John Bishop and Christina Darling Winter

John Bishop Winter (1834-1905) was born in Perth, Scotland in 1834 to James Scott and Ann Crane Winter. He was a hatter by trade. He married Christina Darling (1846-1903) on May 9, 1865. She was the daughter of George (1817-56) and Agnes Gilchrist (1819-65) Darling. George was a haberdasher and when John married Christina, he married into the business, hence he had a reason to stay in Perth while three of his male siblings emmigrated to the US. They had three children: daughters Agnes (1868-1959) and Christinia (1877-1963) neither of which married. Their son, James Winter (1870-1938) married Margaret Kidd (1888-1942); and they had two daughters, Mollie Winter (1905-41), who married David Murie (1904-85) and Margaret "Mardie" Winter. Mardie never married.

Some details on John and Christina's four children:

Agnes Winter, b. Perth (5/18/1868-2/l6/1959}, d. Newport on Tay, Scotland, unmarried She was a teacher and served as principal of St. Johnstown private school..

James Wlnter, b. Perth. (6/7/1870-1938). Married Margaret Kidd (1868-1942) on Aug. 28, 1902 in Dundee, Scotland. James and Margaret had
two daughters—Mollie Winter. b. Aug. 26. 1905. Mollie married. David Murie on April 16, 1938. Mollie died on June 9. 1941 in Perth leaving no children. Her sister, Margaret "Mardie", was born and died in Perth, (July 22. 1909-Nov. 12, 1989). She was the last of the family. While unmarried.Mardie felt that the son from her brother-in-law's marriage, after the death of Mollie, was her nephew and she loved dearly David and his wife Hazel. Many in the US knew Mardie, as she made several trip there and rode the bus to visit many of her relatives. She was a wonderful host in her home, Rosemont, in Perth, to many relatives who stopped to visit.

Margaret Darling was born on June 27, 1872 in Perth and died Aug 27, 1926 in St Johnstown, Perth.

Christina was born in Perth on May 15, 1877 and died at Newport-on-Tay, Scotland on 9/15/1963. She never married.




John Bishop and Christina Darling Winter Gallery

Scotland's Highlands
Believed to be John Bishop and Christina Darling Winter, c. 1865, year of their marriage. They lived only a short walk from the photographer, H. Thomson, Perth, 30th George St. (operated between 1860-65, information courtesy of Sara Kelly, Librarian, Perth)
Photo by George F. Roger, Artist, 57 & 59 Nethergate, Dundee, and Cottage Place, Broughty Ferry. Likely John Bishop Winter (1834-1905) and a daughter. Roger a photographer in 1871, 81 Censuses. In 1861 is photographer artist, Hawkhill, Dundee
James Scott Winter 1797-1871, Father of John Bishop Winter
Charles Winter(1836-1903). c. 1875. Brother of John Bishop Winter. Came from Scotland in 1857 to Mansfield, MA. Later joined by brothers, William & Patrick Murray.
William Clark Winter(1838-1920), b. Coupar, Angus, Scotland. Came to U. S. about 1867. Brother of John Bishop Winter
(Picture, c. 1915, Courtesy Winifred Hebb)
Patrick Murray Winter 1840-1901
Brother of John Bishop Winter
Highly likely this is Agnes (1868) and James (1870) Winter, children of John Bishop & Christina Winter."H. Thomson, Photographer, 21 Marshall Place, Perth". He was at this address 1866-81. c. 1872-73
Agnes Gilchrist Darling”s (1819-65) Signature, 1857
She was mother of Christina Darling, wife of John Bishop Winter(1834-1905)
Age about 2
Agnes Winter (1868-1959), c1890, unlabelled. (This photo by J. Henderson, Perth.)

Agnes Winter (1868-1959), Mardie Winter had a number of photographs of this lady. Photo by Henderson, Perth..

Agnes Winter (1868-1959), On reverse Patronized by the Queen Henderson Perth, George Mason & Co, Mason was in Glasgow and a respected leader in photography. 1900 and earlier.
Margaret Darling Winter, c 1900, Daughter of John Bishop Winter, (Photo: John Spark, 49 York Place, Perth) (found pict of his in 1899 & 1902.

