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Mardie Oakes and Tony Deifell were married at the Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco on August 20, 2005. It was a three day event dubbed “Wedding Camp.” Check out video. Click link button below. Photos below the video.


Mardie and Tony’s Wedding

Bride and Groom and Parents
Pat Oakes, MOB and Joan Deifell, MOG
Jey and Joan Deifell, Tony Deifell, Mardie Oakes, Pat and Mel Oakes
Pat, Sandy, Nancy at rehearsal
Sarah Oakes with Sue Murphy
Dave and Ida Meikel and Mel Oakes
Headlands, San Francisco

Wedding Audience, San Francisco

Wedding Audience, San Francisco
Wedding Guests, San Francisco
Waiting for Wedding Party
Deifel Family Members
Ling and Oakes Family Members
Flower Girls
Bride and Parents
Ministers Ling and Jey Deifel
Best Man, Richard
Mardie and Tony


Sue Murphy and Mel Oakes
Sarah and Beth Oakes and Allison Edgecomb
Eugene Buck and Susan
Emily Buck
Emily Buck and Pat Oakes
Beth and Sarah Oakes
Kite Flying
Beth, Sarah and Ethan
Mel Oakes
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Flower Girl Emily Buck

Eugene, Ethan, Beth and Sarah
Bride, Groom, Parents and Priest
Wedding Service
Wedding Service
Robert Winter and sister Pat Oakes
Mardie and Tony and Jey
Deifel Family
Sarah Oakes and Emily Buck
Shante, Emily and Sandy
Nancy Winter Hatch and Emily Buck
Of to skating party.
Wedding Camp
Emily Buck, John Murphy and Charles Jobe
Pat Oakes and Ethan & Emily Buck
Mardie and father, Mel Oakes
Mel and Pat Oakes with grandchildren Emily and Ethan Buck
Emily, Sarah, Mardie, Beth and Ethan
Mardie and Flower Girls

Sandra Cover, Allison Edgecomb, Mel Oakes, Sue and John Murphy

Mardie and Sarah with quilt
Joan Deifel and Pat Oakes
Emily, Eugene, Rose, Mel, Pat, Ethan and Beth.
Sandy, Nancy, Mardie, Sarah, Tony and ?
Pat, Sandy, Nancy, Mardie and Tony
Mardie's Family
Mardie and Kamala Johnson
Cousins: Allison, Sarah, Shanti, Mardie, Kamala, Beth and Jessamy
Mardie Oakes
Hope and Heather Deifel
Mardie kiteflying
John and Susan, Nancy and Doug Hatch, Mel, ?, Kelly, Robert and Pat
Mardie, Beth and Sarah Oakes
Flower Girls
John&Sue Murphy, Rose Buck, Roger&Billie Bengtson, Charles Jobe, Sarah Oakes, Donna Jobe.
Joan Deifel, Chares Jobe, Beth Oakes and Donna Jobe
Tony Deifel and ?
Mardie and Pat Oakes
Jey Deifel and Doug Hatch
Mardie and Tony, many hats
Mel and Mardie Oakes
Kelly Winter, Mel Oakes, Sandra Heckman, and Robert Winter
Harvard Busines School friends
Harvard Busines School friends