Pat Oakes

Docent at LBJ Library
Austin, Texas


Pat Winter Oakes

For twenty years, Pat Oakes has been a docent at the LBJ Library on the University of Texas Campus in Austin, Texas. Being a volunteer docent has been a much loved activity following her retirement from teaching sixth grade at St. Andrew's School in Austin. She has worked with wonderful colleagues at the library. Her current group includes Mimi Nichols, Harriet Breihan and Julie Creighton. Between them they have logged more that 8500 hours!

On March 20, 2023, at the LBJ Presidential Library Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Pat received an award honoring her 20 years of service. She was presented with a beautiful sculpture seen above.

Pat Oakes (20 years service), Kathleen Wilson (10 years service) and Mark Atwood Lawrence, Director of the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum 

Honorees Table Group: Mark Lawrence, David Nichols, Mimi Nichols, Pat Oakes, Mel Oakes, Mardie Oakes and Kathleen Wilson.

The program is below:




Volunteers and Hours
As of March 20, 2023
Last Name First Name Hours Volunteered
Downer Jane9190.25
Davenport Everard6616.75
Watkins Mike5960.25
Sullivan Pat4071.5
Skinner Vicki3005.5
Beaman Margarine2950.25
Carpenter Karen2437
Breihan Harriett2434
Brauen Marsha2373.75
Creighton Julie2271
Oakes Pat2187
Fullmer Peggy2180.5
Schnell Betty1978.5
Drewry Jackie1928.5
Martin Beverly1889.25
Carter Randi1850
Willars Dee1824
McGinnis Johanna1695.25
Taylor Cheryl1667.75
Nichols Mimi1574.75
Smith Larry1437
Johnson Kalista1369.25
Johnson Kalista1369.25
Prince Lynn1237.25
Wilson Kathleen1189.25
Cervera Barb1189
Berman Bill1162
Davenport Kay1150.5
Bohuslav Katy1102
Metting Roger1042
Bosak Tricia1023.75
Tiedeken Margaret972.75
Fox Jacqueline957.75
Karp Kathy933.75
Shipp Linda922.75
Karp Richard920
Ray Steve917
Schwartz Sandy892.5
Slaybaugh Patsy798.75
Last Name First Name Hours Volunteered
Skillingberg Mona794.25
Espinosa John751
Kramer Ken732
Martin Dorothy Sue731.75
Hughes Joan703.5
Hughes Joan703.5
Ward Ann690
Cameron Greg659.75
Edwards Marmie613
Alfar Gail503.5
Schaeffer Glen479.25
Price Peggie435
Bilgrad Davida382.5
Noble Dorinda366
Roos Quentin355
Campbell Mike257.5
Gabe Audrey227.25
Allen Trista217.5
Dickey David203.25
Haws Michael180.5
Barr Corina180
Thompson Cooper173.5
Kelley Suzanne146
Ross Kelly119.75
Buesing Jan109.75
Durand Debra96
Martinez Gabriel95.25
Barnett Shelby80.5
Simmons Cynthia80.5
Guess Sharon78.5
Beeler Ember59.5
Pritchard Samantha51
Chasin Seth50
Fredriksen Pete47
Bell Shawn44
Young Susan42.5
Jones Sarah40.75
Ross Pam40
Easley Mike35
Burstain Jane33





















Large photos of front and back of 20 years of service award sculpture.


Pat Oakes Docent Album

9/1/2005  Thursday afternoon LBJ Docents--Pat Oakes, Harriett Breihan, Lillie Belle Karr in front of Julie Creighton, Lala Niemeyer
6/2/2011 30th anniversary of the docents volunteer program at the LBJ Library. Volunteer luncheon for docents--Mimi Nichols, Jill Boruck, Barbara Mjos, Lala Niemeier, Luci Johnson Nugent, Lynda Johnson Robb, Harriett Breihan, Pat Oakes, Mark Updegrove (Director of the LBJ Library)  Luci is wearing one of her mom's dresses.  On another occasion, while riding in the elevator to the tenth floor with Lynda, she suddenly looked rather panicked, "Does anyone have a safety pin?" The elastic in her slip had failed. I gave Lynda a safety pin that I happened to have in my purse. We were all organized by arrival at the 10 floor.
1/5/2012  The Thursday afternoon docents at LBJ--2012--Julie Creighton, Lala Niemeyer, Harriett Breihan, Mimi Nichols, and Pat Oakes
8-17-2014 Mimi Nichols, Julie Creighton, Harriett Breihan and Pat Oakes
4-20-2022, LBJ Volunteer Dinner, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Mark Lawrence, ?, Bob and Harriett Breihan, Mel and Pat Oakes
4-20-2022, LBJ Volunteer Dinner, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Bob and Harriett Breihan, Mel and Pat Oakes, Mimi and David Nichols
LBJ Volunteers Halloween Bash, October 19, 2022. David and Mimi Nichols, Pat amd Mel Oakes.

Letter to Lyndon Baines Johnson by Beth Oakes

In 1971, Beth Oakes, age 4, overheard her parents talking about President Johnson's surgery and his recovery. She asked if she could write him a letter, which she did. The letter is below, along with the answer from President Johnson. Many, many years later during an orientation tour of the LBJ Archives it was stated that the library had all of his papers. Pat laughed and said, "Even my daughter's letter." The response was "Yes and if you can get us the date, we will find it and get you a copy." Below is the copy of her letter. Pat often tells that story to visitors to the library.

Letter to LBJ by Beth Oakes, Age 4
Letter to LBJ by Beth Oakes, Age 4
Letter to LBJ by Beth Oakes, Age 4
Letter to LBJ by Beth Oakes, Age 4
Letter to Beth Oakes from President Lyndon Baines Johnson