Charles Franklin & Sophie Dose Oakes

Also includes Elliot H. Oakes and Hulda Louisa Jane Gamble Lineberry

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Left to Right, Fredrick Franklin Oakes, Laura Annis Oakes, Charles Franklin Oakes, Sophie Dose Oakes, Robert Grantham Oakes and John Christian Oakes. Home in Harworth, MS ca 1913.


Mel Oakes' Paternal Mel Oakes' Maternal
Grandfather: Charles Franklin Oakes Grandfather: George Leroy Hartley
Grandmother: Mary Sophie Dose Oakes Grandmother: Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley
Father: Fredrick Franklin Oakes Mother: Margie Louise Hartley Oakes

Charles Franklin Oakes' Grandparents

Charles Franklin Oakes was born February 13, 1881 in Bruce, Guilford County, North Carolina to Elliot H. and Hulda Louisa Jane Linberry. His grandfather was Elliot Oakes (1776–1817) and his grandmother was Sarah Ann Kellum (1774-1855), both born in colonial America during turbulent times, Elliot in King William County, Virginia and Sarah Ann in Coventry Parish, Somerset, Maryland. Elliot went to North Carolina in the 1790's and it is likely there he met Sarah Ann. Elliot died at the age of 41 leaving Sarah Ann with seven children. She never remarried though she prospered, buying in 1821, 100 acres for $250 on the north bank of the Haw river.

Charles Franklin Oakes' Parents

Elliot H. Oakes was born in 1816 in Guilford County, NC. His birthyear is difficut to determine exactly. In the 1850 census, Elliott's age was reported as 30, however the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses all show him to have been born in 1816. In 1847, Elliott bought land in Guilford County, NC, on the Rockingham County line. In the 1850 census, he was head of the household, in Guilford County, married to "Ann", thought to be Ann Cummings. In the same household there was an “Ann” who was 75, born in Maryland, and we assumed it was his mother, Sarah Ann Kellum. According to that census, Elliott and his wife Ann were both born in Guilford County. He was married twice. He first married Ann Cummings, in Guilford County, NC, the date is not known. Ann was born in Guilford County, North Carolina; she died there about 1865. He next married Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry in Bruce, Guilford Cty, NC, on April 18, 1870. It was a winter-spring wedding, Elliot H. was 54 and Jane was 18. The service was performed by John C. Love, a tobacca farmer in nearby Oak Ridge. Isaac Oakes, his brother, lived only a few miles away in Summerfield.

Elliott H. was a farmer per the 1870 census. Some time after the 1880 census, Elliot H. and Hulda Jane moved to Attala County, MS. In the 1870 census Elliott, age 54, appears with a new wife, “Jane” who was 18. In the 1880 census, Elliot Oaks (sp) 64, is listed with Jane (28), John Oaks 9, James Oaks 4. Charles Franklin was not born yet. They are living in Bruce, Guilford County, NC.

Another person in the household is Josephine Gamble 21, she is a sister-in-law which would be Jane’s sister or maybe Ann’s sister. This suggest that a possible maiden name for Jane is Gamble. Charles Franklin Oakes' death certificate list his mother as"Hurley Louise Gamble. Helen Harlow kindly shared the Elliot and Jane's marriage entry in Guilford County which had been mistranscribed. It was under W. J. Simberg rather than H. J. Lineberry. The entry is below.

We see in the fifth line entry: Elliott H. Oakes, H. J. Lineberry, Elliot Oaks, Sarah Oaks, missing entry, Susan Gamble, Guilfford County, 1870, John G. Sarr? Helen also found in the 1870 Census of Sumner Township, Guilford, North Carolina, a Susan Gamble, age 44, Josephine Gamble, age 11 and Henry Gamble, age 7, strong evidence that Susan is Jane's mother and Josephine and Henry are siblings. Since the marriage certificate list no name for Jane's father, I believe it safe to assume she was born out of wedlock. Maybe she was married briefly to a Lineberry or maybe her mother gave her that name after her biological father. There were many Lineberry's in Guilford County. Elliot H. servied with Lineberry's during the Civil War.

