John Christian and Georgia Letney Oakes

John Christian Oakes was born August 8, 1906, in Issaquena County, MS, near Harworth, MS, a sawmill town along the Yazoo River. The town no longer exist, a casualty of too frequent flooding, clear cutting and the depression. He was the son of Charles Franklin and Sophie Dose Oakes. His siblings included Frederick Franklin, Robert Grantham, Laura Annis and William Warren. Two sidblings, Milton Elliot and Ruth Dean died young. Four of the children are shown with their parents in the picture below. The family life centered around farming, fishing, hunting and trapping. Life was difficult, little opportunity to accumulate any wealth. Loans were necessary to survive. Most of the family eventually moved to Vicksburg and left their farm to be confiscated for failure to pay taxes. Fred left in 1922 at the age of 19 and found work with the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad and a workman in their repair shop on Levee Street in Vicksburg. John Christian left not too much later and found work as an air brake mechanic at the Y&MV, likely as a result of his brother, Fred's recommendation. John Christian "Chris" married Georgia Mae Letney, June 4, 1927 in Vicksburg. Chris eventually joined his brother, Fred, in the auto repair business. They worked together for many years. Chris later became an engineer on the Mississippi River towboats of Dolly King.

Chris and Georgia had five children, John Christian Jr., Harold Franklin, Laura Belle, Norman Jack and Marion Levern. For more details check: Fred Oakes Memoir

Georgia Mae Letny was born March 22, 1908. The location of her both and information about her mother, "Callie" remains a mystery. Her father, Jack Letney was married a number of times after Georgia was born. Below is a timeline that I have assembled that summarizes what I have determined. Hopefully others with try to fill in the missing details.

Andrew Jack Letney

Recent information from Al Letney: he suggest that Jack’s parents are: Ulysses Carlock "Lissy" Letney B. 1831 and Hester "Hess" Miller B. 1858. Lissy and Hess was married on 30 Aug 1881 in Jasper County, Texas. Although undocumented, family lore tells that this couple had two sons together. At some point in time Hess took the two boys and returned to her home in Louisiana (Probably to her parents home in Caddo Parish). Her parents might be Thomas G. and Rebecca Cooper Miller. They appear with Hester in the 1870 Census. Al suggests also that Jack was likely Andrew Jackson Letney, a popular name in the Letney family

Timeline for Jack Letney

1883, March 3, Born in Texas, 1930 Census, 1918 WWI Registration
1887 There is a Josie Weaver born 1887, however her niece, Josie, is born in 1904.
1889 A Callie M. Baker born in Texas ? Probably not Jack’s first wife.
1889 Harry Caldwell born.
1897 Essie Clark born in Saint Martin Parish, LA
1908-09 Jack Marries 1930 Census, probably Callie or Carrie
1908 Georgia Mae Letney born Jack and Callie Mae Baker in Clarksdale. According to Laura Oakes.
1912, May 12, Marries Essie Clark in Vicksburg, MS, Divorce document. Also marriage certificate.
1915 Sylvan Letney born to Essie and Jack.(Essie and Sylvan are pictured at right, ca 1918-19)
1918 Essie files for divorce, Jack is in Pt. Pleasant, LA
1918 Daisy Weaver marries Harry Caldwell in Lake Providence, LA
1920 Divorce granted to Essie.
1920 Harry Caldwell is inmate but living with Rose family and working as skidder operator.
1920 Melvin Caldwell born to Josie Weaver Caldwell,(Melvin & Josie about 1920 sitting on grass in picture.)
1920 Harry Caldwell dies.
1920 Essie Letney is living in Vicksburg with Sylvan (4 1/2) and Ann McCarty, boarder.
1923, April 13, Daisy marries Jack Letney in Warren County.
1930 Jack and Daisy are shown married in the 1930 Census, living with Sylvan Letney and Melvin Caldwell
1936 Jack and Josie living at 1121 Jefferson St. He is a boat operator. Melvin Caldwell is with them. Clarence Guy owns the house.
Sylvan Letney is at 40 Connecting Ave. John C. & Georgia Oakes at 40 Connecting Ave. also.
1937 Josie Letney living on South Street in Vicksburg, MS.
1938 Daisy and Jack divorced Sept 14, 1938
1939 Sylvan Letney marries Ida Lee Carroll.
1940 Daisy Weaver marries Robert Mervin Cunningham. Jack listed single in 1940 Census, lodger.
1944, about, Jack marries Gertrude Spencer, they are living on Farmer street and he is a blacksmith.
1945 Affidavit by Charles Bigby. He states that Josie Daisy Weaver is the same person as Daisy Cunningham and that she is the daughter of Stanton O. and Eunice Stegall Weaver. Robert M. Cunningham is in the service and overseas.
1946 Jack and Gertrude living at 3000 Pitman Alley. He is carpenter with U. S. Experimental Station.
1948 Jack and Gertrude living on Miller St., he is a painter.
1953 Jack fell from a ladder while painingat the Williams Tire and Garage on January 29, 1953. He died two days later on January 31, 1953 and was buried in the Cedar Hills Cemetery the next day, February 2, 1953. The family sued the owner George Miller because of a defective ladder. The local trial denied them damages, however the higher court overturned it and his children and wife were awarded a settlement. The case continues to be cited in litigation as defining a ladder as a tool. Miller vs Letney. Fred Oakes was a pallbearer.

