Oakes-Dose Reunion, 2006

The first reunion of the Oakes and Dose families was held May 26-28 in Vicksburg, MS. There were 67 people present at the Gibson Memorial United Methodist Church. The main activities were Saturday, May 27. Activities included Welcome, Introductions, Presentation, Genealogy Chart, Lunch, Fellowship and Sharing of Pictures.


Oakes-Dose Reunion Photos, 2006

Oakes-Dose Family (Identificaions at end of album.)
Signing In
Kitchen Squad
Introductions Donald &
Floyd Oakes
Elder Stateswoman Vivian Dose Evans(93), Helen Oakes & Mel Oakes.
Lela Grace & Aprille Bodet Rose
Carolyn Sears, Robert & Robin Oakes
Norman, Helen, Jerry, Jenny Oakes & Laura O. Peterson

Jim ,Sarah, David, Jennifer (Ables), Stewart, Mardie Oakes

Burgell Hull
Cousins: Sarah, Mardie, Jim & Stewart Oakes
Robin Oakes, Lillie Mae Hull, Nicolette Davis, GraceSaar
Cousins: Norman Oakes, Grace Hull Saar, Mel Oakes
Standing: LtoR: David, Stuart, Jennifer Oakes Gables, Donald, Bettye, Anna, Mel, Pat, Betty, Floyd, Amanda, Jim, Connor
Front: Olivia, Sarah, Mardie, Twyla
L to R: Anna, Donald, Bettye, Mel, Pat, Floyd, Betty, Jo Ann & son Ray Mikell
First Cousins: Betty, Sherman, Laura, Mel, Mary, Richard, Grace, Donald, Robert, Carolyn, Floyd, Norman, Burgell
Hull Family
Reunion Group-Center
Reunion Group-Left

Standing LtoR:
Richard Hartley, Mary Hartley Wood, Floyd Oakes, Donald Oakes, Bettye Oakes (hidden), James Terry, David Oakes, Bob Arwood, Rosemary Terry, Robert Oakes, Kaye Arwood, Robin Oakes, Stewart Oakes, Jennifer Oakes Ables, Betty Hull Davis, Nicollete Davis, Grace Saar, Lillie Mae Hull, Olivia Oakes,
Joe Saar,
Front LtoR: Pat, Mel, Sarah & Mardie Oakes, ?, ?, J. Bell, Ayva Rose.
Reunion Group-Right
Standing LtoR
Shelli Bingham, Stephen Hull, Sherman Hull, Bill Rose, Ollie Hull, Lela Rose, John Evans, Rachel Bell, Kent Walker,Victoria Walker, Hope Bell,Kristina Shumate,Twyla Oakes, Jim Oakes, Amanda Oakes, Connor Oakes, Aprille Rose, Marilyn McHie, Helen Oakes, Joann Mikel, Norman Oakes, Wyatt Shumate,Steven Hull,Ray Mikell, Jerry Oakes,Christine Councell, Judy Councell,
Burgell Hull, Vivian Dose Evans,Jenny Oakes, Laura Peterson, Children LtoR: ?, Ayva Joy Rose, ?, Christian Oakes, Boston Dwight Rose, Anna Pittman,