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Five daughters link four families: Adeline, Josephine, Camelia, Sarah & Mary Ann Bellinger link Leist, Dose, Bliss and Haver families. There are pages on the site for each of these families (Bellinger & Haver are combined). Below is historical information on the Leist family followed by a photo album and family documents.

Samuel Leist, Sr.

The Samuel Leist family was a good neighbor of the David Christian & Josephine Bellinger Dose and Charles F. & Sophie Dose Oakes families. Long after they left the Issaquena County area they continued their contacts and alway spoke with great affection of their relationship and their history. On this page is collected information about the Leist family. It has come from a variety of sources, foremost is Martha Dixon Boone, the daughter of Maggie Leist. Maggie was the granddaughter of Samuel and Adeline Bellinger Leist and the daughter of Albert Fredrick Leist and Ella Adeline Harris. Five daughters link four families: Adeline, Josephine, Camelia, Sarah, & Mary Ann Bellinger link Leist, Dose, Bliss and Haver families. Pages on the site are dedicated to these families (Bellinger & Haver are combined). The “Guide to Site” provides access to these pages.

In the maps below you can see the Leist Landing occupying the waist of land between the Little Sunflower and the Yazoo Rivers. This must have provided convenient access to both, being only 800 meters( about .5 miles) distance across. According to Fred Oakes there was a road which was about 3 miles distance that would take them from the Dose property up to the Leist Place. A trip he made many time to attend school and to visit with the Leist family. He particularly enjoyed visiting with “Old Man Sam” who could do anything and seemed to know everything. The Indian mounds on the Leist property held a special fascination by everyone in the area and elsewhere. In 1908, Philadelphian archeologist Clarence Bloomfield Moore pulled his steamboat, The Gopher, up to Leist Landing to explore the mounds on the Leist plantation. He writes in his book,

On the property of Mr. Samuel Leist, living on the place, are two mounds ; an elevation in a field, probably a dwelling-site; and the remnant of a low mound, on which stands a house. One of the mounds which, like so many in this region, serves as a refuge for cattle in flood-time, is about 400 yards in a westerly direction from Leist Landing(Mound A in map below). Its height, taken from the eastern side, is 29 feet 4 inches. Its basal outline is circular in a general way, but somewhat irregular owing to cultivation of the field in which it stands and to wash of water in times of overflow of the Yazoo. The sides of the mound also have been impaired through wash of rain and trampling of cattle in all probability, as the highest floods remembered have covered only the lower ten feet of the mound. The diameter of the mound is about 174 feet. There is but little summit plateau. Eleven trial-holes were put down in the upper part of the mound, the material encountered being hard loam. 1 These trial-holes were carefully filled by us according to our invariable custom. With the exception of three recent burials in coffins, nothing was encountered by us in this mound.

On the bank of the Little Sunflower river, which here approaches the Yazoo, and about half a mile N. by W. from the mound just described, is a curious platform covered with loam filled with evidence of long occupancy, averaging 8 feet in height except at the southern end, where the elevation is 14 feet. Its outline is irregularly oblong. Its basal diameter N. and S. is about 305 feet; E. and W. it is 245 feet, approximately.( The composition of the mounds of the Yazoo-Sunflower region is alluvial deposit, rich in clay, with the addition of more or less organic matter in places.(This is Mound C in map below.) Fourteen trial-holes through dark loam to yellow clay, showing the mound had been built and then lived upon, yielded no object of importance.”

A 1949 survey of Mound C shows 5 graves on this site, as seen in the map, below left.

The Mound C cemetery is called Holly Mound Cemetery. Interments there are
George Bellinger, b. Dec. 19, 1906, d. Oct. 7, 1922
Josephine Ophelia Bellinger Dose, b Sept. 6, 1858, d. March 1906
Adeline Melissa Bellinger Leist, b. April 11, 1849, d. March 31, 1908
Baby Boy Leist, b. June 20, 1906, d. June 20, 1906
Lillie Belle Leist, b. Dec. 29, 1879, d. Sept. 15, 1882
Louisa Leist, b. Feb. 16, 1869, d. July 3, 1871
Mary Jane Derrick Leist, b. unknown, d. unknown
Samuel Leist, b. March 6, 1831, d. Nov. 7, 1920
Sarah Elizabeth Leist, b. July 15, 1881, d. Sept. 19, 1882
Addie Leist Sanderford, b. Jan. 29, 1886, d. Nov. 22, 1910.


Leist Landing Photo Gallery

Leist Landing today. Patch of woods to left on the right side of Little Sunflower hides Mound C seen in maps below.

Leist Landing Site

Mound C on Leist Landing

List of Land Owned by Sam Leist

Donald & Fred Oakes, on Mound C, Sunflower River.

Leist Mound Shards

Parents of Samuel Leist, Sr

Jacques (Jacob) Leist, Sr. b. 1 Mar 1808 in Oberbipp, Switzerland, died Feb 1898 in Van Wert, Ohio, married Marie (Mary) Reber who was b. 9 Dec 1805 in Switzerland and died 15 May 1886 in Hoaglin, Van Wert, Ohio. Jacques and Marie married 1830 in Canton, Bern, Switzerland. A major potato famine occurred in Europe in 1845. Against this backdrop Jacques and Marie immigrated to America with their 6 children leaving Le Havre, Deutschland? on the ship "South Carolina" family number 244186, arriving in New York on 29 Aug, 1846, then continuing on to Salem, North Carolina. This is proved by Martha Boone’s copy of the original passport written in French issued in Canton de Bern, Switzerland. Click passport image below for passport and translation. More...

Samuel Leist, Sr.