Susan Gamble, Huldah Jane's mother was the daughter of John and Sally Boggs Gamble. Her siblings included Joseph W., William, Hannah, Huldah, James and Elizabeth. As we see Susan named her daughter Hulda Jane after her sister.

Elliot H. and Jane had five children, John Elliot (1871–1900), Charles Franklin (1881–1956), Earnest (?–1886), Joseph (?-1897) and James (1876–?). In the 1885 Euducable children list in Attala County, in Rockypoint 3rd Election District page 106 E. U(?)" Oakes" has a child J. E. S. Oakes age 13. This would appear to match John Elliot Oakes, his son born in 1871. He is on the Promiscuous lists! May mean taxes overdue. Another entry of that year is shown below. Note name in last row. This is for H. E. Gamble, age 20 and the parent is E. H. Oakes. This is undoubtedly Henry Gamble, the younger brother of Hulda Jane, Elliot Oakes' wife. This provides further evidence that Huldah Jane was born a Gamble.


Elliot H. died on December 29, 1885, in Attala County, MS.

Following the death of Elliot, Hulda Jane married Joseph J. Hyman in Attala County, MS. There is a marriage record fromLeflore, Mississippi of a marriage between a Joseph J. Hyman and Margare Hester on February 19, 1871. Joseph had two sons from maybe this marriage: Jackson Wordney (1878-1924) and Andrew Millag (1880-1941). Joseph and Hulda Jane's first child, Warren S. Hyman, was born in 1888 so the marriage was 1886 or 1887. At the time of their marriage, Jackson would have been about 10 and Andrew about 8. Joseph and Hulda had a second son, Guearney Hyman, born 1895. Jane’s death date (5/1892) as suggested by Carolyn Oakes is too early. The two Hyman boys were born in 1895 and 1888 so she must have died after those dates. I have arbitrarily put 1897. Another date would be 1898 in they yellow fever epidemic which was severe in Mississippi. The date of Joseph's death is also not known. We do know it was after 1895. In 1900, Andrew Millag Hyman, age 20, was living in Kosiusko, Attala County, MS, He is a lodger with a Whitehead family. He later goes to Arkansas to be with his mother's relatives.

Guest Book Entries for Charles Franklin and Sophie Dose Oakes, Fisher Furneral Home.

The 1890 Census burned, and a short-sighted Congress refused to allocate funds to recover the partial records that survived, they were eventually destroyed. Much about the Elliot's family could be learned from those records. Compounding the problem was the anomaly of the Issaquena County, MS, 1900 census. When searching for Oakeses and Hymans, they are no where to be found. In fact the census numbers in the county for that year are strikingly low, far below what one would expect. One possibility if is the presence of floods that greatly restricted the accessibility of the census takers. Carolyn Oakes Sears referred to a law suit in Attala County filed by Charles Franklin's brother to protect his Charles' interest in settling the estate of either his mother or of his stepfather, I hope someone will go to the courthouse and research that record, it might tell us much.

Charles Franklin Oakes married Mary Sophie Dose on January 16, 1900, in La Argent, MS. La Argent was a very small commuity in Issaquena County, MS. In the 1910 census, he is caring for his half-brother Guearney Hyman. He was a cobbler and farmer, living on land provided him by his father-in-law, David Christian Dose. He had five children who survived to adulthood, Frederick Franklin, John Christian, Robert Grantham, William Warren and Laura Annis.Two children Milton Elliot and Ruth Dean died very young. He later moved to Vicksburg, working first at the Mississippi Yazoo Valley Railroad. He next worked on a fish dock owned by Platt. The dock sold fish retail and wholesale off the dock, which was located on the water at the foot of Clay Street.

