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Eleanor, Kennard and Kenny Loignon, Austin, Texas, 1981

Kennard and Eleanor Oakes Loignon

Augmented Obituary for Eleanor Oakes Loignon

Eleanor Dean Oakes Loignon was born on May 27, 1943, in Vicksburg, MS, to Fred and Margie Hartley Oakes. Her siblings include Charles Frederick Oakes (deceased), Melvin E. L. Oakes (Pat) Austin, TX, Floyd F. Oakes (Betty) Gonzales, LA, Donald S. Oakes (Bettye) Vicksburg, MS. Eleanor passed away on February 23, 2020, in Philadelphia, PA, following a lengthy period of medical challenges and ill-health. She was 76 years old.

Eleanor became a Seventh-day Adventist as a girl. Many times she had her Sabbath School and Worship Service with her mother under the trees on their property when they could not get to church. She had a desire to become a teacher at an early age and received her training at Southern Missionary College where she graduated. Later, she would work on her master's degree at Andrews University.

Her first experience as a teacher was at an Adventist church school in Vicksburg. In the early 1970s, Eleanor came to Maryland and worked in the education program of the Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She later taught at the Greater Baltimore Junior Academy, the Blythedale Church School, the Cumberland Church School and the Hudson Church School at the Wilna Church. While living in California, Eleanor was asked to help revise the Bible curriculum. She accepted and worked on writing the Bible workbooks for the program.

Eleanor was a talented pianist and met her future husband, Kennard, one day in the mid 1970s when he asked her to play the piano for a quartet in which he participated. They were married on August 3, 1975.

Mrs. Loignon taught for two years at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota while Ken helped both at the school and performed maintenance tasks on the reservation.

Their son, Kennard Frederick Loignon “Kenny” was born on April 3, 1978, at Cumberland, MD. Eleanor and Ken moved to Keene, TX in 1982 so Ken could study for the Adventist ministry. They later moved to Montana where Ken pastored in a district of churches.

In 2003, they purchased a home in Delta, PA.

Following her retirement from teaching, Eleanor worked at Michael’s Craft Store in Bel Air, MD. At the Norrisville Church, she was a devoted pianist, taught the Sabbath School lesson, was Head Sabbath School Teacher for the adult class and served along with her husband as an elder.

Eleanor was a wonderful person who could give you great, insightful, Christian counseling. As her health was failing, she began a unique Card Ministry which she used to uplift and encourage many people. Her life was one with many facets and dimensions.

Kennard and Eleanor's son, Kenny, and his wife work in China.

Poem below written by Kennard Loignon, February 23, 2020

Together, Hand in Hand

Together, not so long ago we took our vows and said I do.
Together, we walked down the aisle,
Together, hand and hand.
Together, we worked and laughed and dreamed,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, we walked the hills of South Dakota,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, you taught school as I helped and we walked,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, we had a son, and with him we walked ,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, as time flew by, we walked the college campus,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, we sang and preached and cried and prayed,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, as you could no longer walk, we drove and talked, but
Together, hand in hand.
Together, in the nursing home, I would kiss you good bye at night and pray,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, as you were wheeled into the OR, I kissed you and prayed,
Together, hand in hand.
Together, as you heart beat its last, we were
Together, hand in hand.
You have fought a good fight, you have finished your course,
You have kept the faith, henceforth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness.
Together, God has promised that we will walk those streets of gold,
Together, hand in hand.

Eleanor Loignon May 27, 1943  February 23, 2020 12:08 PM

Yours my love in the blessed hope. Kennard Loignon



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Kennard and Eleanor Oakes Loignon Album
Eleanor Oakes on tricycle
Eleanor Oakes

Eleanor Oakes aand her boots. Front yard at Kings' home.

EleanorOakes and Dolls, front steps at Kings' home.
Eleanor Oakes, on Aunt Aileen and Uncle JC's porch. Belmont Street, Vicksburg, MS
Eleanor Oakes at Lake Poctchartrain in New Orleans

Fred Oakes, Eleanor Oakes and Margie Oakes

Kennard, Eleanor and Kenny. Mardie Oakes lower right. Keene, Texas, August, 1982

Back: Sarah, Beth and Mardie Oakes

Front: Eleanor Oakes Loignon, Kenny Loignon

Eleanor Oakes, steps of Kings' home
Eleanor Oakes, Oakes Auto Parts
Eleanor Oakes, porte cochere at Kings' home.
Eleanor Oakes, 1943
Eleanor Oakes and Stromberg Carlson radio.
Eleanor teaching at Seventh Day Adventist School in Vicksburg, MS.
Eleanor, Mel and Donald Oakes
11-30-1952 Eleanor Dean Oakes
1947 Eleanor Oakes
1947 Eleanor Oakes
Eleanor Dean Oakes School Picture
Eleanor Dean Oakes (1961)
Mel Oakes, Pat Oakes, Eleanor Loignon, Kennard Loignon
Eleanor Oakes
Eleanor Oakes and Dog
Eleanor Oakes (2nd Grade)
Eleanor Oakes
Eleanor Oakes
Eleanor Florida
Eleanor and mother, Margie Oakes
Eleanor at piano with cousin Vivian Hartley Brasher
Eleanor Oakes
Eleanor Oakes
Robert Grantham, Robert Jr., Marie, Carolyn and Eleanor. This was her uncle's family.
Eleanor Oakes Boots
Eleanor Oakes Tricycle Front of Oakes Auto Parts
Eleanor Loignon Obit Photo
Kennard, Eleanor, Kids
Margie and Eleanor Oakes, Belmont St., home of JC and Aileen King
Unknown, Eleanor, mother, Margie in Florida
Mel Oakes and Eleanor Oakes Loignon, 1983
Mel and Pat Oakes, Kennard and Eleanor Oakes, Loignon, Keene, Texas, 1983
Eleanor Oakes Loignon, in her garden, Keene, Texas, 1983
Kenny Loignon, 1982
Nephew Stuart Oakes, Eleanor Loignon, Niece Lisa Thompson

Ken Loignon, Jay Ruffner, Stuart Oakes, Eleanor Loignon


Sarah Oakes and Stuart Oakes, Funeral for Eleanor Loignon
Stuart Oakes and Jay Ruffner, Funeral for Eleanor Loignon