Samuel Leist was born on March 6, 1831 in Oberbipp, Switzerland and died on November 17, 1920. He was the son of Jacques (Jacob) b. 1808 believed to be in Oberbipp, Switzerland and Marie Reber (Mary) b. 1805 . After arriving in America in 1846, In 1858, Samuel moved to Issaquena County, Mississippi at Mound View Plantation. The plantation consisted of 721 acres, 278 acres in Sharkey County and 443 acres in Issaquena County. Also on the plantation was a well known boat landing called "Leist Landing", a cotton gin, store, 1-room schoolhouse and other homes. The cotton gin burned in late October 1899. Leist Landing site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. The site# is 22sh520;22N1. The plantation was near Harworth. In 1861, Sam enlisted in the Confederate army while his brother Jacques Jr served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He served in the Third Regiment Company E under Captain Keep and Mumford Dickson. He was wounded (leg, thumb and foot) at the First Battle of Shiloh and was in North Carolina at the end of the war. he applied for a $200 pension in 1916. The Pension Application is shown at the end of this page. There is a Samuel Leist serving in Calhoun, GA as a teamster Nov. 1, 1863-Jan. 31, 1863. His pay is $.25/day. Sam Leist was probably buried at Mound View Plantation on "the Holly Mound", a flat top Indian mound that also served as a burial ground for many of the Leist family. The plantation was lost for a debt to D.J Schlenker, a wholesaler grocer in Vicksburg (that Maggie Leist Dixon said was stolen) by Samuel Leist who could not write and only made his X on the document. After the death of Samuel in 1920 and the loss of the plantation in 1923, Samuel's son, Albert Leist and his family moved to 1615 Openwood Street, Vicksburg, MS in 1923.

Samuel Leist first married Mary Jane Derrick in 1867 in Vicksburg,Warren County, MS. James Tucker was the witness. They had 2 children before Mary Jane's death: Louisa born Feb 16, 1869 died 3 Jul, 1871 and Samuel T. born May 22, 1870, died on Feb 10, 1943. Samuel T. never married and is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg, Ms next to his half-brother Albert Frederick Leist and wife Ella Harris Leist.

Samuel then married Adeline Melissa Bellinger Tucker on 18 January, 1872 at Christ Episcopal Church in Vicksburg, MS. Adeline’s first husband was Bartley Tucker.

History above was written by Martha Dixon Boone, daughter of Maggie Leist, great granddaughter of Samuel Leist. Shown at left at 15 and at right with husband David. Martha has been an intrepid chronicler of the Leist family and its history. She deserves much praise for her hard work and devotion. She contributed many of the pictures below, along with Walter Bliss, and Donna Leist Tesh. Mel Oakes did restorations, however always preserving any historical content. Others who contributed material were Bobbie Dunn, Donna Leist Tesh, Floyd & Betty Terrell Oakes, Carolyn Leist, Sheila Gessler Wood and Becky Carson.




For information about life growing up on the Yazoo and Little Sunflower rivers, check out: Fred Oakes Memoir by Mel Oakes.

3rd Mississippi Battalion Starts the Battle of Shiloh

To celebrate the dedication of the New Mississippi Monument in the park we will be featuring different Mississippi Units and their actions at the Battle of Shiloh, next is the 3rd Mississippi Battalion, the first Confederate unit to see action at the Battle of Shiloh.

The 3rd Mississippi Battalion was made up of a number of infantry companies formed in the summer of 1862 and organized from different parts of the state of Mississippi. By November 1861 there were seven companies which were assigned to Aaron B. Hardcastle, a former army officer.

Aaron Hardcastle was from the eastern shore of Maryland where his parents died when he was young and he was raised by relatives in St. Louis. In 1855, when he was 19, his brother, Edmund, who had attended West Point, obtained an appointment for Aaron as a 2nd lieutenant in Company F of the 6th U.S. Infantry. Hardcastle would serve on the plains and would be sent to reinforce the Utah Expedition led by Albert Sidney Johnston. Arriving after the conflict was resolved, the 6th U. S. Infantry marched on to California. Hardcastle served under Captain Lewis Armistead in the Mojave Expedition of 1858-59 and in 1861 was stationed at San Diego, California. Hardcastle resigned with Armistead and other southern officers and made his was across the desert with the Los Angeles Mounted Rifles with Gen. Johnston.

In September 1861, Hardcastle was appointed a captain of Confederate Infantry and assigned the task of mustering troops into service at Vicksburg, Mississippi. In November he was assigned command of the 3rd Mississippi Battalion of Infantry which he organized in December at Camp Anderson, near Jackson, Mississippi. Four of the companies were sent to New Orleans while the other three under Hardcastle were sent to Bowling Green, Kentucky. When Johnston’s army retreated after the fall of Fort Donelson the unit was reunited at Corinth, Mississippi around March 20th.

Hardcastle’s Battalion, of about 280 men were assigned to the brigade of Gen. S.A.M. Wood and placed in front of the brigade as pickets/ guards, on the night of April 5, 1862, just prior to the planned Confederate attack. At 4:55 A.M. the advance party of the unit, under Lt. Felix W. Hammoc were attacked by a Union patrol of five companies under the command of Major James Powell of the 25th Missouri Infantry. The advance fell back to the Battalion line and a fire fight began in the half light. At a range of 200 yards the two sides fired, inflicting the first casualties of the Battle of Shiloh. At first the Union fire was high but soon found its mark resulting in the loss of 4 killed and 20 wounded in the 3rd Mississippi Battalion. At about 6:30 A.M. the 3rd Mississippi Battalion fell back to the right flank of the brigade line and the Confederate advance began. As the line advanced Major Hardcastle advanced ahead of the battalion which advanced to his right, losing contact with the major. After Gen. Benjamin Prentiss’ Division was pushed back by the Confederate attack, Hardcastle was reunited with his Battalion as they joined the attack on McClernand’s Division near Review Field. In the intense fighting the unit lost a number of men including Capt. Joel Hughes of Company D. In the afternoon of April 6th the Battalion was assigned to support a battery of artillery near Duncan Field and at 5 PM was assigned to guard prisoners and escort them toward Corinth. On April 7th Major Hardcastle led the battalion back toward the battlefield where they took a position on the left engaging part of Gen. Lew Wallace’s Division. While fighting there, Capt. Robert H. McNair of Company E, who stood exposed cheering his men on, was mortally wounded.