Left to Right, Fredrick Franklin Oakes, Laura Annis Oakes, Charles Franklin Oakes, Sophie Dose Oakes, Robert Grantham Oakes and John Christian Oakes, Home in Harworth, MS ca 1913.



John Christian and Georgia Letney Oakes

Chris and Georgia Oakes
Fred and Chris Oakes
Georgia Mae Letney, age ca. 16
Georgia Mae Letney, age ca. 16
Georgie Mae Letney, age 16, ca. 1924. Other child could be half-brother, Sylvan Letney, he would be about 10.

Sylvan (Peewee) Letney, US Navy, WWII. Half-brother to Georgia Mae Letney.
Picture provided by Sonia Blackledge Lewis, granddaughter of Sylvan Letney.

Chris, J.C., Norman, Harold Oakes and Charlotte Peterson
J. C. Oakes approx. 2 yrs, Picture above on wall in photo at lef.t
Georgia Letney Oakes
with (L to R) J. C., Laura, and Harold.
Charlotte Peterson and her grandfather Chris Oakes
Georgia Letney Oakes (1908-55) , wife of Chris Oakes
Sylvan (Peewee) Letney
Jack Letney, Father of Georgia and Sylvan Letney
Chris Oakes and Sylvan (Peewee) Letney, Georgia’s brother. Probably Little Sunflower River
Jack Letney Jr. and unknown
Laura and Levern Oakes
Chris Oakes, Yazoo City MS
Norman Oakes, Redwood, 1948-49
Bill Wright, Norman and Helen Oakes, Maxine Wright,
August 1, 1955 For more see: Norman and Me
Norman and Helen Oakes, Bill and Maxine Wright, 1955
Norman and Harold Oakes, Donald Oakes behind.
Harold Franklin Oakes (1930–2017)
Harold and Doris Oakes
J.C. and Flora Oakes-1953
John Christian Oakes and dog
JC and Flora Oakes 2006
Mel and JC Oakes 2006
Norman and Helen Oakes
Laura Oakes Peterson, maybe a Valentine dance.
Mel, Pat, Norman and Helen Oakes, 1987, Austin, Texas.
25th Anniversary of WCHK, Bob and Lura Peterson, Byron Dobbs, Mike McDougal, Jim Axel. Canton, GA
Laura Oakes Peterson”s Friend Walter Andest (German POW in Russia, later in US Army)
Doris, Harold, Helen, Norman, JC, and Flora Oakes
John Christian Oakes, riverboat
Laura, Lavern and Norman Oakes
J.C. and Harold Oakes
Josie Letney with Harold, Laura and JC Oakes
Josie Weaver Caldwell an son Melvin Caldwell (1920-)
Josie Weaver (1904-) daughter of Jim (1849-?PA) and Helen A. Weaver (1859-).
Unknown (looks like Josie Weaver Caldwell) and looks like Essie Clark Letney in next picture. Seems to be river in the background. Essie Clark Letney’s father was a fisherman in St. Martin’s Parish in Louisiana.
Essie Clark Letney and son Sylvan Letney
Monroe H. Weaver (1913-), Sylvan Letney (1915-85), Melvin Caldwell (1920-), J. Richard Weaver (1912 or 18) and Jack Letney (1891-) adult at back. Monroe and Richard were brothers, Melvin was step-brother of Sylvan. Weaver children belonged to Viola Weaver in Fanin, TX, maybe sister-in-law.
Laura Oakes 1959
Josie Letney with Harold, Laura and JC Oakes
Harold Franklin Oakes (1930-2017)
Laura Oakes Peterson and Levern Oakes Jernigan
Norman and Helen Oakes
Laura Oakes Peterson
Christian Oakes 2nd from right. Boat he worked on.
John Christian Oakes in white shirt on Dolly King’s boat. Family friend Fred Harris in the background, second from left.
Norman Oakes
Lavern Oakes
Lavern Oakes & Douglas Jernigan with friends, Larry & Mabel Debolt on left.
Bk: Brandon & Julie, Hunter
Fr: Mackenzie Jernigan
Lavern’s son. Dec. 2010
Laura Oakes Perterson (back left) & Radio Group
Front Center: Bill Anderson, singer
Georgia Radio Hall of Fame Banquet
Jerry & Jenny Livingston Oakes, Norman & Helen Oakes’ son and daughter-in-law, engagement picture, 2001.
Sybil Letney McWilliams ,&Barbara Ann Letney Blackledge, Laura Oakes Peterson, & Levern Oakes Jernigan, 1985, Sylvan Letney’s funeral.
Monty Ray Jernigan (son of Levern, d. 1983), Charlotte Ann Peterson (daughter of Laura, d. 1984, Douglas Jernigan Jr. & Katie Jernigan, daughter of Monty Ray.

