Winter/White Connection to John and Priscilla Alden


The Alden name appears a number of times in the Winter-White family. The family has long believed that there was a connection with the Mayflower couple, John and Priscilla Alden. I have confirmed the connection. Below is the family tree.

Family Register of John Alden Family from "History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater, in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts

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F A M I L Y   R E G I S T E R,

By N A H U M   M I T C H E L L,



F A M I L Y   R E G I S T E R


---a.  before a date, stands for about  -- b. for born—d. for death or died---m. for married---s. for son—w. for wife---gra. for graduate or graduated---B. U. for Brown University---D..  for daughter---Ds. for Daughters---H. U. for Harvard University. *added to a name or date of birth, signifies that the person died in youth or without issue---W. B. for West Bridgewater---S. P. for South Parish of Bridgewater, now Bridgewater---E. B. for East Bridgewater---N. B. for North Bridgewater---Tit. For Titicut   Other abbreviations will occur, which being usual and common, need no explanation. 

ALDEN.----- Hon. John Alden arrived with the Pilgrims at Plymouth in the May Flower, 1620; was about 21 years old, and was one of the Governor’s Assistants many years, and otherwise much employed and greatly distinguished in the infant colony; he removed early to Duxbury, and was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, as we have already seen; he d. at Duxbury Sept. 12, 1687, ae. 88, of course was born 1599: he m. Priscilla, D. of Wm. Mullens, 1623, and had John, Joseph, David, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ruth and Mary.---- John was a captain, a mariner and master of a vessel, removed to Boston, m. Elizabeth, widow of Abiel Ewrill, and D. of Maj. Wm. Phillips, 1660, and John 1663, William 1669, Nathaniel 1670, Zechariah 1673, gra. H. U. 1692, Nathan 1677, and Henry, and also several Ds.;  he d. 1702, she 1719; his will dated 1701.  He was accused of witchcraft.---David and Jonathan remained at Duxbury, and had families there.----Elizabeth m. Wm. Paybody.---Sarah m. Alexander Standish.----Ruth m. John Bass, 1657---Mary m. Thomas Delano.
     2.  Joseph, (2d son of Hon. John 1.) had his father’s proprietary share in Bridgewater, and was written Symonson; and had Isaac, Joseph, John, and probably Elizabeth, who m. Benjamin Snow, 1691, and Mary who m. Samuel Allen, 1700; he d. 1697, ae. a. 73.
     3.  Isaac, (s. of Joseph 2.) settled in E. B., and m. Mehitabel, D. of Samuel Allen, 1685, and had Mehitabel 1687, Sarah 1688, Mary 1691, Isaac 1692, Ebenezer 1693, Mercy 1696, Abigail 1699, Jemima 1702, and John.—Mehitabel m. Benjamin Richards, 1711.---Sarah m. Seth Brett, 1712, and afterwards Dea. Recompense Cary, 1727.---Mary m. John Webb, of Braintree, 1720, and d. 1772, ae. 82.---Isaac lived a bachelor, and left a large real estate,---Mercy m. Zaccheus Packard, 1725.---Jemima m. Dea. Thomas Whitman, 1727.
      4.  Dea. Joseph, (s. of Joseph 2.) lived in S.B., and m. Hannah, D. of Daniel Dunham, of Plymouth, 1690; and had Daniel 1690, Joseph 1693*, Eleazar 1694, Hannah 1696, Mary 1699, Joseph 1700*, Jonathan 1703*, Samuel 1705, Mehitabel 1707, Seth 1710; he and she both d. 1747, he ae. 80, she 78.---Hannah  m. Mark Lathrop, 1722; Mary m. Timothy Edson, 1719; Mehitabel m. Barnabas Eaton, and d. ae. 30.
