Bliss Family


William Henry A. Bliss & Elizabeth Camelia “Mellie” Bellinger Family

(also William H. A. Bliss and Susan Lucretia Moreland and
Jack Crawford and Mellie Bellinger)

Five daughters link four families: Adeline, Josephine, Camelia, Sarah & Mary Ann Bellinger link Leist, Dose, Bliss and Haver families. There are pages on the site for each of these families (Bellinger & Haver are combined). Below is historical information on the Bellinger family followed by a photo album and family documents.


William Henry A. and Elizabeth Camellia Bellinger Bliss, Camellia is sister of Josephine, Mary Ann, and Adeline Bellinger, Cabinet Card.

William Henry A. (1844-1918) and Elizabeth Camellia Bellinger Bliss, Camellia is sister of Josephine and Adeline Bellinger, B&W Cabinet Card.

William Henry Bliss in the above photos appears to be wearing the Grand Army of the Republic Medal. The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army who served in the American Civil War. Founded in 1866 in Decatur, Illinois, it was dissolved in 1956 when its last member died. Linking men through their experience of the war, the GAR became among the first organized advocacy groups in American politics, supporting voting rights for black veterans, lobbying the US Congress to establish veterans' pensions, and supporting Republican political candidates. Its peak of membership at more than 400,000 was in 1890, a high point of Civil War commemorative ceremonies. It was succeeded by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW), composed of male descendants of Union veterans.


Civil War Service

William served in the 23rd Regiment Infantry-Indiana. The unit was organized at New Albany, Ind. and he mustered In July 29, 1861. He left Indiana for Paducah, Ky., August 15. Attached to District of Paducah, Ky., to February, 1862. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of the Tennessee, to March, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of the Tennessee, to July, 1862. Unattached, District of Jackson, Tenn., to November, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Left Wing 13th Army Corps (Old), Dept. of the Tennessee, to December, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 13th Army Corps, December, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 17th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to January, 1864. 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, 17th Army Corps, to April, 1864. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 17th Army Corps, to July, 1865.
SERVICE.--Duty at Paducah, Ky., until February, 1862. Demonstration from Paducah on Columbus, Ky., November 7-9, 1861. Moved to Fort Donelson, Tenn., February 12-15, 1862. Expedition toward Purdy and operations about Crump's Landing, Tenn., March 9-14. Battle of Shiloh, Tenn., April 6-7. Advance on and siege of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 30. March to Purdy, thence to Bolivar, Tenn., and duty there until September. March to Iuka, Miss., September 1-20. Duty in District of Jackson until November.

Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign November 2, 1862, to January 10, 1863. Reconnoissance from LaGrange November 8-9, 1862. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., January 20, 1863; thence to Lake Providence, La., February 21, and to Milliken's Bend, La., April 17. Passage of Vicksburg and Warrenton Batteries April 22 (Detachment). Movement on Bruinsburg and turning Grand Gulf April 25-30. Battle of Port Gibson, Miss., May 1. Bayou Pierrie, May 3. Ingraham's Heights May 3. Bruins-Burg May 6. Battle of Raymond May 12. Jackson May 14. Battle of Champion's Hill May 16.

Siege of Vicksburg May 18-July 4, 1863. Assaults on Vicksburg May 19 and 22. Surrender of Vicksburg July 4, and duty there until February, 1864. Expedition to Monroe, La., August 20-September 2, 1863. Operations about Natchez, Miss., December 1-10.

Meridian Campaign February 3-March 2, 1864. Returning again to Vicksburg, the 23rd Indiana remained until February 3rd, 1864, when it accompanied Sherman on his ever-memorable raid to Meridian, Miss., accomplishing the destruction of the railroad track, its equipment and supplies the entire distance of more than one hundred miles east from Jackson to Meridian, thus depriving the enemy of facilities to reach either Jackson or Vicksburg to harass Grant’s and Sherman’s armies encamping at and near those points.