The 3rd Mississippi Battalion helped cover the retreat of the army back to Corinth where they were joined by two companies from Alabama and one from Mississippi to form the 33rd Mississippi Regiment. soon redesignated the 45th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. Hardcastle was elected colonel of the new regiment. After being posted near Farmington, Mississippi during the siege of Corinth the 45th Mississippi would join Bragg’s invasion of Kentucky and fight at Perryville on October 8, 1862.

They would later see action at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga. Hardcastle would not be with the unit in these actions since he had been kicked by a horse and fractured his leg. While he recovered Hardcastle served as post commander at Dalton, Georgia, and Aberdeen, Mississippi before returning to the unit in November 1863. The 45th Mississippi would fight at Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, and during the Atlanta Campaign. In January 1863 Col. Hardcastle signed Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s letter proposing recruitment of slaves for use in the Confederate army, an action frowned on by many in the Confederacy at that time. Cleburne, now their Divisional commander would praise their actions at Resaca and New Hope Church but due to the decrease in their numbers, the 45th Mississippi was declared an illegal regiment and turned back into a battalion.

This would leave Col. Hardcastle without a command and he would revert to the rank of Captain until he was assigned to a military court late in the war. Hardcastle would marry Alice Hatch who he had met in Aberdeen, and he would run a store there. Due to the disordered situation in Mississippi after the war he eventually moved back to Maryland where he died in 1915.



Leist Family Photo Gallery

Adeline Melissa “Addie” Bellinger

Samuel Leist(1831-1920), husband of Adeline Melissa “Addie” Bellinger

Holy Matrimony
Samuel Leist of Issaquena Co
and Adaline Belinger of Warren Co. Miss
on 18th January 1872 at Vicksburg, Warren County Miss
by Rev Sansom of Vicksburg Warren County Miss
Witness Jacob Belinger Witness Nancy Belinger


The Rev. Dr. Henry Sansom(May 25, 1821-May 19, 1903), Rector of the Christ Episcopal Church from 1865 to 1903, performed the service. His picture is to the left. He was rector during the “reconstruction period” following the Civil War. He and his wife, Elizabeth, were born in England. They immigrated in 1840. His daughter, Fannie Sansom Askew, born in Texas(1855), was a music teacher. Her husband James B. was a dentist.

Samuel Leist and Mary Jane Derrick marriage license, July 23, 1867, including a $200 bond to be forfeited if the marriage does not take place. James Tucker is a co-guarantee with Sam Leist. Matt Laughlin performs service. (bit of history: Warren Cowan served as probate judge, which made him judge of the county court, a position he held from January 1, 1866, until his removal by military authorities on March 1, 1869. A descendant of one of the pioneer settlers of Vicksburg, Cowan had joined the Vicksburg bar in 1859 and a Confederate artillery battery two years later. The county court law required him to sit with two associate judges. All justices of the peace in Mississippi were to assemble at their respective courthouses on the first Monday in January to elect two of their number to serve as associate judges, and Warren County’s justices chose Matthew Laughlin and William Brown.)

Samuel Leist and Adeline M. Tucker marriage license, January 17, 1972, including a $200 bond to be forfeited if the marriage does not take place. Brides father Jacob Bellinger is a co-guarantee with Sam. Vicksburg, MS.

Bartley Tucker and Ada Me. Bellinger marriage license, October 23, 1967, including a $200 bond to be forfeited if the marriage does not take place. James Tucker, Bartley's brother is a co-guarantee with Bartley. Vicksburg, MS. Rev. Sansom, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, performs service. Sadly, James, four years later, while defending Adeline against a drunken attack by Bartley, killed his brother. He was not indicted by a grand jury.

Sam Leist Death Certificate
(Transcribed by Mel Oakes)
Place of Death: County: Issaquena
Voting Precinct: Leist Store
Reg. Dis. 85-86
Primary Reg Dis. : First
City: Harworth
Full Name: Sam Leist
Sex: Male Color: White Status: Widowed
Date of Birth: March 6, 1831
Age: 89 yrs 8 months and 11 days
Occupation Farmer
Birth Place: Switzerland
Father's Name: Jacob Leist
Birth Place of Father: Switzerland
Maiden Name of Mother: Not Known
Birthplace of Mother: Switzerland
The above is true to the best of my knowledge
Informant: A. F. & Sam Leist
Address: Harworth, MS
Pled: Nov 24, 1920
Registrar: C. F. Oakes
Date of Death: Nov 17, 1920
Cause of Death: Hardening Arteries (I think.)
Old age
Signed: Dr. David Stubblefield, Satartia
Place of Burial: Mound View
Date of Burial: Nov 20, 1920
Undertaker: M. Falkner

Samuel Leist, Sr.

Samuel Leist, Sr., how it would have looked originally before aging and reproduction produced color.

Believe this is Sam Leist
Vicksburg, MS
Photographer Ed. C. Wolff. ?

Samuel  Leist

Samuel T. Leist, son of Samuel Leist and first wife Mary Jane Derrick. Studio same as that of his father in several earlier photos.

Samuel Leist, Sr., possibly Georgia Ward Leist and son William Carroll Leist, ca 1912

Examining the back of this photo with Photoshop I found the words “Aunt Addie Leist.” It came from Walter Bliss. There were at least three Addie Leists: 1) Adeline Bellinger Leist (1849-1908), 2) Addie L. Leist (1900-72) (daughter of Charles Joseph and Alice Sanders Leist) and 3) Addie Mae Leist (1886-1910), (daughter of Sam & Adeline, she married Kemp Sanderford.)

Addie Mae we can rule out since she is too young. I think the clothing and the cabinet card format suggest it is turn of the century, (willing to be corrected), this would make Addie L. Leist too young as I judge this woman to be in her late forties or fifties. As we see in the next caption the photographer was born in 1858. He was a traving photographer living in Attala County, MS. If he was working during his 30s and 40s the photo could be 1888-1900 Addie would range between 40 and 50 years of age, consistent with photo. King Road in Attala county is around 80 miles from Satartia.