His wife Sophie died August 29, 1940. Charles remarried in the late 1940s to Elizabeth Seay. She was a widow from Attala County, MS. She died on February 7, 1950.

His last years were spent at the home of his son, Fred, in Vicksburg. He was loved by his grandchildren and enjoyed teaching them about fishing, trapping, farming, carpentry, etc. He died on July 15, 1956,


Charles Franklin and Mary Sophie Dose Oakes Album

Charles Franklin Oakes and (likely) his mother, Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry Oakes (too short for his wife and face far wider than Sophie at that age.). Charles was husband of Sophie Dose. Sophie was twin sister of Jacob Christian Dose. Hulda died about 1897 and Charles Franklin was born 1881 so oldest he could be in picture is 16-17.

Dose Family ( Version from Jesse Rodgers, grandson of Jacob Christian)
Back Row: Mary Sophie, Jacob Christian, Carrie Mae
Frt Row: David Christian, Josephine Bellinger, Walter Samuel

Jacob Christian, Carrie Mae and Mary Sophie Dose, another version. Picture was taken in 1890 aboard the Doremus Floating Gallery photography boat, the Flora. The photographer, John P. Doremus, may have sold the business and the boat by the time of this photo, as he died in January 1890, while in Mississippi. (Photo generously given to me by Kimberly Oakes, wife of my cousin, Bill Oakes, whose father, William Warren Oakes had the picture originally. The back says "Sophie Dose, Auntee Dose and Uncle Dose. Jacob and Sophie were twins.

Jacob Christian, Carrie Mae and Mary Sophie Dose, another version. Picture was taken in 1890 aboard the Floating Gallery photography boat, the Flora. The photographer, John P. Doremus, may have sold the business by the time of this photo. (Photo generously given to me by Kimberly Oakes, wife of my cousin, Bill Oakes, whose father, William Warren Oakes had the picture originally. The back says "Sophie Dose, Auntee Dose and Uncle Dose. Jacob and Sophie were twins.

Doremus's original boat was the Success. In 1884, he had a new boat built, the Flora. Here are two views of the Flora from the online site at

Kunst Camera,

Information about Doremus has come from the excellent article by Gary D. Saretzky and Joseph G. Bilby.

According to Saretzky and Bilby, Doremus' Will in April 1890 showed a balance of $482 still owed him for a boat on the Mississippi River, likely the Flora. Gary Saretzky offers another sequence of events if the photo is 1889 rather than 1890, in that case Doremus may still have been involve with the Flora and his business.

Many thanks to Gary Saretzky for help with details of Doremus' life and information about him at the time of the Dose photo.

Another view of the Flora.

Josephine Bellinger Dose 1858-1906
Mother of Mary Sophie Dose

Charles Franklin Oakes, Son of Eliot
Charles Franklin Oakes (Grandpa) 1881-1956
Sophie Dose Oakes
Charles Franklin Oakes (Grandpa). Our House.
Mary Sophie Dose, Obituary Picture, 1940
Charles Franklin Oakes
Sophie Dose Oakes, wife of Charles Franklin Oakes

Mary Ann Bellinger Haver(1843-), Josephine & Addie’s sister.
She married Michael Haver(1830-1892), April 8, 1859
Aunt of Mary Sophie Dose

Addie Bellinger Leist (1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Aunt of Mary Sophie Dose
Michael Haver & Mary Ann Bellinger, Marriage Certificate, April 8, 1859.

Samuel Leist Sr.
Uncle of Mary Sophie Dose

Addie Bellinger Leist(1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Sam Leist Sr (1831-1920)
Samuel Leist Sr.
Addie Bellinger’s husband
Michael Haver, Husband of Mary Ann Bellinger Haver

Jessye Collum(believed to be at left) and maybe sister Belle or Sarsah.
Jessye taught Fred Oakes at the Leist Landing School around 1913-15. She married William Carrol Leist, grandson of Samuel Leist.