William Henry A. Bliss Married Elizabeth Camelia “Mellie” Bellinger, February 3, 1864

Veterans in his unit were on furlough March and April. In the latter part of March the regiment left Vicksburg on the regulation thirty-day veteran furlough and returned in a body, by steamboat up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, from Vicksburg to New Albany, the place of enlistment, at which point arms were stacked and equipment stored, and the members dispersed to their various homes for the enjoyment of a well earned and much needed rest. (During this furlough William likely used the opportunity to take his new bride to his home in Indiana where living conditions would have been better and safer.)

At the expiration of the veteran furlough the men again reported for duty and moved directly from New Albany by steamer to Bird’s Point, Mo., where the regiment remained for a short time, receiving a considerable number of recruits. From that point it proceeded on May 5th, 1864, by steamboat up the Tennessee River to Pittsburg Landing, marching through the old battlefield of Shiloh, via Huntsville, Ala., to join the Army of the Tennessee, then concentrating for the campaign against Atlanta, reaching Ackworth, Ga., June 9th, where it was again attached to the 17th Army Corps under Gen. Frank P. Blair.

Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign June 9 to September 8. Operations about Marietta and against Kenesaw Mountain June 10-July 2. Assault on Kenesaw June 27. Nickajack Creek July 2-5. Chattahoochie River July 5-17. Nickajack Creek July 6-8. Leggett's (or Bald) Hill July 20-21. Battle of Atlanta July 22. Siege of Atlanta July 22-August 25. Flank movement on Jonesboro August 25-30. Battle of Jonesboro August 31-September 1. Lovejoy Station September 2-6. Operations against Hood in North Georgia and North Alabama September 20-November 3. Shadow Church and Westbrook, near Fairburn, October 1-3. March to the sea November 15-December 10. Ball's Ferry and Georgia Central Railroad Bridge, Oconee River, November 23-25. Siege of Savannah December 10-21.

Campaign of the Carolinas January to April, 1865. Pocotaligo, S.C., January 14. Salkehatchie Swamp February 2-5. Rivers Bridge February 3. South Edisto River February 9. Orangeburg February 12-13. Columbia February 16-17. Fayetteville, N. C., March 11. Battle of Bentonville March 19-21. Occupation of Goldsboro March 24. Advance on Raleigh April 10-14. Occupation of Raleigh April 14. Bennett's House April 26. Surrender of Johnston and his army. March to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va., April 29-May 19. Grand Review May 24. Moved to Louisville June, and duty there until July 23.

Mustered out July 23, 1865.
Regiment lost during service: 4 Officers and 68 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 143 Enlisted men by disease. Total 217.


Bliss Photo Gallery

William Henry Bliss,
U.S. Civil War Draft Registration, 1863,
Franklin County, Indiana

William Henry Bliss,
Thomas King Photographers, Vicksburg, MS

William Henry and Elizabeth Camellia Bellinger Bliss,
Camellia is sister of Josephine and Adeline Bellinger,.
“From ? Studio” . They were married 1864, from his clothing this might be a wedding picture. She is wearing white. She would be 16-17. She looks older however. Age wise this is more likely 1875-85, however he would be wearing a suit more inline with 1865.

Elizabeth Camellia Bellinger Bliss(1848-95), Camellia is sister of Josephine and Adeline Bellinger, Cabinet Card. 1875-85
Horace P. Kirk, Photographer, Mason City, Iowa.

Kirk openedd his studio in Mason City in 1867 and remained a photographer until about 1900. He became a banker and developer. He is listed in the 1881 Gazetteer as a Mason City photographer. Prominent series included "Views of Mason City and Vicinity" and "Scenery - Mason City and Vicinity." His gallery in 1883 was above Hanford's Clothing Store -west side of Commercial Street. A photo by Kirk of the Central School was displayed at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.