       5. John (s. of Joseph 2.) had his father’s homestead in W.B., and sold it to Isaac Johnson a. 1700, and removed to Titicut in Middleborough; m. Hannah, D. of Captain Ebenezer White, of Weymouth; she was born 1683; he had David, who m. Judith Padelford, and was father of Solomon; Priscilla, w. of Abraham Borden; Thankful, w. of Francis Eaton; Hannah, w. of Thomas Wood; Lydia, w. of Samuel Eddy, and afterwards of John Fuller; Mary, w. of Noah Thomas; Abigail, w. of  Nathan Thomas; Joseph, who m. Hannah Hall; John, who first m. Lydia Lazell, and had Capt. John, of Fairhaven, and Nathan, and then m. Rebecca Weston, and d. April, 1821, ae, 102; Ebenezer , who at the age of 20 went to Cuba, and was taken prisoner and suffered hardships for 10 years, m. Anna Whitaker, and afterwards Rebecca Smith, and settled at Strafford 1755, and afterwards installed at Bellingham 1766, a member of the convention for forming the Constitution of Massachusetts in 1780, and also of the convention for adopting the Constitution of the United States in 1788, m. Joanna Vaughn, and had 3 ss. and several Ds., and d. 1797, ae. 71.
     6.  Capt. Ebenezer (s. of Isaac 3.) lived in E. B., and m. Anna, D. of Joseph Keith, 1717, and had Anna 1718, Susanna 1719, Abigail 1721, Nathan 1727, Ezra 1732.---Anna m. Eleazar Washburn, Susanna m. Ephraim Cary, Abigail m. Ebenezer Byram, Jr., Esq., all three m. together, at the same time, viz:---Nov. 22, 1738.---The mother d. 1775, ae. 79, the father 1776, ae. 83, and was the last surviving member of the first church in East Bridgewater, gathered in 1724.
     7.  John (s. of Isaac 3.) lived in E.B., and m. Hannah, D. of Henry Kingman, 1727, and had John* and James*, twins, 1729;  Isaac 1731, Jonathan 1733, Hannah 1736, Adam 1738*,  Abigail 1742*, Keziah 1743; his w. d. 1744, and he m. Rebecca Nightingale 1745, and had Rebecca 1745, John 1747, Esther 1749*,  James 1751, Adam 1754, Joseph 1755, Benjamin 1757, and they with the mother and John went to Warwick; James, Adam, Joseph and Benjamin went to Claremont, N. H.
     8.  Daniel, Esq., (s. of Dea. Joseph 4.) m. Abigail, D, of Joseph Shaw 1717, and had Joseph 1718, Daniel 1720, Abigail 1722, Zephaniah 1724, Hannah 1726*, Hannah 1727, Mehitabel 1729*, Barnabas 1732, Ebenezer 1734, Mary 1737; he removed to Stafford with his family, where he d. ae. 80.---Joseph m. Susanna, D. of Solomon Packard, 1742, and had Zenas 1745*, and Martha 1747*, and d. at Worcester, ae 50.---Daniel, Esq., m. Jane Turner 1747, and d. at Lebanon, near Dartmouth College, ae. 70, and was father of the late Dr. Ebenezer Alden, of Randolph, born at Stafford 1755.---Abigail m. Dea. Eleazar Whitman, sen., 1742.---Zephaniah m. Hopestill, D. of Thomas Wade, 1748, and d. at Stafford, ae. 80.---Hannah m. Joshua Blodget, at Stafford, and there d., ae. 70.---Barnabas d. at Ashfield, ae. 60.---Ebenezer d. at Stafford, ae. 21.---Mary m. Isaac Fuller 1764.
