John Aaron Suggs Hill and Ora Lee Hartley

John and Ora Lee married on 25 Sept 1898 in Hinds County. They had eleven children, John had eight from a previous marriage to Georgeanna Cato, totaling 19 for John. They lived in Vernon, a town near Flora, MS. The children by Ora Lee were James Bennett "Ben" (1899-1989), John Asa (1902-), George William (1903-1974), Minnie Ruth (1904-69), Carl (1905-), Dora Bell (1907-2008), Charles Hamon (1909-2002), Olin (1910-11), Robert Hinton (1911-12), Mary Lorean (1913-96) and Jessie Woodrow (1916-2007).

Frances Clark Cronin, granddaughter of Ora Lee Hartley wrote, "Ora Lee was my Granny Hill. She wasn't fat but pleasantly plump. Just the nice soft lap to hold a child. Her hands were large and had seen many jobs from taking care of children, picking cotten, growing and canning vegetables and fruits. When I was little she had all the grandchildren out to the farm for Easter. She had saved eggs for a week in order to have an Easter egg hunt for us. She may not have had much in the way of material possessions, but she had a lot of love to share.'

"Ora Lee was the next to youngest of the George and Lucinda's children. She and her younger brother, Hooker were close growing up and remained that way all their lives. They were both young when Lucinda died. George did not know what to do and took Hooker and Ora Lee to live with his daughter Sarah. George was finally able to set up a home and take Hooker and Ora Lee back. Ora Lee often told the story of how happy they were to be back in a home with their father.'

"Ora Lee kept house for her father and brother. When she was old enough she taught school. I think she taught at Brownsville. When she met John Aaron Suggs Hill, a widower with five sons, and he asked her to marry him, she had to quit teaching, as married women were not allowed to teach. The youngest of John Hill's children, Elmer, was a toddler of one to two years. Ora Lee was the only mother Elmer ever knew. All of John's children called her "Miss Ora." John Hill's first wife was Georgeanna Cato. She and John had eight children, seven boys and one girl. Five boys lived to maturity.'

"John and Ora Lee had eleven children, seven boys and four girls. Five boys and four girls lived to maturity. John was a farmer living out from Pocahantus, MS. In 1918, their house burned down. My mother told me that John had bought an organ for daughter Ruth. They tried and tried to save the organ.'

"As John grew older, son, Elmer bought land and built a house for his father, Miss Ora and the younger children. After John's death, Ora Lee stayed on the farm with son's Asa and Haman.'

"Haman married and he and his wife moved to Jackson. The farm was sold and Ora Lee moved to Jackson to be with daughters. I so remember Granny in a nursing home and I would take the bus every day to be with her until my mother got off from work and joined us. Granny would let me braid her hair and told me so many stories. She and my other Granny were the ones who got me interested in history and genealogy."





John Aaron Suggs Hill and Ora Lee Hartley Gallery

Ora Lee Hartley Hill (1873-1949)
Ora Lee Hartley Hill (1873-1949)
Marion Monroe Hill (1855-1951)
Marion Monroe Hill (1855-1951)
Brother of John Aaron Suggs Hill
Marion Monroe Hill & father-in-law, Jesse McFarland
Marion’s second wife was Lula F. McFarland(1898-1984)
Mary Catherine Saunders Hill (1860-1927), first wife of Marion Hill
Five Generations, Marion M. Hill (1855-1951), daug. Willie Rebecca Hill Dawson (1880-1965), Willie’s daug. Ruth Marie Dawson Bryant(1898-1972), Ruth’s daughter Margaret Bell Bryant Buck (1926-2004) and child(Margo or Renee).
Ora Lee Hill, maybe John Bennett Hill (~1933), woman identity unknown
John Lester(1871-1953) & Willie Hill Dawson
Willie Rebecca Hill (1880-1965)
Ora Lee Hartley Hill, probably Flora, MS, (ca. 1942)
Billie Ernestine Hill, Ora Lee, Ruby Goodin Hill & Sarah Hill. Baby is Constance Lavon Brown, child of Ora Lee Hill Brown (ca. 1942)

Frances Clark and Margaret Ann Bradley, Jeanine Bradley with grandmother Ora Lee Hartley Hill (ca. 1939)
Ora-Lee-Hartley-Hill, ca. 1939, with granddaughter Margaret Ann Bradley (Fountain).
Ora-Lee-Hartley-Hill, ca. 1939, with granddaughter Margaret Ann Bradley. Shows what a little Photoshopping restoration can do.
Pocahontas School, 1917. John Aaron Hill was Trustee
T. N. Touchstone, Principal, Pocahontas; Miss Oney Bradley, Pocahontas

E. K Middleton, W. H. Bell, J. A. Hill.

This school is 14 miles northwest of Jackson and 6 miles northeast of Tinnin.

Five-acre lot; excellent playgrounds; a sufficient number of shade trees; grounds are being put in good order; two sanitary toilets.

$4,000.00 building; three class rooms down stairs and auditorium and two small rooms up stairs; properly lighted; building is painted; in good repair and well kept.

Sixty single and 12 double patent desks; hyloplate blackboards: map; no library books; individual drinking cups; upright stoves with jackets.

Two teachers; 10 grades; 59 pupils in district; 58 pupils en­rolled; 46 daily average; canning, poultry, corn and baby beef clubs; com­munity meetings: monthly report cards.
First Class, making 99 points.

District Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 880.85
Teachers, County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 600.00
Transportation, County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 322.00
Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.802.85
Granny Hill's House
Mary Lorean Hill Clark in foreground

Pocahontas Church

Pocahontas Cemetery

Charles Hamon, Dora Bell, Mary Lorean & Jessie Woodrow Hill
Children of John & Ora Lee Hartley Hill
Dora-Belle-Hill, 18 at Hinds Junior College, Daughter of Ora Lee Hartley Hill (1925)
Dora Belle Hill (1907-2008)

Dora Belle Hill, Hinds Junior Collge, Raymond, MS, Class of 1927.

James Bennett (Ben) Hill(son)

Left- James Bennett Hill
Right-Unknown Flora MS Soldier
Mary Lorean Hill (Clark) (age 18), Ora Lee’s daughter
Mother of Frances Clark Cronin.
Mary Lorean Hill Clark (1913-1996)
Jessie Woodrow Hill Bradley-&-Jeanine-1936
Jessie W. Hill Bradley Moore-with-Twins, Nancy Kay & Linda Fay Moore,
Margaret Ann & Jeanine Bradley at Mississippi State Fair in Jackson.
Sonny & Margaret Ann Bradley Fountain

Johnnie Mae Maxwell, daughter of Will & Minnie Ruth Hill Maxwell

Unidentified WWI soldier. picture in Hooker Hartley’s file, taken in Louisville, KY. 2nd Lt., US Army, Camp Zackary Taylor?

Back Row: Lucinda Hartley McClean, Vernon Wharton Hill (stepson of Ora), Ora Lee Hartley Hill, (Lucinda’s sister), Charles Hooker Hartley(her brother), Sallie Davis Wyatt (Ida’s Mother), Ida Wyatt Hartley, (Hooker’s wife),

Children of Hooker & Ida and daughter of Ora Lee Hartley Hill-
Row 3: Delma & Inez Hartley,
Row 2: George, Homer & Sallie Mae Hartley,
Row1 : Carl Hartley & Jessie Woodrow Hill (Ora’s daughter),

This picture shows three siblings of George Leroy Hartley (Mel’s Maternal Grandfather). They are : Lucinda, Ora Lee, and Charles Hooker.

Francis Clark Cronin, granddaughter of Ora Lee Hartley, Mel&Pat. at her home in Arlington, VA
Frances Lee Clark-1 year old, Ora Lee Hartley Hill’s granddaughter.
Frances Lee Clark, Ora’s granddaughter, 1950, age 15, Jackson, MS
Samuel Van & Mary Lorean Hill Clark, Ora’s daughter. Wedding of daughter, Frances, to Richard Peter Cronin, 6/18/1959

Frances Clark Cronin.


Richard & Frances Clark Cronin, June 18, 1959, Wedding Day
Billie Ernestine Hill

FC -Frances Cronin in caption below.

1951-52...Mississippi...Little Gene Hill, Old Dad (FC Step-Paternal Grandfather), Mommie (FC Father's Mother - FC Paternal Grandmother), Lou Lou (Aunt Con's and Uncle Vernon's Oldest Daughter - FC 2nd Cousin), Aunt Con (FC Father's Mother's Sister -FC Great Aunt), Daddy, Mama, Uncle Vernon (FC Father's Mother's Brother-In-Law), Granny (FC Mother's Mother - FC Maternal Grandmother) — with Annie Chadwick, Abigail Hardin and Faser Hardin (Caption continues) FC=Frances Cronin

Ben & Ernestine Hill Wedding, (groom Wesley Robertson). Others:Betty Lane Clark Hamon, John B., Jack Hill

Back: Haman & Ethel Hill, Front: Pregnant Jeanine Bradley Rhymes, Frances Clark, college student

Ira Vance Moore, 2nd husband of Jessie Woodrow Hill, & her brother Haman Hill
Pearl, Ora Lee, Sarah & Billie Hill. Daughters of Ben & Ruby Hill.
Ruby, John Bennett,Henry Elmer and Jack Hill
George William & Sarah Henderson Hill, Sarah’s parents were from from England.

John Asa (Acey) Hill

John Bennett Hill
Hamon Hill & maybe customer, he sold quilt supplies door to door.
Homer & Ora Lee Hill Brown
Ora Lee Hill (1926-)

Homer & Ora Lee Hill Brown

Mike & Henry Elmer Hill, son & father, Mike’s Wedding.
James Bennett and Ruby Hill
Mel Oakes & Henry Elmer Hill, .
Mel Oakes, Henry Elmer Hill, Sarah Hill, Billie Ernestine Hill
Minnie Lee Maxwell (daughter of John & Ora Lee Hartley Hill), husband Will P. Maxwell (AKA Ding-Ding) , and their daughter, Billie Jean Maxwell Kendricks, and her kids, L-R: Betty, Lizzie and Romey Kendricks Jr. The puppy is not identified. ca. 1950s
Wilburn J. “Pete” Baswell (1929-99), husband of Johnnie Mae Maxwell
Johnnie Mae Maxwell Baswell (1930-92), Granddaughter of John Aaron & Ora Lee Hartley Hill
Eugene Curtiss Hill, son of John Aaron Hill & Georgeanna Cato,
ca. 1918 (pictures courtesy of Gene Hill, grandnephew)
Unknown & Eugene Curtiss Hill Jr. , ca 1918
Eugene Curtiss Hill