From the History of Franklin and Cerro Gordo County, 1883: “H. P. Kirk located in Mason City at the close of the war. He opened his business in 1867, and has prosecuted it successfully since its inception. He was born in Mahoning County, Ohio, May 21, 1843, and was raised on a farm, receiving a common school education. In 1861, he enlisted for three months in the 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was stationed in Western Virginia. In February, 1862, he reenlisted in the 13th Illinois Cavalry, Company D, remaining about one year and receiving his discharge for physical disability. In February, 1865, he enlisted a third time in the 2nd Iowa Cavalry and was in the service until the close of the war. He was married in 1870 to Elizabeth R. daughter of S. C. Wordsworth, of Lake Mills, Iowa. Mrs. Kirk was born in Ohio in 1852. They have two children - Clara L. and Verne R
“Cerro Gordo County was in its infancy when Mr. Kirk came within its borders. He has seen Mason City expand from a hamlet with three houses to a respectable city of 4,000 people. He leads his profession in this vicinity, and his rooms are a delight to his patrons. They are fitted up with admirable taste, and the evidences of the artists skill are to be seen on every hand. H. R. Kirk purchased a gallery in 1867, of A. M. Thompson, and has been the only one engaged in this art since that time. He occupies a fine building well supplied with modern apparatus, and also carries a complete stock of albums, picture frames, etc.”

Elizabeth Camelia “Mellie“
Photo from H.P. Kirk Studio, Mason City, Iowa
Studio Address: 118 South Main Street, Mason City.
Horace Kirk open studio in 1867, later became a banker and developer. Was still doing photography throught 1900.

William Henry Bliss (1844-1918), husband of Elizabeth Camelia Bellinger

This is a cabinet card, probably late 19th century.

The picture of Ada and Fanny and of their parents William and Camellia are all taken in the same studio. I have extracted the information from all three.

Martha Boone suggests that this is Fanny. When the later picture at right is placed beside it I think the likeness and hair is striking. She is a bit younger in the picture at left. She is wearing boots in both pictures. I vote with Martha. Same studio is also strongly suggestive.

Ada and Fanny Bliss, daughters of William Henry Albert and Elizabeth Camellia Bellinger Bliss, ca. 1885. Studio appears to be same as portrait of William and Camellia on page. Ages and clothing would suggest that pictures taken at the same time.

The banner under the picture was extracted from the black at the bottom of the card. Can’t yet decipher the name at left. Looks like U or V as first letter , EMUS seems to be the finishing letters, second letter is unusual character. Middle word appears to be maybe Floating. I wonder if this was a riverboat gallery. Appreciate any suggestions.

Examining the back of this photo with Photoshop I found the words “Aunt Addie Leist.” It came from Walter Bliss. There were at least three Addie Leists: 1) Adeline Bellinger Leist (1849-1908), 2) Addie L. Leist (1900-72) (daughter of Charles Joseph and Alice Sanders Leist) and 3) Addie Mae Leist (1886-1910), (daughter of Sam & Adeline, she married Kemp Sanderford.)

Addie Mae we can rule out since she is too young. I think the clothing and the cabinet card format suggest it is turn of the century, (willing to be corrected), this would make Addie L. Leist too young as I judge this woman to be in her late forties or fifties. The dates of the photographer would be helpful.

As you can see, there was a large stain over the face. Other stains have been removed. Here are two attempts at restoration. This is only the second photo of Adeline Melissa Bellinger (Tucker) (Leist) (1849-1908). Picture taken by Thomas King Photos.

