Sarah Jane Hartley (1860-1935) and William Lorenzo Gaar (1851-1925)




This remarkable tintype of Sarah, on left, and Lucinda (Lula) Hartley was contributed by Tom Byrom who found it in his father’s pictures and generously made it available. I have restored it. Tom is the great-grandson of Sarah. Lula is wearing a wedding ring (tintypes reverse handedness), she was married in 1879 at the age of 18 to John McClain. Picture probably about 1880.


Sarah Hartley Gaar with her first three children. Left to Right: Willie May (1885-1965), Sarah Elia (Sally) (1890-1962) and Mabel Rebecca (Martha) (1889-1976). Willie May married James Luther Deason, Mabel married Justin Culley Oswalt and Sarah married Richard Velmar Hughes. Sarah and her husband William Lorenzo Gaar had four younger boys, Joseph, Hobie, and twins Otha and Arthur.

William Lorenzo Gaar (1851-1925), husband of Sarah Hartley Gaar. He was born in Elbert County, Georgia.


Sarah J. Hartley Gaar (1860-1935) and Twins, Otha, left and Arthur, right.

Sarah J. Hartley Gaar (1860-1935)





William Lorenzo and Sarah Ann Hartley Gallery

Michael J. Gaar (1831-?), father of William Lorenzo Gaar. Served in Confederate Army in Mississippi. Born in Georgia. Tintype.

Sarah Taylor Gaar (1832-?), mother of William Lorenzo Gaar. Born in South Carolina. Tintype.

Luther and Willie May Gaar Deason, Daughter of Sarah Hartley Gaar, 1962

R. Vodie Deason (1911-73), mother, Willie May Gaar Deason (1885-1965) and James Carlton Deason (1906-70). Willie May’s parents wetre William Lorenzo (1851-1925) and Sarah Jane Hartley( (1860-1935) Gaar. Picture Dec. 1961.

Luther and Willie May Gaar Deason’s grandchildren. Back: Cecille Deason Finley,, front: Judy Deason Wooley, Unknown, Pat Hetrick and Boo Hedrick. Patsy Deason Perkins took the picture. Picture on Jefferson St., Vicksburg, MS., 1953

Luther and Willie May Gaar Deason’s grandchildren. Vodie and Sarah Graham Deason’s daughters.
L to R. Judy Deason Wooley, Cecille Deason Finley, Patsy Deason Perkins.

Deason Family, 1961
Front Row: L to R: Joyce Deason Williams, James C. Deason, Judy Deason Tipton
Middle Row: Jane and Bobby Nall, daughter and son of Sarah Deason Jones
Back Row: Unknown, Unknown, Beatrice Baker Deason, Willie May Gaar Deason, James Carlton Deason, Sarah Deason Jones (daughter of James Carlton and his first wife)

Sarah Elia Gaar Hughes with daughter Charlotte Monte Hughes. Sarah was daughter of Sarah J. Hartley Gaar, Mounds, LA, (1925)

Sarah Elia, Jack Crisler, Willard Lorenzo, Richard Velmar and Charlotte Monte Hughes. Sarah was daughter of Sarah J. Hartley Gaar, Mounds, LA, (1925)

Sarah Elia Gaar Hughes , Charlotte Ann and JohnThomas Byrom, Charlotte Monte Hughes Byrom, Jack Byrom, and Richard Velmar Hughes. Sarah was daughter of Sarah J. Hartley Gaar.

Sarah Elia Gaar Hughes and daughter Charlotte Monte Hughes Byrom

Frt: Charlotte Ann and JohnThomas Byrom, Bk: Jack and Charlotte Monte Hughes Byrom

Jack Crisler Hughes, son of Richard Velmar & Sarah Elia Hughes

Arthur and Otha Gaar , non-identical twins.

Otha and Helen Gaar

Otha Gaar (1901-66)

Dora Walton(1892-?), Mother-in-law of Otha Gaar, wife of Sam Walton (1882-?), maternal grandmother of Lewis, Ginger and Fay Gaar. Picture about 1911, probably wedding year. Daughter Helen born in 1912. Dora’s mother born in France, her Dad in Alabama.

Lewis (Ray) Gaar, son of Otha Garr, grandson of Sarah Hartley Gaar

Fay Gaar, daughter of Otha Garr, granddaughter of Sarah Hartley Gaar

Virginia Kay (Ginger) Gaar, daughter of Otha & Helen Gaar. She was their youngest child. This photo taken for Cotton Boll, Central High School, Ginger's junior year at Central High School, Jackson, MS 1952. Took care of her mother, Helen, until she died. Ginger lives in Jackson. Both Ginger and her mother were very talented artist

Virginia Kay (Ginger) Gaar, daughter of Otha & Helen Gaar.

William Gaar, son of Arthur Gaar, and his three children.

Louis Gaar, son of Ray Gaar. Store in Brownsville, MS.

Brownsville, MS School House attended by Gaars and probably Hartleys, Hills, Varners and Conrads

Hughes Family- L To R: Nellie Carter Hughes, Walter Hughes, Sara Hughes Roberts, Sarah Ella Dukes Hughes, Jerry Bernard Hughes, James Dukes Hughes, Nonnie Hughes Prouty, Louise Hughes Garrard, Frances Hughes Waldrop (Aunt of Richard Velmar Hughes), Ollie Hughes Price. (picture from Bobby Hobson)

George and Sarah Hughes, George was brother of Richard Velmar Hughes (picture from Bobby Hobson)