     9.  Eleazer (s. of Dea. Joseph 4.) lived in S.B., and m. Martha, D. of Joseph Shaw, 1720; she d. 1769, ae. 69, he 1773, ae. 79; he had Jonathan 1721, Eleazar 1723, Abraham 1725*, David 1727, Joshua 1729, Caleb 1731*, Ezra 1734, Timothy 1736.---Jonathan m. Experience, D. of Nathaniel Hayward, 1743, and went to Greenwich where he d., ae. 80, and she d. there 1809, ae. 90.---David m. Lucy, D. of Noah Thomas, of Mid’o., and went to Ashfield, and d. there, ae. 84.---Rev. Timothy gra. H.U. 1762, settled at Yarmouth Dec. 13, 1769, and d. 1828, ae. 92; he m. Sarah, D. of Rev. Habijah Weld, of Attleboro’; she d. 1796, ae. 58; he had Timothy, Isaiah, Martin, Oliver, Sarah Weld, Martha Shaw.
     10.  Samuel, (s. of Dea. Joseph 4.) lived in Titicut; m. Abiah, D. of Capt. Josiah Eaton, a. 1728, and had Abiah 1729, Mehitable 1732, Sarah 1734, Samuel 1736, Josiah 1738, Simeon 1740, and Silas.---Samuel, the father, m. Rebecca, D. of Josiah Washburn, 1752, and d. ae. 80.---Abiah m. Seth Harris 1751.---Mehitable m. Joshua Packard, 1755.---Silas d. ae. 21.
     11.  Capt. Seth (s. of Dea. Joseph 4.) lived in S. B., and m. Mehitabel, D. of Eleazar Carver, 1740, and had Oliver 1740, Seth 1741, Caleb 1744* and Joseph 1747; she d. 1757, and he m. Jael, wid. of Timothy Hayward, 1758, she was wid. Peterson when she m. Hayward; he d. 1784, ae. 75.
     12.  Dea. Nathan (s. of Capt. Ebenezer, 6.) m. Mary, D. of Daniel Hudson, 1750, and had Nathan 1751; she d. 1755, and he m. Lydia, D. of Benjamin Richards, 1757, and had Isaac 1758*; he d. 1807, ae. 80, she 1823, ae. 90.
     13.  Ezra (s. of Capt. Ebenezer, 6.) m. Rebecca, D. of Josiah Keith, of Easton, 1756, and had a son 1757*, Abby 1759*, Abigail 1761, Isaac 1763, Susanna 1766; he d., and his wid. m. John Bisbee 1771, and d. 1777, ae. 41.---Abigail m. George Vining 1778, and Susanna m. Jacob Allen 1784, and both went to Plainfield.
     14.  Isaac (s. of John 7.) m. Martha, D. of Solomon Packard 1755, had Nabby 1757, Isaac 1758; he. d., and the wid. m. Israel Bailey, 1760.---Nabby m. Joseph Whiting 1778.
     15.  Jonathan (s. of John 7.) m. Experience, D. of Cornelius Washburn, 1766, and had Mehitabel 1767, Isaac, John, Ezra, Daniel; she d. 1775, and he m. Hannah, wid. of Thomas White, 1777, her maiden name Green, and had Cyrus, Samuel Green, Jonathan and Polly; she, the mother, d. 1811, ae. 63; she m. White 1772; Jonathan, the father, d. 1825, ae. 93.---Mehitabel m. Henry Jackson 1786, and went to Minot.---Isaac m. Ruth, D. of Josiah Byram, 1794, and had Joanna, w. of Wm. Bird, m. 1818,  Nabby and Lewis; he d. 1832, ae. 60, and his wid. m. Alpheus Fobes.---John m. Deborah, D. of Benjamin Robinson, 1798, and had Benjamin, Mary, Alvina, Charles, and had Edward V., who d. young at the south, and William V., who lives in Boston.---Capt. Cyrus m. Nabby K., Daughter of Capt. Daniel Kinsley, 1808, and had Mary K. 1809, Hannah G. 1811, and Nabby Vinton 1813, and then went to Minot.---Samuel G. m. Rhoda, D. of Benjamim Richards, 1804, ae. 36, was killed by the bursting of a cannon at Eastport in the last war.---Daniel and Jonathan went to the westward.---Polly m. Abel Barrell 1810.