Margaret “Maggie” Tilman Bellinger (1873-1953), wife of George F. Bellinger (1857-) (son of Jacob & Nancy Belinger and also the brother of Adeline Bellinger Leist)

Adeline Melissa “Addie” Bellinger Leist,
Sister of Elizabeth Camelia Bellinger Bliss

Samuel Leist, Sr., second husband of Addie Bellinger

Josephine Ophelia Bellinger Dose, (1858-1906)
Sister of Elizabeth Camelia Bellinger Bliss

David Christian Dose (1844-1925), husband of Josephine Ophelia Bellinger Dose, (1858-1906)

Mary Ann Bellinger Haver (1843-90)
Sister of Elizabeth Camelia Bellinger Bliss

Michael Haver (1830-90) husband of Mary Ann Bellinger Haver (1843-90)

Luther and Rebecca Bellinger, brother of Jacob Frederick Bellinger, uncle of Elizabeth Camelia Bellinger Bliss

John Wesley Zelotis Bliss, brother of William Henry Albert Bliss,
(picture from Becky Carson)

Artismissa Clementine Clayton and husband John Wesley Zelotis Bliss, (brother of William Henry A. Bliss),
(picture from Becky Carson)

Ellen Gause “Nell” Ellis Haver

Thronton Haver (1919-97)

Ellen Gause “Nell” Ellis Haver

Originally identified as Fannie Bliss Hart, wife of Will Hart. However LouAnn Cameron suggested the photo was strikingly similar to the chalk drawing of Susan Jennings Bliss. I think the comparison confirms her suggestion. Chalk drawing may be based on this tintype.

Susan Jennings Bliss (1823-95), wife of Allen Z. Bliss.

Mother of William Henry Albert Bliss
(Original chalk drawing probably by Artemissia Clemmie Clayton Bliss, wife of John, variations by Mel Oakes)(Picture courtesy of Becky Carson)

Susan Jennings Bliss (1823-95), wife of Allen Z. Bliss.

Unknown, some resemblance to Sam Leist Bliss, however larger nose. Both have blue eyes. Picture is a Cabinet Card with what appears to be A. L. Banks, renown Vicksburg photographer in later 19th century.

Sam Leist Bliss (1877-1942)
Son of William H. A. and Camelia Bellinger Bliss
Picture is a Cabinet Card with what appears to be “Fredricks” as photographer. ca. 1900

Sam Leist Bliss (1877-1942) Son of William H. A. and Camelia Bellinger Bliss, ca. 1920

Rosie Lee “Daisy” Standard (1885-1968), wife of Sam Leist Bliss. She was a registered nurse at the Mercy Hospital in Vicksburg. (picture from grandson Arthur Little)

Walter Chanin (Dec1868-?) and Lou Etta “Lula” Standard Bliss (Feb1876-1929) and daughter Lina(Oct1895-?)
Picture taken in same studio as picture of family above. King’s Studio in Vicksburg, MS., ca. 1905.

On back of picture it says Lou Etta Bliss and possibly Nellie or Mattie Bliss. If Mattie Standard, this would suggest that the children are Annie and Lou Etta, about one year apart in age, and their mother Mattie Griffith Standard. Mattie died of yellow fever in 1880. Picture is probably later than that. Walter had a sister named Ada (1875-?). Might be her.
Picture taken in same studio as picture of family at left. King’s Studio in Vicksburg, MS, rug is same. Likely taken at same time as picture on left. However if it is Lou Etta in both pictures then they are separated by over 25 years, highly unlikely.
I think the woman looks like woman below
Lou Etta “Lula” Standard Bliss (1876-1929), wife of Walter Chanin Bliss and mother of Lina Bliss (Oct1895-?)William Aca (Acie) Bliss(1908-) and Walter Bliss (1911-?)
Said to be John Wesley Bliss Sr. (1869-1943) Son of William H. A. and Camelia Bellinger Bliss. (He looks to be about 40-50 in this photo which would make it about 1920, clothing looks later. His son J. W. Bliss Jr. was born in 1909 , making photo in the late 40s. ) (Contributed by Thomas M. Wilson, Grandson.)
Lou Etta “Lula” Standard Bliss (1876-1929), wife of Walter Chanin Bliss and mother of William Aca (Acie) Bliss (1908-?). Other person could be her sister Annie Jessie Standard (1877-?). She looks like woman with children above.

