred Oakes
Smudge may be site of Harworth, MS, Yazoo R. (E-W), Big Sunflower ( NE)
Harworth, Miss. postcard from Acie Bliss to his mother and father, Walter & Lulu Bliss

Fred Oakes' Parents and Grandparents

Mel, Barbara McDuff Guttery, Charlie, Dad, Floyd Oakes
Charles Franklin Oakes
Charles Franklin Oakes (Grandpa) 1881-1956
Sophie Dose Oakes
Charles Franklin Oakes (Grandpa). Our House.
Mary Sophie Dose, Obituary Picture, 1940
Charles Franklin Oakes
Sophie Dose Oakes, wife of Charles Franklin Oakes
Winding Tower Postcard , Vicksburg
Franklin and Elizabeth Seay Oakes(1883-1950), (second wife, from Stewart, MS).
Charles Franklin & Elizabeth Seay Oakes

Betty Charlotte Kilgore (daughter of Clyde & Laverne Armstrong Kilgore), Charles Franklin Oakes, & Eleanor Dean Oakes.

Laverne Armstrong and Clyde D. Kilgore, Laverne was daughter of James & Lola Oakes Armstrong. They were over for Charlie Oakes and Elizabeth Seay’s wedding celebration. Laver

Charles Franklin Oakes & Charlotte Ann Peterson, daughter of Bob & Laura Oakes Peterson.
Platte Fishery, Oakes and Hartley family members worked here.
Charles Franklin Oakes was a supervisor.
Charles Franklin Oakes and likely his mother, Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry Oakes
(She is too short for his wife).

Dose Family ( Version from Jesse Rodgers, grandson of Jacob Christian)
Back Row: Mary Sophie, Jacob Christian, Carrie Mae
Frt Row: David Christian, Josephine Bellinger, Walter Samuel

Josephine Bellinger Dose 1858-1906

Mary Ann Bellinger Haver(1843-), Josephine & Addie’s sister.
She married Michael Haver(1830-1892), April 8, 1859

Addie Bellinger Leist (1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Michael Haver & Mary Ann Bellinger, Marriage Certificate, April 8, 1859.
Samuel Leist Sr.
Addie Bellinger Leist(1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Sam Leist Sr (1831-1920)
Samuel Leist Sr.
Addie Bellinger’s husband
Michael Haver, Husband of Mary Ann Bellinger Haver

Jessye Collum(believed to be at left) and maybe sister Belle or Sarsah.
Jessye taught Fred Oakes at the Leist Landing School around 1913-15. She married William Carrol Leist, grandson of Samuel Leist.

Carrie Mae Dose
Carrie Mae Dose Hopkins, “Auntie” 1886-1965
Francis John Hopkins(1839-1932), father of John Henry “Bud” Hopkins. Born Staffordshire, England. Immigrated in 1862. Nat. in 1864. Served in the Union Navy and married Frances (“Fannie”) Della Perry in Lowndes Co, Miss. He was a farmer.(Contributed byThomas M. Wilson, Grandson.)
Jacob Silas, Edna Pearl & Josephine Hopkins,
ca. 1910
David George Gessler, 1922, Graduated St. Aloysius High Schoo
Edna Pearl & Dave Geesler
1987 Edna Pearl Hopkins Gessler(1910-?) & Mel Oakes
Jacob & Mosey Dose
John T. Plake on Yazoo River, likely the Jacob and Moyzelle Dose house in distance. ca. 1923.
This is probably the house of Jacob and Moyzelle Dose on the Yazoo River.
ca. 1923

Frances Moyzelle Tindale Dose
wife of Jacob Dose

Andrew Millage & Jackson Wordney Hyman, Stepbrothers of C.F. Oakes, half brothers to Warren & Guearney Hyman. There is a Hyman family page available in the Menu above or the Site Map.

Ella, Freddie(adopted son) & Warren Hyman
Ella Hyman, Wife of Warren Hyman ( 1/2 Bro. to Charles Franklin Oakes)
Joseph Freddie Hyman(b. 1927)
Adopted son of Warren and Ella Hyman
LtoR: Kids: Joseph Freddie Hyman (Warren Hyman’s adopted son), Leslie Hyman, Harold Dean Hyman, Geneva Jones, Kenneth Matthews Back Row: Warren S. & Ella Hyman, Andy (Jr) Hyman, Andrew J. Hyman, Andrew M. Hyman, Mattie Kyser Hyman, Hazel Hyman, Charles & Edith Hyman, Matthews, Zilla Mae Hyman, Eva Hyman Jones

“from Aca Bliss, hello mama, how are you. mama peoples up here is getting along fine up here, good by moma. hello papa, how are you and Mr. Irwin. Popa i am getting little fat now. thease peoples up here lives fine. good by pop.”

