Winter Bibles



Isabella Smith Winter, Christina Darling Winter, Mary Clark Winter


Bibles belonging to the three Winter sister above have been given to Pat Winter Oakes by Joanne Raymond Cummings, granddaughter of Murray and Ethel Kirkton Winter. The condition of the bibles is not great, however they have some infomation in them of some family interest. Covers and relevant pages have been scanned and are included here.




Winter Bibles Gallery

Christina Darling Winter bible

Christina Darling Bible, 1914 inscription.

Christina Darling Winter, Bible frontpiece., Copyright 1898

Isabella Smith Winter Bible

Isabella Smith Winter Bible frontpiece, no copyright date

Isabella Smith Winter Bible, her reading guide

Isabella Smith Winter Bible Reading Guide continued.


Mary Clark Winter Bible

Mary Clark Winter membership card

Isabella Smith Winter and Mary Clark Winter Church Program announcing membership.

Christina Darling Winter (1883-1971) Bible

Christina D. Winter's Bible from her Aunt Christina Darling Winter (1846-1903), wife of John Bishop Winter, who lived in Perth Scotland. No copyright date.