Wallace O. & Louise Wells Walker

Wallace(1904-65), Louise(1912-82)

Wallace O. and Louise Wells Walker

Wallace and Louise Walker were friends of Fred and Margie Oakes. Wallace had a mattress factory in Walterville, MS. Despite his blindness he play piano and was very outgoing and liked by everyone. Their daughter Marie was a beauty at Redwood High School and a beautiful person also. She and her granddaughtr generously provided a number of the photos seen here.

Louise Wells Walker was the daughter of Bennie H. and Carrie Wells. Her siblings included, Marville, Elijah, Dorothy, Luther, Lether and Charles. Carrie was well known to Redwood Football fans. She came to every game and walked the sidelines encouraging players and letting the refs know in no uncertain term what she thought of a bad call.


Walker Photos

Wallace Walker. Boy Scouts
Wallace Walker. Boy Scout Leader
Wallace Walker
Wallace Walker, Second from left, Students from Mississippi School for Blind
Unknown Salutatorian and Wallace O. Walker, Valedictorian, Mississippi School for the Blind Graduation, ca 1920-22
Wallace Walker resigns from Mississippi Legislature, 1939
Bobbie Barber, Barbara Parker, Marie Walker
Marie Walker, Homecoming Queen
Margaret Jones and Marie Walker
John and Marie Walker Basham
John and Marie Walker Basham
John and Marie Walker Basham, 50th Anniversary
Carrie Wells, mother of Louise Wells
Carrie Wells, mother of Louise Wells
John and Marie Walker Basham
Wallace Wlaker, Marine Recruiter, 1957
Certificate of Appreciation, US Navy, 1955