Fredrick Franklin Oakes and Knights of Pythias, Vicksburg, MS
Back row, fourth from the left. Our barbar, Dunlop, left end of second row.

Lola Oakes Armstrong, Lura Oakes Howard, Fred Oakes, First Cousins
Fr. Mozelle and Pearl Owen. 2: Lura Oakes Howard, Lola Oakes Armstrong , Fred Oakes, 3: Josh & Joel Owen, Joe Howard, Clifford Owen
Lura Oakes Howard and Fred Oakes, 1st Cousins, July 1966

Front: Sam, Chester, Mary Howard, Back: Claudie, Robert E., likely Archie Clifford and Wife Annie Lou King Howard, Joe Henry Howard and sister Callie (pict from Gayle Stratton, Callie’s granddaughter.) Joe was the husband of Lura Oakes Howare, first cousin to Fred Oakes

Joe Henry and Lura Oakes Howard (1915) A few months after wedding. Dress was medium blue trimmed in ecru lace.
Joe and Lura Oakes Howard
Joe and Lura Oakes Howard
Lura Oakes Howard, 1983
Age 86
Jo Ann Howard. Daughter of Joe and Lura Oakes Howard
Jo Ann Howard Mikel
Ray and Jo Ann Howard Mikell, Vicksburg Battlefield.
Jo Ann Howard Mikell
Ray and Jo Ann Howard Mikell

Children of Fred and Margie Oakes

Fred & Margie Oakes Family
Eleanor Dean Oakes in front of family radio.
Oakes Brothers and Spouses, 2004, Anchuca B&B, Vicksburg, LtoR: Donald and Betty, Betty and Floyd, Pat and Mel
Floyd and Betty Oakes
Pat and Mel
Bettye and Donald Oakes
Floyd & Betty Oakes
Floyd & Donald Oakes on Tricycle
Buck Jones Cowboy Suit
Charles (with scarf), Floyd, Donald and Melvin Oakes
Highway 61 North home. ca 1941
Eleanor Dean Oakes
Eleanor Oakes & Porte-cochere
Eleanor Oakes in driveway of Oakes Auto Parts.
Eleanor Oakes on Tricycle
Eleanor Oakes & Dolls, front steps of home. Broken steps courtesy Aunt Aileen King.
Eleanor Oakes, maybe at JC and Aileen’s home.
Eleanor Dean Oakes, New Boots
Eleanor Dean Oakes
Charles Oakes
Age about 2
Charles Oakes, age 3-4
Melvin Oakes

Floyd Oakes


Donald Oakes
Oakes’ Kings, MS House.
Route 4, Box 95
Fred Oakes at Oakes Auto Parts,
Kings, MS
Fredrick Charles Oakes
Fredrick Charles Oakes
Fredrick Charles Oakes
F. Charles Oakes(1945)
Charles Oakes & Marilyn Bien Hoa Market 1965
Fredrick Charles Oakes, Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1965
Fredrick Charles Oakes, Bien Hoa, Vietnam, 1965
Charles Oakes, Bien Hoa Airbase, 23 mi N Saigon, 1965
Fredrick Charles Oakes US Airforce
Mel and Charles Oakes
Mel & Fred-Oakes, Christmas in Vicksburg, MS
Oakes Family, Front: Floyd, Fred, Margie
Back: Melvin, Eleanor, Charles, Donald
Vicksburg, MS
Stuart, Fred and David Oakes
Pat, Donald & Charlie, Lisa, & Linda Oakes
Vicksburg, MS
Oakes Family, Oct.1 963-, Home on Highway 61, Kings, MS.
Mel, Dad, Charlie, Floyd and Jim Oakes, Austin, Texas
Floyd, Fred & Mel Oakes, Austin
Melvin, Floyd & Donald Oakes at dedication of the ashes of their brother, Fredrick Charles Oakes, Cedar Hills Cemetery, Vicksburg, 2000
Margie Oakes Christmas in Vicksburg,
Inscription on back, “Now Honey I wouldn’t let the boys see this—That expression-Too Sour”
Mary Jo, Charles and Linda Oakes, 1950
Linda Oakes and Friend
Dale and Charles Oakes
Linda, Charles, and Dale Oakes
Dale Oakes Fishing
Jo & Charles Oakes
Mary Jo Gibson
Mary Jo Gibson
Dale & Charles Oakes & Unknown, Fish Display Florida
Mel & Pat Oakes Vicksburg Oct 1964
Linda 450 Dale Oakes
Fred, Mel & Donald Oakes Oct 1964 with Mel’s Dissertation
Dale Oakes, Son of Charles and Mary Jo Oakes
Charles Oakes, Wichata Falls, 1961
Margie Louise Hartley Oakes
Donald and Margie Oakes
Mel Oakes Redwood Prom 1954
Fred and Charles Oakes, Oklahoma
Fred, Eleanor and Margie Oakes
Mel & Donald Oakes at Walter S. Dose’s Grave-Nat. Cemetery
Mel and Warren Oakes, Vicksburg,MS
Mel, Charles, Eleanor, Floyd and Donald Oakes