Katie Bliss (1893-1959), daughter of William (1864-1932) & Mary Elizabeth(1873-1918) Bliss. Katie married Josh McMurray (?-1958). William was born in Indiana.

Katie E. Bliss (1893-1959), daughter of William (1864 or 67-1932) & Mary Elizabeth (1873-1918) Bliss. William & Mary married 1893). Katie married Josh McMurray (?-1958).
Siblings: Cornelia(1894-?) &William (1899-) Vicksburg
Photographer, Maybe Banks.

Poem written for Katie Elizabeth Bliss by Clara Bliss Royster, this is Clara’s handwriting and it was included with her letters. (Poem provided by Becky Carson, great granddaughter of Clara.)

William Aca Bliss, Studio same as Molly Holly pictured above., ca. 1913.

William Aca (Acie) Bliss (1908-)
Son of Walter Chanin and Lula Bliss. Has brother Walter (1911-) Vicksburg. Card sent by Aca from Columbus, GA to Lula Bliss.
Date of card is after 1918.

Unknown & Walter Chanin Bliss. Tintype had Walter’s name on it. Didn’t identify which. Compare with picture of Walter at right. Eyes would suggest young man on right is Walter, though mustache might suggest otherwise.

Tintype: William Aca and Noah "Boots" Bliss

Francis John Hopkins (1839-1932), father of Fannie Hopkins who was wife of John Wesley Bliss Sr. ca. 1921. He was born in Staffordshire, England. Immigrated in 1862. Naturalized in 1864. He served in the Union Navy and married Frances (“Fannie”) Della Perry in Lowndes Co, Miss. He was a farmer. (Contributed by Thomas Wilson, Grandson.)

Frances (“Fannie”) Della Perry & husband Francis John Hopkins (1839-1932), (Contributed by Great Granddaughter Carolyn Deason Smith.)

Frances (“Fannie”) Della Perry Hopkins (1874-1943) and daughter Nora. Frances’s daughter Fannie married John Wesley Bliss Sr.
(Contributed by Great Granddaughter Carolyn Deason Smith.)

Della Mae Bliss Wilson (1907-1996) and son Robert Michael , San Angelo, TX 1947.  Della, daughter of  of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins, married Robert Mabron Wilson. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)

Della Bliss Wilson Obituary

Della Mae Bliss Wilson (1907-1996) , at left is picture on her 80th birthday. Picture at right was taken on Bowmar Avenue in Vicksburg, MS. Della, daughter of of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins, married Robert Mabron Wilson. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)

Della Mae Bliss Wilson (1907-1996)
(Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)

Robert Mabron Wilson , who married Della Mae Bliss Wilson(1907-1996). Della was daughter of of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)

Robert Mabron Wilson and first wife Annie Gertrude McMahon. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)

Robbie Gertrude Wilson, daughter of Robert Mabron Wilson and Annie Gertrude McMahon. Robbie was great friend of Warren Oakes and Fred and Margie Oakes. The picture is of Robbie in Gianpaolo, Italy, 1957. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.).

Robbie Wilson at the Bellerive Hotel Beach in Casablanca in 1950s.
(Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)

Robbie Wilson and unknown in Gianpaolo,
Italy, 1957. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.).

Robbie Gertrude Wilson, daughter of Robert Mabron Wilson and Annie Gertrude McMahon. She is second row, second from right in print dress. This is Corp of Engineers, Repair and Maintenance Division, Washington, D.C., 1945. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.).
Robert Mabron Wilson (1891-1973) and Della Mae Bliss Wilson (1907-1996). Della was daughter of of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins. Cedar Hills Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS. (Contributed by Robert Michael Wilson.)
Mattie Griffith, (1855-Nov. 4, 1878 in Vicksburg of yellow fever)
On back is inscribed, “My Mother who died in 1880”. In small printed letters it says M. H. Griffith. She married Jessie F. Standard (1839-1920), Feb. 25, 1875. Two children Lou Etta (1876-) and Annie Jessie (1877-). Annie Jessie married Henry D. McKay. According to Walter Bliss, family owned large property around “Standard Hill” which is named for the Standards.