Carrie Mae Dose
Sister of Marry Sophie Dose
Carrie Mae Dose Hopkins, “Auntie” 1886-1965
Sister of Mary Sophie Dose
Francis John Hopkins(1839-1932), father of John Henry “Bud” Hopkins. Born Staffordshire, England. Immigrated in 1862. Nat. in 1864. Served in the Union Navy and married Frances (“Fannie”) Della Perry in Lowndes Co, Miss. He was a farmer.(Contributed byThomas M. Wilson, Grandson.)
Jacob & Mosey Dose
Jacob was brother of Mary Sophie Dose
John T. Plake on Yazoo River, likely the Jacob and Moyzelle Dose house in distance. ca. 1923.
This is probably the house of Jacob and Moyzelle Dose on the Yazoo River.
ca. 1923

Frances Moyzelle Tindale Dose
wife of Jacob Dose

Fred Oakes
LtoR: Photo has id as Gearney Hyman & Freddie Oakes. Freddie's id is highly likely, however Gearney was 7-8 years older. That age difference is hard to accept for the two boys, however Gearney lived with Fred and his family at the time of this photo, ca 1905-06
Chris, Laura, & Fred Oakes
Chris, Laura, & Fred Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Oakes Home, Harworth, MS-Fred, Laura, Grandpa, Grandma, Grantham, Chris
Oakes Home, Harworth, MS-Fred, Laura, Grandpa, Grandma, Grantham, Chris

Andrew Millage & Jackson Wordney Hyman, Stepbrothers of C.F. Oakes, half brothers to Warren & Guearney Hyman. There is a Hyman family page available in the Menu above or the Site Map.

Ella, Freddie(adopted son) & Warren Hyman
Ella Hyman, Wife of Warren Hyman ( 1/2 Bro. to Charles Franklin Oakes)
Joseph Freddie Hyman(b. 1927)
Adopted son of Warren and Ella Hyman
LtoR: Kids: Joseph Freddie Hyman (Warren Hyman’s adopted son), Leslie Hyman, Harold Dean Hyman, Geneva Jones, Kenneth Matthews Back Row: Warren S. & Ella Hyman, Andy (Jr) Hyman, Andrew J. Hyman, Andrew M. Hyman, Mattie Kyser Hyman, Hazel Hyman, Charles & Edith Hyman, Matthews, Zilla Mae Hyman, Eva Hyman Jones
Smudge may be site of Harworth, MS, Yazoo R. (E-W), Big Sunflower ( NE)
Harworth, Miss. postcard from Acie Bliss to his mother and father, Walter & Lulu Bliss

“from Aca Bliss, hello mama, how are you. mama peoples up here is getting along fine up here, good by moma. hello papa, how are you and Mr. Irwin. Popa i am getting little fat now. thease peoples up here lives fine. good by pop.”

Fredrick Franklin Oakes and Knights of Pythias, Vicksburg, MS
Back row, fourth from the left. Our barbar, Dunlop, left end of second row.

Lola Oakes Armstrong, Lura Oakes Howard, Fred Oakes, First Cousins
Fr. Mozelle and Pearl Owen. 2: Lura Oakes Howard, Lola Oakes Armstrong , Fred Oakes, 3: Josh & Joel Owen, Joe Howard, Clifford Owen
Lura Oakes Howard & Fred Oakes, 1st Cousins, July 1966

Frt:Sam, Chester, Mary Howard, Bk: Claudie, Robert E., likely Archie Clifford & Wife Annie Lou King Howard, Joe Henry Howard and sister Callie (pict from Gayle Stratton, Callie’s granddaughter. )

