Winter Maps and Documents

Dedicated to Robert S. Winter Jr. who loved maps.

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Year: 1718

Eleventh Entry from Top:
August 10, 1718, William Winter has a son Alexander in Cult, Angus
Thirteenth Entry from Bottom:
October 19, 1718, John Winter has a son Alexander in Clova, Angus.


Year: 1731

October 6, 1731, Alexander Winter has a son Charles in Doll, Angus. We suspect that Doll is the old Scottish word for Dell. Note the location of "The Doll" in the very center of the map along the White Water River. James Scott Winter's father was Charles Winter, however unlikely this is his father as he was born in 1797, making him 66 at James' birth. He could however be his grandfather.


The first entry in the document below "June 10th Alexander Winter in Doll had a son baptized at Mulie by the Revernd Mr. (Robert) Trail, Minister of Panbride Church who was there all the goat milk named Charles." An entry in The Scottish Antiquary, Or, Northern Notes & Queries, Volumes 1-4 states, "Hollinshed, in speaking of the 'Wild Irish,' says that with them gentlemen's children were baptized in milk." This might suggest that Alexander Winter was of Irish descent.

In this map and the next few we see The Doll, where Charles Winter was baptized. The maps are at different resolutions.Area today is know as Glen Doll.


100ft/inch Branch of River on left is the White Water; the branch on the right is the South Esk.



Photo of Glen of The Doll and the White Water River.


Year 1794

"February 15, 1794, Charles Winter and Jean Esplen in Bonhard had a daughter baptized named Jannet Winter." Jannet was the sister of James Scott Winter.


Year 1797

"December 13, 1797, Charles Winter and Jean Esplen in Easter Bonhard have a son baptized James Winter.".


New Scone


Old Scone,Bridgend and Perth


New Scone, 1000f/inch




Year 1805

Last Entry, "November 10, 1805, William Crane and Ann Morison have a daughter Ann in Farmtown, near Glenkindie.." Ann became the wife of James Scott Winter.


Map of Glenkindie, birthplace of Ann Crane.


Year 1819

June 4, 1819, Marriage of Robert Ednie and Penelope Davidson, 1819. Parents of John Ednie.

Year 1821

October 14, 1829, Birth of John Ednie 1821






Year 1825 & 1827

"October 24, 1825, Alexander and Janet Winter Robbie have son Andrew.
July 19, 1827, Alexander and Janet Winter Robbie have a daughter Jean.
Janet Winter Robbie was sister of James Scott Winter


Year 1829

November 19, 1829 "Alexander & Janet Winter Robbie have son James Crane in Adylinn(sic), Adielynn." The Crane name was apparently to honor her sister-in-law, the wife of her brother James Scott Winter.


Adielinn, birthplace of James Robbie

Adielinn, birthplace of James Robbie


Year 1829

December 13, 1829, James Winter & Ann Crane marry in Airlie, thrid entry from top.


Airlie, marriage location of James and Ann Winter.


Year 1830

November 2, 1830, James Winter & Ann Crane have first child Janet in Lindertis, Airli


Map of Airlie, home of James and Ann Winter during birth of their daughter Janet.


Year 1832

July 25, 1832, James Winter & Ann Crane have second child James in Meigle. 5th entry from bottom.


Year 1851

May 1, 1851, Isabella Ednie baptized. She was born April 7, 1851 to John and Mary Allan Ednie at Scone, Perth, Scotland


Year 1851

March 30, 1851, James Winter 52 (Gardner) and family living in Taymount House, Kinclaven, Perth, Scotland. Sons, John 16 (Hatter), William 12 (Errand Boy) and Patrick 10 (Scholar) as well as domestic servants, Frederica Nather (House Servant) and George Frampton (Coachman). Birthplace of all are given, James Cortachy; John, Meigle; William, Angus; and Patrick, Angus. Son Charles is missing from this list. Ann has died.


Taymount House, home of James Winter family in 1851. Ann has died.


Taymount House Map 1000ft/inch


Taymount House Map 200ft/inch


Taymount House


Taymount House 200ft/inch


Taymount House 200ft/inch


Taymount House Postcard


Modern Photos of Taymount House


Year 1865

1865, James Winter Valuation Rolls, Perth, Scotland. Renting home on south side of Keir Street . His proprietor is Mrs Susanna McLagan & Lucas Glasgow & P.? McLagan, Coal Merchant Main Street, Tenants are Jean Strong and James Winter, Gardener. This is a duplex. He in 19 and Jean is in 17. Entry starts 23 lines from bottom.


Year 1871

1871, James Winter Death Certificate, Perth, Scotland


Map of Perth, Scotland


Rosemont, John Bishop Winter Home


Rosemont 200ft/inch


Rosemont, Home of Mardie Winter.


Year 1901

1901, John & Mary Allan Ednie’s Death Certificate, Scone, Perth, Scotland


This map shows a number of Winter sites. Arthurstone was the street James Scott Winter family lived on in 1841 Census. James, John Bishop, and Charles were born in Meigle. William Clark was born in Coupar Angus.