New Orleans Slave Auction

From the April 12, 1856 The Provincial Freeman

The Editor and his wife, Isaac D. and Amelia Freeman Shadd, along with his sister Mary Ann Shadd Cary, ran this paper and taught school in Chatham, Canada. They were there to support runaway slaves that arrived via the Underground Railroad. Following the end of the Civil War, they moved to Vicksburg, MS, to teach the new freedmen and help with the dream of a new society. Isaac eventually became Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives.

For those tempted to romanticize slavery and the Confederacy and those that fought to maintain this abominable institution, I encourage you to read this eye-witness account of a typical slave auction in New Orleans, and remember, this went on week after week, year after year. Remember that the people being auctioned share the same feelings and emotions that all of us feel. Put yourself in the barefeet of each of these individuals as each is humiliated in front of a crowd of white men. And as you do, ask yourself, "Do I really wish to revere and witness statues of individuals who fought to maintain this institution? Anyone with any heartcell left in their body would surely answer, "No!"

My generation was not taught the truth about slavery and the Confederacy. My children got a little better history, but not much. Fortunately my grandchildren and grandnieces and grandnephews are hearing the awful truth and its legacy. I hope we can all support them as they work to make our country live up to its ideals.

Warning: The article is heart wrenching and graphic.















Shadd Documents

Abraham William Shadd, brother of I. D. Shadd
55th Massachusetts Regiment

Wallace Walker. Boy Scout Leader
Wallace Walker
Wallace Walker, Second from left, Students from Mississippi School for Blind
Unknown Salutatorian and Wallace O. Walker, Valedictorian, Mississippi School for the Blind Graduation, ca 1920-22
Wallace Walker resigns from Mississippi Legislature, 1939
Bobbie Barber, Barbara Parker, Marie Walker
Marie Walker, Homecoming Queen
Margaret Jones and Marie Walker
John and Marie Walker Basham
John and Marie Walker Basham
John and Marie Walker Basham, 50th Anniversary
Carrie Wells, mother of Louise Wells
Carrie Wells, mother of Louise Wells
John and Marie Walker Basham
Wallace Wlaker, Marine Recruiter, 1957
Certificate of Appreciation, US Navy, 1955