As you can see, there was a large stain over the face. Other stains have been removed.Above this original are two attempts at restoration. This is only the second photo of Adeline Melissa Bellinger (Tucker) (Leist) (1849-1908). Picture was taken by Thomas King Photos. Here is a story about Thomas, "Tommy King (Uncle Tommy) (1858-1937) was a brother to Carr Able King Jr (b 1856). He was a bachelor for most of his life with no children. He lived in a very small log cabin at the southwest corner of present King Rd (CR1010) and CR1001 Attala County, MS (N32 58.831, W89 34.291). Very late in life he did marry a woman but none of the living relatives recall her name. They do recall that the cabin had some floor planks missing that had been removed to use as firewood. Evidently they were in desparate circumstances. They do recall that he enjoyed photography and made a little money as the local traveling photographer. Both Mary Nell King (my mother) and Gerald King remember visiting him. They thought he was half brother to Carr Able Jr but it seems he was full brother. After Tommy died, Gerald remembers he and Robert King retrieving a small donkey carriage from the cabin and using it with mule Dolly to give the other kids carriage rides until they broke the wheel. There are no census records about Tommy and they recall his death about 1937 and that is what the grave marker says.

Photo that includes brothers: Thomas King, back left, Carr King, back right Shedrick King, front left, George King, front right. All information and picture of Thomas King kindly provided by Ken Chipley.

Holly Mound Family Cemetery List

Death of Mr. Sam Leist Sr.

In the death of Mr. Samuel Leist Sr., at Mound View, this county, which is situated on the Yazoo River which event occurred on the 17th of November 1920. Issaquena County lost one of its oldest and best of citizens.

Mr. Leist was 89 years of age and had lived in this county for many, many years. He was here years before any of the country living along Steel's Bayou was opened up, and bought, owned and sold hundreds of acres of woodland— in those times he was in the timber business. He was an interesting talker, could tell you the ups and downs of events that occurred in this section of the country right after the civil war. How timbered land was bought and sold at $1.25 an acre and how only the very best of timber was cut and how millions of dollars worth cut, and thrown in the bayou's(sp) to rot or float away.

He raised a family of eight sons and up to a few years ago he was as active as any of them. He was a good man. Peace be to his ashes.

Possible newspapers Mayersville Spectator or Deer Creek Pilot at Rolling Fork .
(Thanks to Joanne Leist Miles for providing a legible copy)

Leist Home Flooded

Leist Home Flooded, Leist Landing, ca 1917

Leist Home, Leist Landing

Sam Leist Bear Hunt, Sam is likely second from the left, Dave Ward might be at far left. Others unknown. Clothing and Sam’s age would date sometime in 1910s

1898 Shipping Charges Invoice from D. J. Schlenker, a Vicksburg wholesaler, who as the family story goes, ended up owning the Leist Plantation by producing a document showing Sam Leist borrowed $500 from him and made his “X” mark. Grant Barton was a 24 yr old black man, son of Jim and Rachel Barton.
They are listed in the 1880 Census, living in Phoenix, MS. Grant is probably farming on shares.
In the document above note the different symbols that the bales would have been marked with to identify the owner. Sam’s mark was an arc of "Moundview" /<L>.

Leist Store and Leist Home, Leist Landing, Yazoo River bank

Leist Store, Yazoo River bank

Barred door suggest temporary use. Woman in white looks like a Harris, Note hair in bun on top like Ella, however she is too young for any of those girls. Guy with pipe looks bit like Dave Ward. Woman in plaid is Jessye Collum Leist, she was a school teacher at the Leist School, note the piece of paper in her hand. The woman to the left of Jessye is Maggie Leist. Maggie was born in 1903, she appears to be about 13 or 14, making the year of the photograph about 1916 or 17. Jessye would be 17 or 18. The man in the overalls at the right is thought to be Fred Oakes by his 3 sons. Fred would be same age as Maggie and when we compare his size at age 10 in another photo he was very big for his age. In the picture it is cold and Fred has a heavy shirt on and with his right hand in his pocket he pushes out the overalls so he appears bulkier that he would be. Clearly Fred should be in the picture since he was attending the school with Maggie and Jessye. In 1920 Census, Jessye is married and no longer teaching. Need help identifying others in picture.

River Boat Trader at Leist Landing offering a variety of services: Photos, Candy, Cigars, Toe Joe, The Corn Doctor Bemer. The last two referred to treating bunions and corns, a common problem with poor fitting shoes. Fred Oakes said he made spending money by trapping raccoons and selling the pelts to these traders. Postcard shows he was B. B. Bemer. Fred Oakes said Bemer was educated and had one arm, man on left then is Bemer. Bemer was a good friend of Dave Ward. They helped each other build boats and repair motors.

Houseboat at Leist Landing, probably on the Little Sunflower River. This is the same Bemer boat with no signs that is pictured above this photo. Note woman in center. She is likely Mrs. Bemer Note large catfish hanging from the corner of front boat, chickens on the deck and pigs on the other boat.

Houseboat picture above was on the other side of this postcard from between 1904-15. Bemer was owner of boat. Since Bemer advertised photos, he must have had some photography equipment and was able to put this picture on the postcard.

Adeline Leist(1884-1910), and husband Kemp Sanderford, she was daughter of Sam Leist, she died in childbirth along with child.

Bartley Tucker Jr , with granddaughters Pauline Elizabeth Tucker (Hopkins)(about 6) and infant sister Margaret Estell Tucker (Durst). ca. 1930. Bartley's father was first husband of Adeline Bellinger Leist.

Oliver Bliss Tucker(1901-75), son of Bartley H. Tucker, Jr.

Robert E. "Bob" and Maggie Countryman Leist, Sydney "Sid" and Daisy Spiars Leist, James Wallace and Ada Josephine Sanderford Leist

November 4, 1918 Envelope to Sam Leist

Little Sunflower River

Charles Joseph Leist Gallery

Charles Joseph Leist (1872-1950) and Alice Lucinda Sanders(1872-1955)
Eldest son of Samuel and Adeline Leist.