Joe Henry & Lura Oakes Howard(1915) A few months after wedding. Dress was medium blue trimmed in ecru lace.
Joe & Lura Oakes Howard
Joe and Lura Oakes Howard
Lura Oakes Howard,1983
Age 86
Jo Ann Howard. Daughter of Joe & Lura Oakes Howard
Jo Ann Howard Mikel
Ray & Jo Ann Howard Mikell
William Warren Oakes
Mildred &Warren Oakes' Wedding, May 15, 1946
Robert Grantham Oakes, his brother was best man, bridesmaid is unknown.
Mildred Elizabeth Eadie Oakes May 15, 1946
Mildred &Warren Oakes' Wedding, May 15, 1946
Mildred, Francis,Warren & Bill Oakes
Mildred, Francis,Warren & Bill Oakes
Warren Oakes
WWII New Guinea
Fred & Chris Oakes
Young Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes(1912-83)
Grantham & Marie Oakes
Marie Arwood Oakes

A photo from Marie Arwood’s album, children'sage distribution
doesn't match her immediate family.


Marie Arwood Oakes
Marie Arwood Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes Graduation
Southern Missionary College
Marie Arwood Oakes
Grantham, Robert & Carolyn Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Grantham & Marie Oakes
Carolyn Oakes, daughter of Grantham & Marie Oakes
Bobby Oakes, son of Grantham & Marie Oakes
Bobby & Carolyn Oakes
Robin & Robert Oakes
Carolyn Oakes
Robert & Carolyn Oakes
Carolyn, Grantham (Boots), Marie Oakes and Laura Annis Hull
Oakes Auto Parts, 1930 Chris Oakes, Arnold Graham, Marvin Hartley,William Reed, James Hartley, James Deason, Fred Oakes
Grantham &Charles F. Oakes
Grantham & Charles F. Oakes
Winding Tower which is background in adjacent picture.
Winding Tower Postcard , Vicksburg
Franklin and Elizabeth Seay Oakes(1883-1950), (second wife, from Stewart, MS).
Charles Franklin & Elizabeth Seay Oakes

Betty Charlotte Kilgore (daughter of Clyde & Laverne Armstrong Kilgore), Charles Franklin Oakes, & Eleanor Dean Oakes.

Laverne Armstrong and Clyde D. Kilgore, Laverne was daughter of James & Lola Oakes Armstrong. They were over for Charlie Oakes and Elizabeth Seay’s wedding celebration. Laver

Charles Franklin Oakes & Charlotte Ann Peterson, daughter of Bob & Laura Oakes Peterson.
Charles Franklin, Marie, Grantham, amd Carolyn-Oakes
Margie Oakes Christmas in Vicksburg,
Inscription on back, “Now Honey I wouldn’t let the boys see this—That expression-Too Sour”
Dale Oakes, Son of Charles and Mary Jo Oakes
Chris & Georgia Oakes
Chris, J.C., Norman, Harold Oakes & Charlotte Peterson
J. C. Oakes approx. 2 yrs, Picture above on wall in photo at lef.t
Georgia Letney Oakes
with (LtoR) J. C., Laura, and Harold.
Charlotte Peterson & her grandfather Chris Oakes
Georgia Letney Oakes(1908-55) , wife of Chris Oakes
Sylvan (Peewee) Letney
Jack Letney, Father of Georgia & Sylvan Letney
Chris Oakes & Sylvan (Peewee) Letney, Georgia’s brother. Probably Little Sunflower River
Chris Oakes, Yazoo City MS
Laura & Levern Oakes
Norman and Harold Oakes, Donald Oakes behind.
Harold Franklin Oake
Harold & Doris Oakes
J.C. & Flora Oakes-1953
John Christian Oakes and dog
JC & Flora Oakes 2006
Mel & JC Oakes 2006
Norman & Helen Oakes
Doris, Harold, Helen, Norman, JC, & Flora Oakes
John Christian Oakes, Riverboat
Laura, Lavern & Norman Oakes
J.C. and Harold Oakes
John Christian Oakes in white shirt on Dolly King’s boat. Family friend Fred Harris in the background, second from left.
Norman Oakes
Lavern Oakes
Lavern Oakes & Douglas Jernigan with friends, Larry & Mabel Debolt on left.
Mel & Donald Oakes at Walter S. Dose’s Grave-Nat. Cemetery
Laura Annis Oakes Hull
Vicksburg 1910, Sternwheeler Packet Boat, “CR Hull” in picture.
Open & Pan
Columbus Redman Hull owner with Capt. Sam Haney & Sherman C. Hull Sr. of “CR Hull” Packet Boat. Vicksburg-Greenwood was its service line, as well as Yazoo River.
Joy & Laura Hull
Laura Annis Oakes Hull, Langston Park, Texas
Laura Annis Oakes Walls-1975
Betty June Hull Davis

