Wrentham, England Album

These photos were part of Bob and Lois Winter's archives. No date on them. The images have four clues. First, a woman in a number of photos is identified as "mother". Second, the Congregational Church is said to be 170 years old. The chapel was built in 1778. Take the 170 years as exact, this would make photos about 1948. Third, Sir Robert Gooch and his wife, Katharine, are mentioned in the photos, she died in 1974 and he died 1978. So the photos are before 1974. Fourth, a sign in front of the Congregational Church as the number 300 on it. Since the church was founded in 1649, the 30th anniversary would be 1949, consistent with the 170 years date. Few of the Winter women that were in Scotland had children. Only Margaret Winter, whose daughter Mardie was close to the family, seem to be a possibilty. Examing the photos of the woman, she indeed looks like Margaret, however Margaret died in 1942. Highly unlikely they would be sightseeing during the war. More likely that some relative in the US toured Wrentham and shared the pictures on return.


Wrentham, Suffolk, England Photo Album

The Rectory adjoing the Episcopal Church


The Tron Hall

A Thatched Cottage


The Inn-The Eagle Hotel
An Ancient Cottage

A Typical Country House with Unique Thatch


Benacre Hall, the entrance. It is said that material from old Wretham Hall may be discovered in the walls of this buiilding.
Benacre Hall-Entrance to Garden, Homeof Lord and Lady Gooch
Benacre Hall, the flower garden
Benacre Hall, the garden side. Mother in the light coat.
Benacre Hall, Home of Sir Robert Eric Gooch (1903-1978). The great Cedar in the Garden, Mother at the right.
Old Meeting House Farm. Site of the Congregational Meeting place from 1710-1770
The Village Center
A country road with Covehithe Ruin in the distance. Wrentham on the sign.

The Pound, for all stray cattle


The Episcopal Church, 12-13th Century. Made of flint quarried locally.
The Episcopal Church, 12-13th Centrury. Made of flint quarried locally. Mother at the the right with Canon's wife.
The Congregational Church, 170 years old, founded 1649, chapel constructed 1778, making photo 1948. Sign has 300 on announcement, likely 300th anniversary of founding, making photo 1949.
The Congregational Church
The Village Post Office