L to R: Floyd, Lisa, Melvin, Donald, Charles, Margie, Eleanor and Fred Oakes
Family home in Kings, MS. ca/ 1960

Oakes Family, Fr: Floyd, Fred, Margie
Back: Mel, Charles, Eleanor, Donald
Vicksburg, MS
Oakes Auto Parts-Gonzales, LA
Floyd Oakes, Proprietor
Russell White 1960, Cattleman and friend of family.
Ray and Jo Ann Howard Mikell, Vicksburg Battlefield.
Jo Ann Howard Mikell
Margie Oakes Kitchen at Kings Home, 1960

Dale Oakes and his son, Nick Oakes


Margie Louise Oakes, Thanksgiving, Nov. 1960
L to R:Margie Oakes, Billy Carl Irwin, Russell White,
Barbara and Floyd Oakes with back to camera.
Thanksgiving 1960
Barbara, Lisa and Margie Oakes,
Thanksgiving 1960

Donald Oakes at River Locks, maybe Minnesota.
He worked on Dolly King’s Barge Line. 1961

Donald Oakes on Coal Barge 196
Fred Oakes in Red Rocker, Nov 1960
Oakes Home at Kings, MS, 1969
Unknown, Charles F. Oakes and Mary Jo Gibson, Betty Gibson,
Wedding, Vicksburg, MS, September 25, 1948
Charles Oakes, 1986.
Back: Charles, Melvin, Warren and Fred Oakes,
Front: Dale and Bill Oakes
Florida, ca 1967.

Front: Warren Oakes, Bill Oakes, Sandra Winter, Mel Oakes
Second Row: Margie Oakes, Mildred Oakes, Dale Oakes, Linda Oakes, Lois Winter, Fred Oakes
Back Row: Eleanor Oakes, Frances Oakes, Mary Jo Oakes, Charles Oakes, Robert Winter.
Florida, ca 1967.

In 2017, Hinds Community College selected 100 People Pasinate about Hinds. Three of those selected had connections with our family. Donald Oakes, son of Fred and Margie Oakes, teacher, principal, ex-superintendent of schools for Warren County and Hinds CC Board Member was chosen. Sonny Fountain (deceased), contractor and major Hinds donor, was the husband of Margaret Ann Bradley Fountain, grandaughter of Ora Lee Hartley was selected. Durwood Graham, LSU football star, coach at Hinks and other school is the grandson Ada Victoria Graham. Ada was sister of Rufus F. Conrad, wife of Leila Mae Hartley Conrad. Bill Oakes is not a relative.

In 2017, Hinds Community College selected 100 People Pasinate about Hinds. Second from left in red tie, Durwood Graham, LSU football star, coach at Hinks and other school is the grandson Ada Victoria Graham. Ada was sister of Rufus F. Conrad, wife of Leila Mae Hartley Conrad. Sixth from left over right shoulder of man in white suite, Donald Oakes, son of Fred and Margie Oakes, teacher, principal, ex-superintendent of schools for Warren County and Hinds CC Board Member was chosen.

Donald Oakes and HCC President Clyde Muse.
Durwood Graham and HCC President Clyde Muse

Siblings of Fred Oakes

Mildred &Warren Oakes' Wedding, May 15, 1946
Robert Grantham Oakes, his brother was best man, bridesmaid is unknown.
Mildred Elizabeth Eadie Oakes May 15, 1946
Mildred &Warren Oakes' Wedding, May 15, 1946
Mildred, Francis,Warren & Bill Oakes
Mildred, Francis,Warren & Bill Oakes
Warren Oakes
WWII New Guinea
William Warren Oakes
Young Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes(1912-83)
Grantham & Marie Oakes
Marie Arwood Oakes

A photo from Marie Arwood’s album, children'sage distribution
doesn't match her immediate family.


