Malinda Ann Hartley (1839-1913) and Thomas Sandreth Ashley (1834-1910)



Thomas Sandreth Ashley and Malinda Hartley

In 1910, in Cooke County, Texas.
(Picture courtesy of Gary W. Ashley, their great-great grandson.)


In 1860, a Melinda (sp) Elizabeth, 18, was living with James & Damaris Holloman Ashley family in Copiah County, MS. She had a child, William, less than a year of age.

In 1870, Malinda and Thomas were living in Port Gibson, MS: Thomas was 36, Malinda 30, Mary Frances 9, Thomas Berry 5 and George Walter 1. Thomas cannot read or write.

1878: “Thomas Sandreth and Malinda Ashley moved to TX in 1878, caught up in the "Texas fever" that swept through MS after the end of the Civil War. They initially settled near Waco in McLennan county, but moved fairly often. They ultimately ended up living with their son, Owen, and his family in Woodbine, Cooke county.” Information provided by Gary W. Ashley.

In 1880, they were living in Bell, Texas with children and mother Frances. Age for Malinda was listed as 43, which would mean birth year 1837.

In 1900, they were living in McLennon County, TX.

In 1910, Thomas and Malinda were living with son, Owen W., in Justice Precinct 7, Cooke, Texas. Thomas was 90 and she was 70. The 90 years number is probably not correct. It is very different from all other census numbers and suggests he is 20 years older than Malinda, clearly not consistent with the picture above. Others in the household were O. W. Ashley 34, Mary J. Ashley 32, William O 3, Ambert A., Ashley 11, Alvie 8, Thomas S. Ashley 5, Mary O. 2, Alice 8/12, Thomas (Tee) Ashley 90. Thomas and Malinda have been married for 52 years.


The Nelson Grove Cemetery is where Malinda Hartley Ashley, her husband and son (with wife) are buried. Their son has a stone and the two markers nearby say T. S. A. and M. A. These would be Thomas and Malinda. Location: This cemetery is located near the Woodbine community in eastern Cooke County. From Hwy 82, south on FM 678, about 1.2 miles, it's located on the east side of the road. Nelson Grove is well maintained. Mollie E. Nelson, who died in 1875, is believed to be the first person buried here. This survey was updated in April 2008.

L-R: Back: William Owen Ashley Sr. (1876-1930) and mother, Malinda Hartley Ashley (1839-1913), Front: Thomas S. (1905-), Mary Oline (1908-), Alice Jane (1910-) and Drew (1911-). c. 1910-11

(All pictures here are courtesy of Gary W. Ashley, great grandson of William Owen Ashley and first wife Mary Jane Grey{1878-1912}}

L-R: William Owen(1877-1930) and Dora Blankenship Ashley, Elmer Blankenship, and William O. Ashley Jr. William Owen Sr. was the son of Malinda Hartley and Thomas S. Ashley. Dora was Owen’s second wife. Owen and Dora Blankenship ran a cafe in Wichita Falls, TX. c. 1920.
(All pictures here are courtesy of Gary W. Ashley, great grandson of William Owen Ashley and first wife Mary Jane Grey{?-1912}}



Thomas Sandreth Ashley and Malinda Ann Hartley Gallery

Malinda Ann Hartley Ashley

Commodore Perry Huffman & Mary Frances Ashley, ca 1880.
Mary was daughter of Thomas and Malinda Hartley Ashley.

Malinda"Minnie Belle" Ashley, Daughter of Thomas & Malinda Ashley (1879–1965)

Willaim David and Malinda"Minnie Belle" Ashley Gray, daughter Ola Mae Gray. Minnie is daughter of Thomas & Malinda Ashley.

1916 [1914?] William David Gray family-
Back Row: Ola Mae, Bill, Floyd, Ted,
Front Row: Elmer, Beed, Minnie Ashley w/ Jack, William David w/ Maudie. Minnie is daughter of Thomas and Malinda Hartley Ashley.


John Hartley Ashley 1904, OK, Wedding Picture, Son of Thomas & Malinda Ashley

Commodore Perry & Mary Frances Ashley Huffman Family, 1894
L to R: Front, Commodore Jr. Becky, Lillie
Back: Henry, Homer Perry, Sally Belle, Sam.

Herman, Betty, Zula, George Walter & Matt Ashley

William Owen Ashley , 1925 Wichita Falls, TX

Henderson (Henry) (1850-1920+) and Julia Ann Hartley (1847-1895) Huffman, sister of Malinda Ann Hartley.

William Benjamine & Sarah Hughes Gray & probably their daughter Sarah “Alice” Gray

1894, Marshall County, OK
Mary Jane Gray (rear, standing), together with her sister Ann Elisabeth Gray and husband Wilburn (J.W.) Gray and their children Dora, Eliza, and Harvey Thurston Gray. Ann and Wilburn were cousins.

John Hartley & George Walter Ashley, sons of Thomas & Malinda Ashley, Pauls Valley, OK, 1946

L-R Owen and Dora Blankenship Ashley, Owen is son of Malinda and Thomas Ashley. Dora was Owen’s second wife.

Dora Castleman Blankenship Ashley(1873-1949), wife of William Owen Ashley Sr.

Dora Castleman Blankenship Ashley (second wife of Owen Ashley), Alice Gray Ashley ( sister of Owen’s first wife Mary Jane Gray and wife of Owen’s brother, John Hartley Ashley), & Malinda “Minnie Bell” Ashley Gray Grider,(daughter of Thomas & Malinda Ashley, wife of William David Gray and William D. Grider). 1939

Owen Ashley’s Business Card, Owen died after being hit by a car while crossing the street. His fiddle is owned by Melba Ashley, Gary Ashley’s mother.

Virgil A. (1909-89) & Ethel Velma Ashley (1907-53), Children of John Hartley Ashley (1882-1957) & Sarah Alice Gray. John, was son of Thomas and Malinda.

Alvie Ray Ashley son of William Owen Ashley, railroad engineer for MKT, Katy Railroad, c. 1960

Alvie Ray and Zoda Pearl Ashley (in truck), at J.K. Nakayama's vegetable farm, Cloudcroft, New Mexico. That may be Mr. Nakayama on left.