     16.  Eleazar (s. of Eleazar 9.) m. Sarah, D. of Nicholas Whitman, 1748, and had Martha, 1752, Mary 1754, Abigail 1756, Sarah 1759, Hannah 1762, Eleazar 1767; the father d. 1803, ae 80, the mother 1819, ae. 93.---Martha m. Silvanus Blossom 1774, and d. 1802.---Mary d. single.---Abigail m. Wm. Snell 1774.---Sarah d. 1778.---Hannah m. Levi Latham 1782.---Eleazar m. Deborah, sister of Eleazar Churchill 1794; she d. 1804, and he m. Abigail Pierce, of Mid’o., 1819, and had Lewis, Isaac, Rebecca.  Isaac m. Minerva Waterman 1821.
      17.  Lt. Joshua (s. of Eleazar 6.) m. Mary, Widow of Seth Alden, Jr., and D. of Eleazar Carver 1781; had no children; d. 1809, ae. 80, she 1811, ae.63; he gave legacies to the church, parish, and singing choir, in S.B.
     18.  Samuel (s. of Samuel 10.) m. a Williams, and lived in a corner of Abington included in the north parish of Bridgewater; had Daniel, Silas, Joseph, Samuel, Williams, Seth, Hosea, and Hannah w. of James Cary, m. 1798; d. 1816, ae. 81.---Daniel m. Sarah, D. of Jon’a.  Cary, 1786, and had Otis, Daniel, Alpheus, and Sally, who m. Jon’a. Burr of Worthington.  Otis m. an Adams, Daniel m. Eunice, D. of Perez Southworth, 1815; he and Alpheus went to Randolph.---Silas and Joseph went to Jay.---Samuel m. Sally, D. of Mark Ford, 1799, and had Sanford, Mehitabel, Hannah, and Sally, w. of Sidney Howard, m. 1815.---Williams m. a Lynfield, and had Mary, Lavinia, and Clarissa.---Dea. Seth m. Harmony, D. of Perez Southworth, 1802, and removed to Stoughton.---Hosea m. Milly, D. of Wm. Edson, 1817.---Wid. Sarah Alden m. Lazarus Beal, of Weymouth, 1809.
     19.  Josiah (s. of Samuel 10.) m. Bathsheba Jones, of Raynham, 1761, and had Elijah 1763, Hazael, Josiah.---Elijah m. Rebecca Fuller, of Kingston, 1783.---Josiah, and Elijah his son, went to Brimfield, now Wales.---Hazel m. Bethany Wilbor 1791.  It appears also on record that Bethany Alden m. Eliphalet White, of Raynham, 1791.
     20.  Simeon (s. of Samuel 10.) m. Mary, D. of Seth Packard, 1764, and had Simeon, Alpheus, Silas, Solomon, David, Jonathan, Isaac and Lot.
     21.  Oliver (s. of Capt. Seth 11.) m. Experience, D. of Capt. Solomon Leonard, 1765, and had Caleb 1766,  Peddy, (Experience.)  Oliver 1770*, Cromwell 1773*.  He d. ae. over 80.---Peddy m. Silvanus Pratt 1803.
     22.   Seth (s. of Capt. Seth 11.) m. Mary, D. of Eleazar Carver, 1767, and had Seth 1769, Mehitabel 1771; he had three other children, who d. 1775.  Seth, the father, d. 1775, and his wid. m. Lt. Joshua Alden 1781.---Seth m. Sally, D. of Wm. Snell, 1800, and removed to Maine, and had a s. William S., now living in S. B.
     23.  Capt. Joseph (s. of Capt. Seth 11.) m. Bethiah, D. of Eleazar Carver, and had Mehitabel 1775, Joseph 1777, Daniel 1780, Thomas 1782, Cyrus 1785, Eunice 1788, Seth, Bethiah, and Betsy; he d. 1803, ae. 55.---Mehitabel m. Thomas Mitchell 1797.---Capt. Joseph, Jr., m. Polly, D. of Amos Hayward, 1800.---Daniel  m. Joanna Tilson 1804, and went to Belcher-town.---Thomas m. Matilda, D. of Daniel Copeland, 1815.---Cyrus and Seth were gra. B. U.; the former an attorney in Boston, now in Bristol co., the latter a minister at Marlboro.---Eunice d. single.---Bethiah m. Alfred Arnold, of Greenwich, 1813.---Betsy  m. Joseph Hooper, Jr.