John Standard (1873-?), Joe and Charlie Standard’s Father, “Alice’s Husband”.
John’s wife was Alice (1879-?), children Harry (Henry) (1902-?), Jess (1904-?), Mannie(Mamie) (1907-?), J.F.( (1910-?), Frank (1912-?)

Alice Standard
Picture taken in King’s Studio, Vicksburg, MS

J.F. Standard, (1869?-August 9, 1920). Inscribed “ Boot Mama’s Dad
Son of J. C. (1829-) and E. W. (1835-) Standard. Brother of W. H. Standard (1857-) who was father of Leila Standard Penley. Other siblings: Emily (1859-), C.D.Standard (1861-), J. H. Standard (1864-), Mary A. Standard (1872-). Attala County in 1870.

Biley (Riley) Hintson, “Grandpa Standard’s Half-brother.”, Studio same as picture of J. F. Standard.

Joe Standard

Joe Standard, husband of Edna Bliss

Edna Earl Bliss Standard,
daughter of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins Bliss Sr.
First marriage to James Carlton Deason and
second marriage to Joe Standard.
For picture of James C. Deason, click his name.

R. Vodie Deason (1911-73), mother, Willie May Gaar Deason (1885-1965) and James Carlton Deason (1906-70). Willie Mae’s mother was Sarah Jane Hartley Gaar( (1860-1935)

Ida V. Dellahanty Smith born Nov 30, 1878 at Petaluma, CA. (parents Patrick R. and Helen C. Dellahanty were born Ireland) Photographer Boussum, CA. Wife of Aubra C. Smith (1876-).

Leila Edna Standard Penley (1886-1971), Wife of Frank H. Penley (1880-1946). Parents were William H. and Elmina Standard.
Not known how the Penley’s are connected. Pictures from Walter Bliss

Frank & Leila Penley’s Children, Frank F. (1904-) & Leila A. (1906-)
Frank was a Vicksburg carpenter.
Up-to-date Photo Co, 105? Washington St.

Leila Audrey (maybe Aubra) Penley( 8 July 1905-?)

Leila Penley’s Children, Frank F. (1904-?), Leila A. (1906-?) & Edna M. (1909-?). Girl in this picture has light hair, Leila at right has dark hair. Not sure which is Leila.

Leila Penley’s Children, Frank F. (1904-?), ?Leila A. (1906-?) & Edna M. (1909-?)

Maggie Leist (b 1903), same background as photo of Oliver Bliss Tucker at right and of William Aca Bliss above. ca. 1913.

Oliver Bliss Tucker (1901-75), son of Bartley H. Tucker, Jr.

Oliver Bliss and Wilie Iola Thompson Tucker, 50th Anniversary, Oliver was son of Bartley Tucker Jr. Susan Moreland Bliss lived with them her last few years and was an invalid according to their daughter Margaret Tucker Durst.

Lillie Bellinger Thompson & Hannibal Leondus (Hank) Ingram, Hank was married to Lillie’s sister Margaret Bellinger Ingram.(thanks to Terry Wiechert, Margaret’s grandaughter for id.) Lille was raised by Bartley & Estelle Crocker Tucker Jr. Lillie was daughter of George & Maggie Bellinger.

Aubra and Rufus Verdrie Smith, Rufus died in 1881. Aubra married Ida V. Dellahanty (born Nov 30, 1878 at Petaluma, CA. (parents Patrick R. and Helen C. Dellahanty were born Ireland)) Photographer Boussum, CA. Wife of Aubra C. Smith(1876-?). Zoom to see mother at left.

I think I see Bliss written on picture several places very faint however.

Burl Livingston Sr. (1892-1941) and Maybelle Harrell Goss (1906-38)
Burl as a boy is in picture below back left.