Brothers Charles Joseph Leist and George William Leist (1876-1943),
in front of William Carroll Leist’s house, 1216 Bonelli St., Vicksburg, MS

Thomas Lee (1940-2008) & Jenny Alberta Massey “Lessie” Leist, Josie Leist’s mother.( ID due to Leslie Middleton Leist)

Josie Lee Leist(1921- 2006) with son Thomas Lee Middleton(1940-2008) in the arms of Charles Marion Leist Jr(1923-83), ca. 1944 or 45.

Josie Lee Leist , Carr Central Graduation, First Presbyterian Church,
Josie is front row, 4th from left. Josie is granddaughter of Charles Joseph Leist and Alice Lucinda Sanders,

Josie Lee Leist (1921-2006)
Josie is granddaughter of Charles Joseph Leist and Alice Lucinda Sanders

William Russell (1906-81) and Olga Inez Massey Leist, son of Charles Joseph and Alice Lucinda Sanders Leist,

Joseph Charles Leist (1895-1957)) and grandson Thomas Lee(1940-2008) Middleton, Joseph was son of Charles Joseph Leist and Alice Lucinda Sanders.

David Richard (59) & Bessie Sachs (35) Middleton Sr and their son,
David Richard Jr. (b. 1916). David Sr.'s first wife was Sarah Haver, who died in 1900.
(picture from Martha Odom), ca. 1919-20 based on clothing and David Jr.’s age

David Richard Middleton Jr.
same as boy at left.

Background: 1900 Census Info: D. R. Middleton, 39, married but no wife listed, 6 children living with him. Vicksburg. (wife was Sarah Haver, she died in 1900)

1910 Census Information: David Richard(b. MS), age 49, Bessie(b. LA), age 25. Second marriage for David, first marriage for Bessie. They have been married for 9 years. Thus Bessie was 16 and David 40 when they married. Children listed: Ines, 5 and Lillia, 3. Bessie says she has born 3 children and 3 are living. Location is Birmingham Ward 15, Jefferson AL. He is coffee and tea salesman. Father born in Scotland, mother in Ireland. Both of Bessie’s parents born in Germany.

1921 Vicksburg City Directory: David and Bessie living at 1013 Belmont, Ines and a Mildred Middleton are living with them.

1929 David and Ines are living at 1507 Main St. Vicksburg.

1930 Census Info: D. R. Middleton, 69, Inez, 25, Lillie King, 23, Richard 13. David is widowed. Age of his first marriage was 25. Lillie married at 19 and is telephone operator. They live in Vicksburg.

Bessie presumably died before 1929.

My conclusion: All pictures are of Bessie. Sarah Haver(1860-1900), first wife, died 1900. Pictures are later than 1900.

Bessie Sachs Middleton (Photo from Donna Leist Tesh). ca. 1917-20. She could be pregnant with David or just given birth to him.

Bessie Sacks Middleton (1885-before1929) , second wife of David Richard Middleton Sr. (picture from Martha Odom) Blouse could be from 1920s. Eyebrows seem bit lower than other pictures but mouth very similar.,

Bessie Sachs Middleton

David Richard Middleton Sr.'s Two Families.

Inez Middleton (1904-1982), daughter of David Richard (Sr) and Bessie Sachs Middleton and wife of James Franklin Leist.

Inez Middleton Leist, wife of James Franlin Leist

Inez Middleton Leist, wife of James Franklin Leist,
at their house next door to Albert and Ella Leist, her in-laws.
Woman at Woman at right looks like Josie Leist but too early to be her . Likely Bessie Sachs Middleton. Maybe the kids are some mix of Sarah and Bessie’s children. Woman has a Gibson Girl blouse from about 1900-15.
Margaret (Maggie) Sachs (Elizabeth Augusta's sister) and Lenora Elizabeth Sanders, Maggie's niece) on the horse.(Photo courtesy Nona Keen)

Frt Row: Unknown
Back Row:Left- Elizabeth Augusta Sachs
Right-Elizabeth Fletcher, mother of Elizabeth Augusta Sachs
(Photo courtesy Nona Keen)

Front Row: Lenora Elizabeth Sanders, Fredrick Williams Sachs, Elizabeth Fletcher Sachs, Unknown

Back Row: Margaret “Maggie” Sachs (daughter of Fredrick & Elizabeth), Lawrence Culkin, Minnie Sachs (another daughter).
Maggie was married to W. B. Riggan.
(Id courtesy of Nona Keen.)

Woman could be same as woman second from left in photo below. Photographer operated at this address during 1909-1916. (He was born in 1876 in New York.) Bessie and David Middleton were in Birmingham during this time. Obviously not David. Did Bessie have a sister?

George William Leist Gallery

George William Leist (1876-1943)

Back of postcard photo at left. Likely George William Leist (1876-1943). Date from symbols around stamp is 1904-1915. No border on photo so likely early part of this period. If date is correct he would be about 28-39, thirties would be about right for photo.

Brothers Charles Joseph Leist and George William Leist (1876-1943),
in front of William Carroll Leist’s house, 1216 Bonelli St., Vicksburg, MS


Phylice Jessye Collum & Unknown, Jessye married William Carroll Leist. Fred Oakes remembered her teaching him at the Leist School. Maggie & Charlie Leist were his classmates. He said only 8 grades were available. I believe that the girl on the right is Maggie Leist. Jessye is rooming with Alfred & Ella, Maggie’s father and mother. At right is another picture of Jessye.

William Carroll Leist, Sr., Son of George William and Georgia Ward Leist.
Served overseas in WWI 8/9/18-4/5/19. Buried in National Military Cemetery in Vicksburg. Married Jessye Collum, shown at right.

Jessye Collum Leist

Picture of Jessye is courtesy of Donna Leist Tesh, her granddaughter.

Aura Joy Leist, daughter of William Carroll (Sr.) & Jessye Leist.
She married twice, first to John William Nance and then to Tracy Barber Gunderman of Elmira, NY

Daughter of William Carroll (Jr.) and Mary Frances Adams Leist

Sister of Donna Leist Tesh
She married Bryan McInnis

William Carroll “Hank” Leist, Jr. (1921-95) Born Morehead, MS. Major in U. S. Army. Father of Donna Leist Tesh. Son of William Carroll and Jessye Collum Leist. He taught at the University of Florda in the 1960s.