Floyd Oakes, Laura Peterson,Warren Oakes

Robert Lindsay McGee, Laura Oakes' first husband. Death Certificate. January 1964.
Bob Peterson and Laura Oakes McGee Marriage Application, Jan. 2, 1964.
Bob Peterson and Laura Oakes McGee Marriage Certificate
Bob Peterson and Laura Oakes McGee Marriage Certificate from Church. Sylvan Hills Baptist Church. Her sister, Lavern was a witness.
Laura Oakes Birth Certificate, October 15, 1931, Vicksburg, MS
Bob Peterson and Laura Oakes McGee Marriage Certificate
Robert Duane "Bob" Peterson Birth Certificate, St. Paul, MN, May 7, 1928
Bob Peterson Discharge from US Army Record. October 25, 1952, Camp McCoy, Wisconsi, rank Corporal (T).
Robet "Bob" Peterson Death Certificate, Dec. 24, 1985, Smyrna, GA.
Robert 'Bob" Peterson's Obituary in The Atlanta Journal, December 25, 1985

Bob Peterson, Part owner of Canton, Georgia, radio station WCHK, signed on 1957.

Laura Oakes Peterson & Mike McDougall at radio station.
Robert "Bob" Peterson, Spouse of Laura Belle Oakes. Born May 7, 1928 and died December 24, 1985
Laura Oakes Peterson's passport, 1994-2004
Laura Belle Oakes McGee Peterson, photo from Daniel Junior High School, Marietta, GA
Bob Peterson Driver's license.1989
Charlotte Ann Peterson, Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA
Tag says 1973, back says 1970.
Charlotte Ann Peterson Christy, Identifiation
Charlotte Ann Peterson, Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA
Tag says 1973, back says 1970.
The 1935 Vicksburg City Directory has 1121 Jefferson Street as home of Jack and Josie Letney. This house is next to the house in next picture which was thought to be at 1207 Jefferson St.

1207 Jefferson Street, John Christian and Georgia Oakes Home.
Harold, J.C. and Laura born here. Drs. came to the house.

1207 Jefferson Street 2011
(Taken by Donald Oakes)
Yazoo, owned by Melvin “Dolly” King, J. Emerson Blackburn, & Dr. A. J. Messina, Company was Magnolia Towing company. John Christian Oakes was engineer. Crew quarters had AC. Worked Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.
Jeffrey Jernigan, Levern’s Son, 1978, Age19
Levern Jernigan, Helen and Norman Oakes, Laura Peterson, Harold and Dora Oakes, J.C. and Flora Oakes
Levern, Norman, Laura, Harold, JC
John Christian Oakes’ children
Marion Levern Oakes Jernigan and grandaughters, Joyanne Jernigan and Lillian “Lilly” Jernigan
Heather Jernigan, Douglas Jr. and Kay Jernigan’s daughter
Birthday, August 1985
J. Richard Weaver(1912-1942), son of Viola Weaver, Viola was aunt by marriage of Josie Weaver. He had a brother Monroe H. sister Lozell H. and Tammie L. On back of picture it says, “To one of the best friends I ever had from.” signed Weaver. “Part of Sylvan’s family by marriage.” Inducted from Mississippi. Second Lieutenant in 31st Infantry. Missing in action 23 January 1942. Listed on the Fort William McKinley Monument, Tablets of Missing, Manila, The Phillipines, Purple Heart Medal and Bronze Star Medal