     24.  Nathan, Esq., (s. of Dea. Nathan 12.) m. Sarah, D. of William Barrell, 1776, and had Mary 1777, Lydia 1779, Marcus 1782, Isaac 1786, Sarah 1702, Lucius 1796.  The mother d. 1816, ae. 61, and he then m. wid. Joanna Soule, of M., 1819.---Mary  m. Capt. Wm. Vinton 1797, and d. 1799.---Lydia m. David Keith, Jr., 1801.---Marcus m. Salome, D. of Col. Aaron Hobart, of A., 1807, and had Aaron Hobart 1809, Susanna Hobart 1815, and went to N.Y.---Isaac, Esq., m. Clarissa, D. of Ephraim Whitman, of A., 1811, and had Wm. Barrell 1813,  and Henry 1817.---Sarah m. James P. Tolman, of St., 1818---Rev. Lucius was gra. B. U. 1821, and is settled in E. Abington.
     25.  Isaac (s. of Ezra 13.) m. Mary, D. of Thomas Russell, 1781, and had Ezra, Thomas, Russell, both baptized 1800.  James Sullivan 1804, one other*, and the mother d. 1814, ae. 47; he m. Betsy, wid. of Benjamin Palmer, and D. of Daniel Willis, 1814, and had several children, and d. 1827, ae. 64.---Ezra m. Susan Dyer 1813, and went to Abington.---Thomas R. m. Jane, D. of Matthew Allen, 1813, and afterwards Dorothy, D. of Stephen Hearsey, and d. 1835, ae. 45.---James S. went to Weymouth.
     26.  Solomon (s. of David, and grandson of John 5.) m. Sarah Hall 1755, and had Sarah 1756, Solomon 1757, Noah, Alexander, Amasa, and three other Ds.---Solomon m. Patty King 1786, and had 2 ss., Solomon (a bachelor) and Lewis.---Noah m. Elizabeth Miller, of M., 1793, and had 2 ss., Noah and Hiram, and went to Illinois.---Alexander m. Lucy Leonard 1792, and went to Me.---Amasa m. Sally Hathaway, of M., 1799, and had 2 Ds.---Of the 4 Ds., one m. Elijah Alden; one, Sarah m. Azel Shaw; one, Hannah, m. Seth Miller, Esq., 1796; and one m. Eliphalet White.---Noah Alden m. Vodicia Hayford 1804.---Elizabeth m. Soranus Shaw 1816.
     27.  Caleb (s. of Oliver 21.) m. Sally, D. of Benjamin Hayward, 1790, and had Oliver, Cromwell, Susan, Sally, Mehitabel, and Mary.---Oliver m. Melinda, D. of Edward Mitchell.---Cromwell m. Mary, D. of Joseph Hall.---Susan m. Samuel Sanger.---Sally m. Sidney Howard.---Mehitabel m. in Lancaster were she lives.
     Ebenezer Alden of M., m. Ruth Fobes 1763.---Anthony Alden joined the church in W.B. 1742.---Ruth m. Daniel Faunce, of P., 1777.---Rosanda, of M., m. Joseph Fobes, 2d, 1781.---Silence of M., m. Zephaniah Hathaway, of T., 1792.---Andrew, of M., m. Silence (or Selina) Fobes 1797.---Caleb, of M., m. Susanna Dunbar 1787.---Lucy of M. m. Eleazar Cary 1794.---Daniel m. Deborah Fullerton, of A., 1798.---Caleb 2d. m. Polly Alden 1814.---Daniel m. Olive Tucker 1819.---Sally m. Jonathan Burr, of Worthington, 1820.