Mary Frances Adams Leist (1924-95) Born Lake Village, AK. Wife of William Carroll Leist, Jr. and mother of Donna Leist Tesh

Jessye Collum Leist

Jessye Collum Leist

Robert Austin & Annie Louise Hamel Leist,
Greenville, MS, July 1966, In their home. Robert Austin was son of George William and Georgia Ward Leist.

Robert Austin Leist, Fred Lea Fielder (1896-1970), Eugene Leist, & Fred Oakes at home of Robert & Louise Leist, Greenville, MS, July 1966, Eugene & Robert were brothers.

Eugene L. Leist, Laura Inez “Lollie” Leist Fielder, Ethel Corine Leist Warnock, Robert Austin Leist. At home of Robert & Louise Leist, Greenville, MS, July 1966, brothers and sisters. Children of George W. & Georgia Ward Leist

Maggie Leist Dixon, Louise Leist & Margie Oakes
at home of Robert & Louise Leist, Greenville, MS, July 1966

Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.,
Molly is daughter of George William and Georgia Ward Leist
Molly (1915-85), Levi (1905-70)

Levi Franklin and Josephine Twiner,
parents of Levi Franklin Twiner Jr. shown below.

Elizabeth Belle Twiner(1932-77). Husbands were Jack Fuller and Cecil Langley. Elizabeth died in an auto accident in Vicksburg. Her parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.

Georgia Ann Twiner(1936-). Married George Quitman Fielder.
Her parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.

Joseph Anderson Twinner(1934-2011). Married Calina Ragas.
His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture.

Joseph Anderson Twinner(1934-2011). Married Calina Ragas.
His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.

Marion Franklin Twiner(1932-99).
His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.
School Picture

Laura Jean Twinner(1945-). Married ? Miller.
Her parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture.

Emily Sue Twiner(1946-). His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.

Lillie Mae “Poppie” Twiner (1947-). Married Robert Hughes Hilderbrand.
Her parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture.

Thomas Carroll Twiner(1950-). His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture. School Picture.

Lillian Leist Royse (1919-95), granddaughter of George William Leist (raised by George William and Georgia Ward Leist after the death of her mother, Lillie Belle Leist Royce),

Lillian Leist Royse (Combs), and Doris Helen Warnock (Perry)(1932-)

Sid, George William and Bob Leist,

David Melton Ward, brother of Georgia Ward, was born September 27, 1872. He married Rebecca Mary Harris(1882-1952) (Ella Harris Leist’s sister from Copiah County) on August 28, 1900. They did not have any children, but raised Forrest Ballinger. Dave died October 18, 1940, though only 68 he left quite a legacy at lake known as “Glory in the Woods.” His place according to Fred Oakes was about 100 yds from Leist house. Behind his place was a large lake on which they duck hunted. Fred said while in school he could hear Dave’s gun fire.

Dave Ward's Tax Recipt

Elizabeth Ward was the mother of Dave, Jim, Sam, John and Georgia Ward and was the great-grandmother of Betty Terrell Oakes who contributed this picture. Elizabeth would be Donna Tesh’s great-great grandmother.

James William Thomas Ward (Jim) was the grandfather of Betty Terrell Oakes who contributed the picture. and would be Donna Tesh’s great uncle. At some point Jim dropped the “Thomas” from his name and was known only as James William.

Marion Franklin Twiner(1932-99).
His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.
School Picture

Laura Jean Twinner(1945-Oct. 20, 2013). Married ? Miller.
Her parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture.

Emily Sue Twiner(1946-). His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr.

Lillie Mae “Poppie” Twiner (1947-). Married Robert Hughes Hilderbrand.
Her parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture.

Thomas Carroll Twiner(1950-). His parents were Levi Franklin “Boo” and Molly Leona Leist Twiner Jr. School Picture. School Picture.

Lillian Leist Royse (1919-95), granddaughter of George William Leist (raised by George William and Georgia Ward Leist after the death of her mother, Lillie Belle Leist Royce),

Lillian Leist Royse (Combs), and Doris Helen Warnock (Perry)(1932-)

Sid, George William and Bob Leist,

Albert and Ella Leist Gallery

Charles Joseph Leist (1872-1950) and Alice Lucinda Sanders(1872-1955)
Eldest son of Samuel and Adeline Leist.

Albert Leist, . ca. 1897

Ella Leist’s bible entry on Josephine and Adeline.

Left to Right: Maggie, Ella, Richard, Charlie, Albert and James Frank Leist. ca. 1913
Appears to be an inboard motor behind Maggie. The pipe out the side is probably cooling water exhaust. Boat name was Yazoo.

Albert F. Leist with paddle, Ella Leist in hat, Unknown man and woman, maybe a brother of Albert, Three boys are likely L to R: Richard, Frank, and Miller.

Ella, Richard, Miller, Frank, Maggie and Charlie Leist. Probably taken about 1919 or 1920 at Leist landin

Great Liest picture. Left to Right: Richard Leist, ?, maybe Maggie, Frank Leist, Albert Leist, Dave Ward, Sam Liest (sitting on steps), and Mary Harris Ward. Picture ca. 1919. Sam died in 1920.

Albert Leist and tow boat workers, Yazoo River.

Left to Right: Unknown, Ella Harris Leist, Unknown (sitting on steps), Unknown (plaid skirt), Unknown man with bandage behind woman,
Unknown child, Mary Harris Ward. Name of livestock unknown.

Ella Harris Leist, with her chickens. ca. 1920s

Likely Ella Harris Leist, with daughter Maggie and sons Charlie and Frank. Man in shadows at left of small barn could be Albert.

L to R: Charlie and Frank Leist.

L to R: Frank, Charlie and Maggie Leist. ca.. 1911

L to R: Maggie Leist, Robert Wayne Cogan, Jr., Golena Dixon. Golena is sister of Maurice Dixon who later married Maggie Leist.
Robert Cogan later married Louise Bliss, daughter of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins Bliss.