Charlotte Peterson, daughter of Robert D. and Laura Oakes Peterson engagement to Allan Ernest Christy. son of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Elden
Wednesday, May 31, 1972, The Marietta Daily Journal


Jack & Grace Rowell, 2011 Easter


Ida Carroll Letney Obituary, Wife of Sylvan Letney.

Marion Levern Oakes Jernigan

Jan 03, 2013

ROME, Ga. Funeral services for Mrs. Marion Levern Oakes Jernigan, 77, of Rome, Ga., who entered into rest Dec. 31, 2012, will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. at Posey Funeral Chapel of North Augusta, S.C., with Chaplain Dexter Lambert officiating. Interment will be at Pineview Memorial Park.

Mrs. Jernigan was a native of Vicksburg and a former resident of North Augusta, having made Rome her recent home. She was a Baptist and an avid square dancer, having been a member of several Augusta-area clubs, and was a member of the South Carolina-Georgia Square Dance Federation.

Mrs. Jernigan was preceded in death by her son, Sgt. Monty Ray Jernigan, USAF; her parents, John Christian and Georgia Mae Letney Oakes; and a niece, Charlotte Ann Peterson.

Survivors include two sons and a daughter-in-law, Doug and Kay Jernigan of Ellenboro, N.C., and Jeffery Jernigan and his companion, Kim, of Trenton, S.C.; six grandchildren, Heather Jernigan, Brandon Jernigan, Katie Gallion, Monty Ray Jernigan II, Joyanne Jernigan and Lillian Lilly Jernigan; six great-grandchildren; three brothers, John Christian Oakes Jr. and Norman Jack Oakes, both of Alabama, and Harold Franklin Oakes of Salisbury, N.C.; and a sister, Laura O. Peterson of Cave Springs, Ga.

The family will receive friends at the funeral home one hour prior to the service.

John Christian Oakes Grandparents, Parents and Siblings

Charles Franklin Oakes and likely his mother, Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry Oakes
(She is too short for his wife).
Charles Franklin Oakes, father of John Christian Oakes
Charles Franklin Oakes (1881-1956)
Sophie Dose Oakes
(1882-1940), mother of John Christian Oakes
Charles Franklin Oakes. Fred Oakes home.
Mary Sophie Dose, Obituary Picture, 1940
Charles Franklin Oakes
Sophie Dose Oakes, wife of Charles Franklin Oakes
Chris, Laura, & Fred Oakes
Chris, Laura, & Fred Oakes
Smudge may be site of Harworth, MS, Yazoo R. (E-W), Big Sunflower ( NE)
Harworth, Miss. postcard from Acie Bliss to his mother and father, Walter & Lulu Bliss
Dose Family ( Version from Jesse Rodgers, grandson of Jacob Christian)
Back Row: Mary Sophie, Jacob Christian, Carrie Mae
Front Row: David Christian, Josephine Bellinger, Walter Samuel
Note that in the census below Chris Dose has a sister, Margretha Sophie Dose, who died between the 1855 and 1864 Census. She was under 10 years old. Chris names his first daughter Sophie. ca 1900
Robert Grantham Oakes
Oakes Home, Harworth, MS-Fred, Laura, Grandpa, Grandma, Grantham, Chris
Winding Tower Postcard , Vicksburg
Franklin and Elizabeth Seay Oakes(1883-1950), (second wife, from Stewart, MS).
Charles Franklin & Elizabeth Seay Oakes

Betty Charlotte Kilgore (daughter of Clyde & Laverne Armstrong Kilgore), Charles Franklin Oakes, & Eleanor Dean Oakes.