Marie Arwood Oakes
Marie Arwood Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes Graduation
Southern Missionary College
Marie Arwood Oakes
Grantham, Robert & Carolyn Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Grantham & Marie Oakes
Carolyn Oakes, daughter of Grantham & Marie Oakes
Bobby Oakes, son of Grantham & Marie Oakes
Bobby & Carolyn Oakes
Robin & Robert Oakes
Carolyn Oakes
Robert & Carolyn Oakes
Carolyn, Grantham (Boots), Marie Oakes and Laura Annis Hull
Oakes Auto Parts, 1930 Chris Oakes, Arnold Graham, Marvin Hartley,William Reed, James Hartley, James Deason, Fred Oakes
Grantham &Charles F. Oakes
Grantham and Charles F. Oakes
Winding Tower which is background in adjacent picture.
Charles Franklin, Marie, Grantham, amd Carolyn-Oakes
Chris and Georgia Oakes
Fred & Chris Oakes
Chris, J.C., Norman, Harold Oakes & Charlotte Peterson
J. C. Oakes approx. 2 yrs, Picture above on wall in photo at lef.t
Georgia Letney Oakes
with (LtoR) J. C., Laura, and Harold.
Charlotte Peterson & her grandfather Chris Oakes
Georgia Letney Oakes(1908-55) , wife of Chris Oakes
Sylvan (Peewee) Letney
Jack Letney, Father of Georgia and Sylvan Letney
Chris Oakes and Sylvan (Peewee) Letney, Georgia’s brother. Probably Little Sunflower River
Chris Oakes, Yazoo City MS
Laura and Levern Oakes
Norman and Harold Oakes, Donald Oakes behind.
Harold Franklin Oake
Harold and Doris Oakes
J.C. and Flora Oakes-1953
John Christian Oakes and dog
JC and Flora Oakes 2006
Mel and JC Oakes 2006
Norman and Helen Oakes
25th Anniversary of WCHK, Bob & Lura Peterson, Byron Dobbs, Mike McDougal, Jim Axel. Canton, GA
Laura Oakes Peterson”s Friend Walter Andest(German POW in Russia, later in US Army)
Doris, Harold, Helen, Norman, JC, & Flora Oakes
John Christian Oakes, Riverboat
Laura, Lavern & Norman Oakes
J.C. and Harold Oakes
John Christian Oakes in white shirt on Dolly King’s boat. Family friend Fred Harris in the background, second from left.
Norman Oakes
Lavern Oakes
Lavern Oakes & Douglas Jernigan with friends, Larry & Mabel Debolt on left.
Bk: Brandon & Julie, Hunter
Fr: Mackenzie Jernigan
Lavern’s son. Dec. 2010
Laura Oakes Perterson (back left) & Radio Group
Front Center: Bill Anderson, singer
Georgia Radio Hall of Fame Banquet
Vicksburg 1910, Sternwheeler Packet Boat, “CR Hull” in picture.
Open & Pan
Columbus Redman Hull owner with Capt. Sam Haney & Sherman C. Hull Sr. of “CR Hull” Packet Boat. Vicksburg-Greenwood was its service line, as well as Yazoo River.
Joy & Laura Hull
Laura Annis Oakes Hull, Langston Park, Texas
Laura Annis Oakes Walls-1975
Betty June Hull Davis

Burgell Hull, son of Cody and Laura Oakes Hull


Sherman Hull, Jr., son of Cody and Laura Oakes Hull


Edna Mae Hull Smith(1924-91)
Joy Hull
Laura Annis Oakes Hull
Norman & Helen Oakes
John T. Plake and Robert Oakes
Frances Evans, Silas Dose, Laura Oakes Peterson, Warren Oakes
Warren, Laura Annis Oakes Hull , & Grantham Oakes
Fred, Grantham &Marie, Laura A. and Warren Oakes
Silas & Pat Dose, Son of Jake and Moyzelle Dose
Laura Oakes Hull and son Sherman
Aileen Hartley King at home of sister Margie Oakes March 1961
Robbie Wilson, close friend of Warren Oakes and Fred and Margie Oakes