Robert Wayne Cogan, Maggie Leist, Edwin Lawrence Cogan, Golena Dixon. Indian mound in back. Maggie Leist, Robert Wayne Cogan, Jr. Golena Dixon, Golena is sister of Maurice Dixon who later married Maggie Leist. Robert Cogan later married Louise Bliss, daughter of John Wesley and Fannie Hopkins Bliss.

Robert Cogan, and Maggie Leist,

Front Row: Albert Lee Hackler, Doris Irene Hackler (Gayle-Williams)
Back Row: Albert Fredrick Leist, Ella Adeline Harris Leist, Maggie Mae Leist holding Lonnie Ray Dixon, Mary Rebecca Harris Ward,
sister of Ella Harris Leist, Vera Ellen Hackler (Snow)

L TO R: Remus Miller and Richard David Leist, probably Indian Mound A (mentioned by Clarence Moore in introduction) in background.
Moore says there are three recent graves. Probably grave fences seen. 1923

L to R: Richard David and Remus Miller Leist, taken at Albert & Ella's home, 1615 Openwood St, Vicksburg, MS,
with their dog Tiger about 1925-1926
(Martha Boone noted her mother’s initials on the quilt, M. M. L. for Maggie Mae Leist.)

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Dixon’s Store, Oak Ridge

Albert and Ella Leist

Ella Leist

Maggie Leist (b1903), same background as photo of Oliver Bliss Tucker at right, ca. 1913.

Oliver Bliss Tucker (1901-75), son of Bartley H. Tucker, Jr.

Maggie Leist

After staring for a while at the boy on the right, it jumped out at me, That’s Charlie Leist! From the symbol pattern around the stamp place on the back of the postcard I can date the photo between 1904-15. Charlie was born in 1906 and James Frank in 1909. Assuming James was about 2 and Charlie about 4 or 5, this would put the photo about 1911. If you also look at the picture of the two boys on the bow of the boat above you will see that Charlie’s coat is the same. Martha remembers that the rocker was at Alfred’s & Ella’s home.

Albert F. Leist, where is picture taken. Compare with picture below. Doesn’t appear to be same house.

Albert Leist,taken in his yard on Openwood St and it is Frank and Inez Middleton Leist house in the background.

Death notice of George Bellinger.
Forrest M. Ballinger(1910-75), Son of George & Margaret Tillman Bellinger
Maurice and Maggie Leist Dixon
at home of Robert & Louise Leist, Greenville, MS, July 1966,

L to R, Front: Maggie Leist Dixon, Beverly Dixon (daughter-in-law), Lonnie Dixon, (son of Maggie and husband of Beverly).
In back is their son Alan Dixon

Maurice and Maggie Leist Dixon

Remus and Gladys Leist

Martha Dixon and Maggie Leist Dixon, July 1960

Fred Oakes, grandson of Josephine Bellinger, and grandnephew of Sam Leist, working on a Miller marine engine. He owned also a 1914 Detroit engine which he said came off of the “Toodlelump” a boat owned by Sid Leist. He said Sid got the engine after WW I and many years later gave it to him.

Oak Ridge Church baptism: ca 1945.
Front Row on right in print dress is Emma Mae McBroome, Mary Barbara “Bobbye” Hackler (Dunn) 2nd row in stripped dress,
partially blocked, next to her at right is Mary Louise McBroom (Foster). Behind her is Otis Foster who married
Mary Louise McBroom.Girl on left end of second row could be a Powell.
Bobye Hackler is daughter of Maggie Leist from her first marriage to Robert Lee Hackler.
(Many thanks to Gloria Crapps Gunn for invaluable help with identifications.) Please send others.

Left to Right: Frank, Richard, Maggie, Miller and Charlie Leist

L TO R: Richard, Miller, Charlie, James Franklin and Maggie Seated. taken September 1989
Note on Frank: Purple Heart award made to PVT James Franklin Leist. Following from the Vicksburg Evening Post:

“With the 58th U S General Hospital, France- Private James F Leist, of 1214 Main Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi, is recovering at this hospital, from wounds received at Bayreuth, Germany, When as a litter bearer with the 71st Division, he was hit by bomb fragments. "We had taken the town late at night and had holed up for a few hours sleep, when a lone Jerry bomber came over and dropped a lucky one." PVT Leist said, "Our ack-ack brought the Jerry Bomb down."
The Vicksburg medic had been in the Army 19 months. Before he was employed by the U S War Department in the Engineering Section, His wife Mrs Inez Leist lives at the Main Street address. His parents, Mr and Mrs. Albert Frederick Leist, live at 1615 Openwood St in Vicksburg. (Shared by Martha Boone.)


James Wallace Leist Gallery

James Wallace Leist

James Wallace Leist (1883-1939)

James Wallace Leist (1883-1939), brother of Albert F. Leist, Son of Sam and Adeline Leist.
Thomas King Studio, Traveling Photographer from Atalla County, MS. ca. 1903

James Wallace Leist (1883-1939) identified on back

James Wallace Leist (1883-1939)

Ada Josephine Sanderford Leist (1887-1979), wife of James Wallace Leist (1883-1939) Photographer was DeMulder’s Studio in Meridian, MS

Lady Mae and Lena Marguerite Leist, daughters of James Walllace and Ada Josephine Sanderford Leist

Robert "Bob" and Maggie Country Leist, Sydney "Sid" and Daisy Spiars Leist, James Wallace and Ada Josephine Sandeford Leist

Addie Leist (1886-1910), sister of Albert Leist

Ella Leist

Addie Mae Leist Gallery

Addie Leist (1886-1910), sister of Albert Leist
Addie Leist (1886-1910), sister of Albert Leist

Robert E. Leist Gallery

Robert E. “Bob” Leist(1887-1954) and Maggie May Countryman(1886-1969). They were married in 1909. Two of their oldest children, Doris E.(1910-90) and Hazel B. Leist(1913-) are shown. Third child, Betty Faye Leist(1929-95) was not born yet. Photo ca. 1920. Robert was a son of Samuel and Adeline Bellinger Leist. As of this entry (2011), Hazel is still living.