Laverne Armstrong and Clyde D. Kilgore, Laverne was daughter of James & Lola Oakes Armstrong. They were over for Charlie Oakes and Elizabeth Seay’s wedding celebration. Laver

Charles Franklin Oakes & Charlotte Ann Peterson, daughter of Bob & Laura Oakes Peterson.
Platte Fishery, Oakes and Hartley family members worked here.
Charles Franklin Oakes was a supervisor.
Charles Franklin Oakes and likely his mother, Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry Oakes
(She is too short for his wife).

Dose Family ( Version from Jesse Rodgers, grandson of Jacob Christian)
Back Row: Mary Sophie, Jacob Christian, Carrie Mae
Frt Row: David Christian, Josephine Bellinger, Walter Samuel

Josephine Bellinger Dose 1858-1906
Mary Ann Bellinger Haver (1843-), Josephine and Addie’s sister.
She married Michael Haver (1830-1892), April 8, 1859
Addie Bellinger Leist (1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Michael Haver & Mary Ann Bellinger, Marriage Certificate, April 8, 1859.
Samuel Leist Sr.
Addie Bellinger Leist (1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Sam Leist Sr (1831-1920)
Samuel Leist Sr.
Addie Bellinger’s husband
Michael Haver, Husband of Mary Ann Bellinger Haver

Jessye Collum (believed to be at left) and maybe sister Belle or Sarsah.
Jessye taught Fred and John Christian Oakes at the Leist Landing School around 1913-15. She married William Carrol Leist, grandson of Samuel Leist.

Carrie Mae Dose
Carrie Mae Dose Hopkins, “Auntie” 1886-1965
Francis John Hopkins(1839-1932), father of John Henry “Bud” Hopkins. Born Staffordshire, England. Immigrated in 1862. Nat. in 1864. Served in the Union Navy and married Frances (“Fannie”) Della Perry in Lowndes Co, Miss. He was a farmer.(Contributed byThomas M. Wilson, Grandson.)
Jacob Silas, Edna Pearl and Josephine Hopkins, children of John "Bud" Hopkins and Carrie Mae Dose Hopkins. Carrie was aunt of John Christian Oakes.
ca. 1910
David George Gessler, 1922, Graduated St. Aloysius High Schoo
Edna Pearl and Dave Geesler
1987 Edna Pearl Hopkins Gessler(1910-?) and Mel Oakes
Jacob and Mosey Dose
John T. Plake on Yazoo River, likely the Jacob and Moyzelle Dose house in distance. ca. 1923.
This is probably the house of Jacob and Moyzelle Dose on the Yazoo River.
ca. 1923

Frances Moyzelle Tindale Dose
wife of Jacob Dose

Oakes Home, Harworth, MS-Fred, Laura, Grandpa, Grandma, Grantham, Chris
Andrew Millage and Jackson Wordney Hyman, Stepbrothers of C.F. Oakes, half brothers to Warren & Guearney Hyman. There is a Hyman family page available in the Guide to the Site.
Ella, Freddie (adopted son) and Warren Hyman
Ella Hyman, Wife of Warren Hyman ( 1/2 Brother to Charles Franklin Oakes)
Joseph Freddie Hyman (b. 1927)
Adopted son of Warren and Ella Hyman
LtoR: Kids: Joseph Freddie Hyman (Warren Hyman’s adopted son), Leslie Hyman, Harold Dean Hyman, Geneva Jones, Kenneth Matthews; Back Row: Warren S. and Ella Hyman, Andy (Jr) Hyman, Andrew J. Hyman, Andrew M. Hyman, Mattie Kyser Hyman, Hazel Hyman, Charles and Edith Hyman, Matthews, Zilla Mae Hyman, Eva Hyman Jones

“from Aca Bliss, hello mama, how are you. mama peoples up here is getting along fine up here, good by moma. hello papa, how are you and Mr. Irwin. Popa i am getting little fat now. thease peoples up here lives fine. good by pop.”

Fred and Chris Oakes
Lola Oakes Armstrong, Lura Oakes Howard, Fred Oakes, First Cousins
Fr. Mozelle and Pearl Owen. 2: Lura Oakes Howard, Lola Oakes Armstrong , Fred Oakes, 3: Josh and Joel Owen, Joe Howard, Clifford Owen
Lura Oakes Howard and Fred Oakes, 1st Cousins, July 1966

Front: Sam, Chester, Mary Howard, Bk: Claudie, Robert E., likely Archie Clifford and Wife Annie Lou King Howard, Joe Henry Howard and sister Callie (pict from Gayle Stratton, Callie’s granddaughter.) Joe was husband of Lura Oakes Howard. Lura was first cousin of John Christian Oakes.