Probably King’s Studio in Vicksburg, clearly same studio as picture of Walter Chanin & Lula Standard Bliss.

Front Row L to R: Marion Layfette “Lee” Harrell (1880-1960), George Washington Westbrook (1880-?), William Sam N. Cockrell (1883-1964), Lawrence Edward Rogers Sr. (1870-1941)

Standing L to R, Burl Livingston Goss Sr. (1892-1941), ?Cockrell, Fanny Estell Goss (1888-1966), Daisy Lela Goss Cockrell (1883-1944), ?Cockrell, Lee Edgar Goss, (1891-1961), Phenie Magnolia Goss (1894-1984).

Based on ages I would say picture is about 1904-05. (Picture identifications courtesy of Nona Keen.)

Woman at right looks like Josie Leist but too early to be her . Likely Bessie Sachs Middleton. Maybe the kids some mix of Sarah and Bessie’s children. Woman has a Gibson Girl blouse from about 1900-15.

If the dates on the children are correct, may help with id.

Inez Middleton

Bessie Sachs Middleton (1886-1927)

Man at back looks like could be brother of man at right. Don’t think they are the same since it appears man at back has blue eyes, not so for man at right. Girl at far left looks like a young Bessie Sachs, however too young for her, a daughter maybe?

Woman could be Bessie Sachs Middleton.. Photographer operated at this address during 1909-1916. (He was born in 1876 in New York.)
Bessie and David Middleton were in Birmingham during this time.

Woman 2nd from left could be Bessie Sachs Middleton.
Bessie Sachs Middleton

Inez Middleton Leist

Inez Middleton Leist, Her house was next door to Albert and Ella Leist, her in-laws.

Martha Boone tend suggest the photo is of the Hacklers, maybe Bobbie Dunn's father, Robert Lee Hackler, (first husband of Maggie Leist)and his brothers. Not sure if adult is male or female, his father or mother.

Maybe unknown Bliss or Leist group.
Thought by Becky Carlson to be John and Clementine Bliss.
Picture from Clementine Clayton Bliss files. Clementine lived in Rocky Ford, CO around 1903-04.
The photographer, J. E. Orr was an early photographer in Rocky Ford. He died in 1921 in Columbus, Ohio where he had a studio.
In 1915 he bought a studio in Arizona. The picture below left seems to support Becky’s conclusion.

Artismissa Clementine Clayton and husband John Wesley Zelotis Bliss,
(brother of William Henry A. Bliss),
(picture from Becky Carson)

If the dates on the children are correct, may help with id.

Unknown Child

Sweet Couple from Donna Leist Tesh

Unknown Man, from Donna Leist Tesh

Unknown Family, maybe William and Lizzie Hittner.
It is a cane over his arm.
William was injured in the Civil War, so a possibility. time.

Unknown House
Unknown Man, Maybe Bliss

Unknown Lady
Vicksburg Photographer, Maybe Banks

Picture from Clementine Clayton Bliss files. Looks like younger version of Clementine. I think this woman has blue or green eyes,.


Picture from Clementine Clayton Bliss files.
Photography Studio, Ritchie Bros., Centralia, IL,
was active around 1900-1910, maybe a bit earlier also.

Picture from Clementine Clayton Bliss files. Photographer active in 1902

Picture from Clementine Clayton Bliss files. Photographer Charles L. Gillingham, (1848-1914), he worked in Kansas before about 1880 then moved to Colorado Springs


C. L. Gillingham,
photographer of picture above.

Olive Belle Bliss and Thomas Norman Markham
Olive Belle Markham by stairs


Olive Belle Markham by stairs

Edith Culver Markham

Edith, Helen, John and Olive Markham

John Norman Markham and Towner

John Norman Markham and Olive Belle Markham

John Norman Markham, born 1911
Markham baby in long gown
Might be Helen Marham

Olive Belle Bliss Markham in white blouse

Olive Belle Markham and baby

Taken in Mount Vernon, Indiana,
looks like Helen Markham