Betty Faye Leist(1929-95) with husband, Walter Lee Culver(1927-). Third daughter of Robert E. & Maggie May Leist.

Robert E. “Bob” Leist (1887-1954) Robert was son of Samuel and Adeline Bellinger Leist. Photo ca. 1950s

Maggie May Countryman (1886-1969). Wife of Robert E. Leist.
They were married in 1909. Photo ca. 1950s

L to R: Harvey “Kit” Carson Sligh, his wife Carol, Bill Smith(deceased), Hazel Leist Culver(1913-July 26, 2014), Sidney Culver (Hazel’s daughter) & husband Larry Eugene Harless.
Hazel was daughter of Robet E.and Maggie May Leist. Photo 1997.

Poem by Mrs. Robert Austin Leist, 1965

Sydney Clayton Leist Gallery

Sidney Clayton Leist, brother of Albert Leist, lived in Meridian, married Daisy

Sidney Clayton Leist, brother of Albert Leist, with wife, Carolyn Daisy Spiars Leist and unknown young woman.

Leist Family in Ohio Gallery

Back-row--Cavilla Mohr Stripe(1875-1943), Samuel(1865-45), George(1860-1938), Amelia Mohr Sealscott(1871-1911), Elisabeth Mohr Reid(1871-1957) and Benjamin(1868-1930)
Front-row--Mary Mohr(1857-1929) (Yoh, Rowley), Mary Leist Mohr(1840-1891), (sister of Samuel Leist), Susie Mohr(1882-1956) (Married William Inwood), Christian(1829-1902) and William Jacob(1863-1933)(married Elizabeth Inwood, sister of William Inwood)
Van Vert, Ohio, ca 1890.

Photo found by Martha Boone in her mother, Maggie Liest’s photographs. Man at front bears a very strong resemblance to William Jacob Mohr in photo above. This photo is earlier than the one above. He appears to be early twenties, making the photo 1880-85. I have a hard time accepting others as his siblings. His nearest sisters are Mary (1857-1929) and Elizabeth (1871-1957), making one 6 years older and other 8 years younger. Other sisters are even further away in age. I don’t see much resemblance of the young man to any of his brothers.

Photographer was Levi “Roe” Jones. He had a studio in Columbia City, IN from about 1880 well into the 1900s. He died in 1945.

Alfred Earl Mohr

Front Row: William Jacob Mohr and wife Elizabeth “Lizzie” Inwood
Back Row: Phoebe Civilla Mohr (Vanlandingham) and Alfred Earl Mohr(2/13/1863-7/23/1968), their children.
William Jacob Mohr is son of Christian and Marianne Leist (sister of Samuel Leist)
Picture by D. E. Agler, Van Wert, Ohio (help with ids and dates from Nancy Stone, great granddaughter of William Jacob Mohr,
granddaughter of Alfred Earl Mohr and Opal Lucile Spicer, daughter of Guiles Christian Mohr), ca.1885

Back: William Jacob(1863-1933), Benjamin Christian(1868-1930), George Adam(1860-1938), and front Samuel Charles Mohr(1865-1945).
Children of Christian Mohr(1829-1902) and Marianne Leist(1840-91). Marianne was sister of Samuel Leist.

Elizabeth Inwood “Lizzie” Mohr, wife of William Jacob Mohr (William Jacob Mohr is son of Christian and Marianne Leist (sister of Samuel Leist)

Grandchildern: L to R: Gladys Glendene Vanlandingham, daughter of W. Fred (1899-) and Phoebe Civilla Mohr Vanlandingham (1896-) and Elizabeth Xemenis “Ann” Mohr (1920-82), daughter of Alfred Earl Mohr and Opal Lucille Spicer(1882-1994). According to Julianne Peay, her grandmother Elizabeth, took the name Ann at age 18 and she reports that the two girls were raised as sisters.

Mohr Babies

Elizabeth Leist Mohr Document, Sister of Samuel Leist

Leist Family Unidentified Photos

Unknown House from Donna Leist Tesh

These two tintypes were very likely taken at the same time. Backdrop and poses are identical. The one on left is Sam Leist . The one on the right is unknown. Both men appear to be comparable in age, I would guess late thirties or forties. This would put the pictures 1870-1880s when tintypes became cheaper and popular after the Civil War. James Tucker was a witness at Sam Leist’s marriage to Mary Ann Derrick and also witnessed the marriage of Bartley Tucker and Adeline Bellinger (who later married Sam Leist). Sam and James were a year apart in age and James is listed as “Raftsman” in the Census. Sam was in the timber business and thus a business relationship is also likely. A Tucker relative said the man on the right looked like a Tucker. Martha Boone and I believe that James is probably Bartley Tucker’s older brother and is the man on the right above.

Likely James Tucker

Unknown Couple with Jessye Collum Leist on right. Jessye’s face comes from younger picture of her. Donna Tesh explained that Jessye often cut out her face as she did in this picture.

Unknown Man, from Donna Leist Tesh

Unknown couple from Bliss files which included Leist photos.

Unknown child.

Martha Boone tend suggest the photo is of the Hacklers, maybe Bobbie Dunn's father, Robert Lee Hackler, (first husband of Maggie Leist)and his brothers. Not sure if adult is male or female, his father or mother.
Unknown Couple, from Donna Leist Tesh

vUnknown Family, maybe William and Lizzie Hittner. It is a cane over his arm. William was injured in the Civil War, so a possibility..

Unknown man

Aubra and Rufus Verdrie Smith, Rufus died in 1881. Aubra married Ida V. Dellahanty (born Nov 30, 1878 at Petaluma, CA. (parents Patrick R. and Helen C. Dellahanty were born Ireland)) Photographer Boussum, CA. Wife of Aubra C. Smith(1876-). Zoom to see mother at left.
I think I see Bliss written on picture several places very faint however.

Unknown Ladies


Unknown Group


Leist related photo. May be from Ohio



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