Joe Henry & Lura Oakes Howard(1915) A few months after wedding. Dress was medium blue trimmed in ecru lace.
Joe and Lura Oakes Howard
Joe and Lura Oakes Howard
Lura Oakes Howard,1983
Age 86
Jo Ann Howard. Daughter of Joe & Lura Oakes Howard
Jo Ann Howard Mikel

Siblings of John Christian Oakes

Fred & Margie Oakes,
Margie & Fred Oakes, maybe Petrified Forest, Flora, MS, earliest known picture of two.
Margie Hartley, age 21, All Saints School, Vicksburg, c. 1927
Margie Louise Hartley Oakes , about 1930, probably at the Lake House, Oakes Auto Parts.
Fred & Margie Oakes (1940s)
Margie Louise Hartley (1936)
Frederick Franklin Oakes(1946)
Fred, Grantham & Marie, Laura and Warren Oakes
Fred Oakes
LtoR: Photo has id as Gearney Hyman & Freddie Oakes. Freddie's id is highly likely, however Gearney was 7-8 years older. That age difference is hard to accept for the two boys, however Gearney lived with Fred and his family at the time of this photo, ca 1905-06
John T. Plake and Robert Oakes
Frances Evans, Silas Dose, Laura Oakes Peterson, Warren Oakes
Warren, Laura Annis Oakes Hull , & Grantham Oakes
Fred, Grantham &Marie, Laura A. and Warren Oakes
Vicksburg 1910, Sternwheeler Packet Boat, “CR Hull” in picture.
Open & Pan
Columbus Redman Hull owner with Capt. Sam Haney & Sherman C. Hull Sr. of “CR Hull” Packet Boat. Vicksburg-Greenwood was its service line, as well as Yazoo River.
Joy & Laura Hull
Laura Annis Oakes Hull, Langston Park, Texas
Laura Annis Oakes Walls-1975
Betty June Hull Davis

Burgell Hull, son of Cody and Laura Oakes Hull


Sherman Hull, Jr., son of Cody and Laura Oakes Hull


Edna Mae Hull Smith(1924-91)
Joy Hull
Laura Annis Oakes Hull
Norman & Helen Oakes
Warren, Laura Annis Oakes Hull , & Grantham Oakes
Fred, Grantham &Marie, Laura A. and Warren Oakes
Mildred &Warren Oakes' Wedding, May 15, 1946
Robert Grantham Oakes, his brother was best man, bridesmaid is unknown.
Mildred Elizabeth Eadie Oakes May 15, 1946
Mildred and Warren Oakes' Wedding, May 15, 1946
Mildred, Francis,Warren and Bill Oakes
Mildred, Francis,Warren and Bill Oakes
Warren Oakes
WWII New Guinea
William Warren Oakes
Young Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes (1912-83)
Grantham and Marie Oakes
Marie Arwood Oakes
A photo from Marie Arwood’s album, children'sage distribution
doesn't match her immediate family.


Marie Arwood Oakes
Marie Arwood Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes Graduation
Southern Missionary College
Marie Arwood Oakes
Grantham, Robert & Carolyn Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Robert Grantham Oakes
Grantham & Marie Oakes
Carolyn Oakes, daughter of Grantham & Marie Oakes
Bobby Oakes, son of Grantham & Marie Oakes
Bobby & Carolyn Oakes
Robin & Robert Oakes
Carolyn Oakes
Robert & Carolyn Oakes
Carolyn, Grantham (Boots), Marie Oakes and Laura Annis Hull
Oakes Auto Parts, 1930 Chris Oakes, Arnold Graham, Marvin Hartley, William Reed, James Hartley, James Deason, Fred Oakes
Charles, Warren, Fred,, Grantham and Charles F. Oakes
Charles,Warren, Fred, Grantham and Charles F. Oakes
Winding Tower which is background in adjacent picture.
Charles Franklin, Marie, Grantham, amd Carolyn-Oakes
Frances Evans, Silas Dose, Laura Oakes Peterson, Warren Oakes
Silas & Pat Dose, Son of Jake and Moyzelle Dose
Laura Oakes Hull and son Sherman