Burgell Hull, son of Cody and Laura Oakes Hull


Sherman Hull, Jr., son of Cody and Laura Oakes Hull


Edna Mae Hull Smith(1924-91)
Joy Hull
Charles Oakes, Wichita Falls, 1961
Fred, Eleanor & Margie Oakes
Robert G. Oakes & John Plake (Aunt Mosey’s son from first marriage)
Warren, Laura Annis Oakes Hull , & Grantham Oakes
Fred, Grantham &Marie, Laura A. and Warren Oakes
Mel & Warren Oakes, Vicksburg,MS
Mel, Charles, Eleanor, Floyd & Donald Oakes
Platte Fishery, Oakes and Hartley family members worked here.
Charles Franklin Oakes was a supervisor.
Charles Franklin Oakes and likely his mother, Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry Oakes
(She is too short for his wife).
William Cecil Oakes Family(1807-64), Attala County
Std:l-r: Amanda, John T., Parthena J., William Henry, Elizabeth, Seated: Sarah Jane, Wm. Cecil (1807-64), John?, wife, Eliza Jane Emmerson
William Cecil was a first cousin to Elliot H. Oakes, Mel's greatgrandfather.
William Oakes (1823-98),
b. Pittsylvania, VA, d. Benton Cty, AK. His g-father was a brother to William H. Oakes , g-g-grandfather of Charles Franklin Oakes
1902 Rocky Point School.Kosciusko, MS. In last row, 3rd from rt, Ella Ratliff(1885-1967), married C. F. Oakes(not grandpa). Willie Amanda Oakes(1890-1964), last row 2nd from right, daughter of William H. Oakes (1846-1913), Ella and Willie should be 6 years apart. Suspect dates?

James Lafayette Oakes (1836-1920), First Cousin of Charles Franklin Oakes,
son of James Washington Oakes ((1800-77), brother of Elliot H. Oakes (1816-85).
For story of his Civil War record go to Important Site Map and click on his name. ca. 1915

James Lafayette Oakes is seated on the left in this photograph taken around 1910. Oakes had served in Company B, 38th Virginia Infantry (Pittsylvania Vindicators) during the Civil War, and was wounded at Gettysburg and Chester Station.

Elizabeth Ann Oakes (1825-99), her father was Charles H. Oakes(1789-1847),
a brother of Elliot Oakes(1776-1817). Elliot was the grand father of Charles Franklin Oakes.
Elizabeth was born in Hickman, TN and died in Bosque County, TX.
More information in “Important Site Map.”
Elizabeth Ann Oakes (1825-99), her father was Charles H. Oakes(1789-1847), a brother of Elliot Oakes(1776-1817). She married Robert S. Barnes, a Texas Ranger, and John Bowden Barton. More information in “Important Site Map.”(Both pictures provided by James Taylor, g-grandson of Elizabeth.)
Sprague, Paddle Wheeler, Vicksburg, MS,
later burned.

L to R: Floyd, Lisa, Melvin, Donald, Charles, Margie, Eleanor and Fred Oakes
Family home in Kings, MS. ca/ 1960

Oakes Family, Fr: Floyd, Fred, Margie
Back: Mel, Charles, Eleanor, Donald
Vicksburg, MS
Silas & Pat Dose, Son of Jake and Moyzelle Dose
Laura Oakes Hull and son Sherman

Fred Oakes Obituary