Agnes Winter. (1868-1959) On reverse Patronized by the Queen Henderson Perth, George Mason & Co, Dress dates 1880-90,

Agnes Winter (1868-1959) c. 1905
Agnes Winter (1868-1959) - Molly Forgan Studio, Perth
Agnes Winter (1868-1959)- Molly Forgan Studio, Perth
Christina(left)-and-Agnes Winter Perth, 1951, during a visit by Bud & Peg Brown from U.S.(from Peg Brown’s album)
Christina (left) and AgnesWinter, Sisters' of James Winter (Restored by Mel Oakes). Picture taken in Perth by Bud & Peg Brown on their return from a missionary assignment in the Philippines, 1950
Christina Winter (1877-1963)
Agnes Winter, (1868-1959), Picture taken in 1950

James Winter Family

Sisters Mardie 1909-89) & Mollie Winter (1905-41), Perth, Scotland, Children
of James & Margaret Winter, also grandchildren of John Winter(1834-1905)
LtoR: Photo has id as Gearney Hyman & Freddie Oakes. Freddie's id is highly likely, however Gearney was 7-8 years older. That age difference is hard to accept for the two boys, however Gearney lived with Fred and his family at the time of this photo, ca 1905-06
James, Margaret Kidd & daughter Mardie Winter
Mardie Winter (right) at a wedding 09 Mar 1946
Mardie Winter, (picture from Loel and Marie Raymond)
Mollie & Mardie Winter--about 1915. Mollie could not pronounce “Margaret,” so came up with the nickname “Mardie.”
”Big Mardie” Winter & “Wee Mardie” Oakes, Perth, Scotland, 1984
“Wee Mardie” Oakes and “Big Mardie” Winter, Rosemount Place, Perth, Scotland, 1984
Mardie Winter's-Home, Rosemont Place, Perth, Scotland. She was born there in 1908 and lived all her life there. 1984
L to R: Marie E.(1862), Margaret B.(1868) and Jessie M(1864) Kidd. Sisters. Daughters of George M and Marie Kidd. Margaret is Mardie Winter’s mother.
Unlabelled miniature c. 1890, by Robertson of Dundee.
Back: L to R, Jessie M.(1864), Marie E. Kidd(1862), Frt: Unknown, Margaret B. Kidd.(1868) Three sisters
Labelled M.B.K. Jan. 1900. Picture by Fraser of 55 Nethergate, Dundee. Back L to R: Marie E. Kidd, Margaret B. Kidd. Frt: Unknown, Jessie M. Kidd
L to R: Marie E.(1862), Jessie M(1864) & Margaret B.(1868) Kidd. Sisters.
L to R: Marie E., Margaret B, Maria(mother) and Jessie M. Kidd, child unknown

Bck:Margaret B., Alexander R.(1867), Marie E. Kidd

2nd Row:?, Maria Eason Kidd, ?

Back: Margaret B. Kidd
Frt: Jessie M. and Maria Kidd (Mother)
Margaret Darling (1872-1926), Daughter of John Bishop Winter,(Photo by A. L. Henderson, Perth. He practiced c. 1900)
Margaret Darling Winter, c 1900, Daughter of John B. Winter, (Photo: John Spark,49 York Place, Perth) (found pict of his in 1899 & 1902.

Christina Winter, June1960, since Agnes died 1959. Christina died 1963.

1910 Unlabelled, printed as small postcard. Rosemont place. Likely Maggie Winter and daughter Mollie (b. 1905). She is 2 o 3 so picture in 07 or 08.
George Maxwell Kidd, Inscribed "Jessie M. Kidd (aunt of Mardie Winter), May 24th, 1898". photo was taken by Fraser of Dundee & Carnoustie.
Picture of George Maxwell Kidd (b. 1826-1908) and Maria Easson (b.1830-1921), maternal grandparents of Mardie Winter. Photo: by Fraser, Dundee & Carnoustie, possibly around 1890.
Maria Easson Kidd (b.1830-1921) , maternal grandmother of Mardie Winter. Picture is labelled "Christmas 1896". Photo by Fraser, 55 Nethergate, Dundee.
Mollie Winter on left, maybe 20 which puts picture 1925, Mardie would be 16, too old for young girl. Mollie married at 33. Older woman looks like woman in three pictures unidentified.. Not Maggie.

Maria Kidd in front.
?, Maria Easson Kidd, she died at age 90.
James & Margaret Kidd, with daughter Margaret (Mardie) Winter
Mardie's parents 1929, James(1866) and Margaret Kidd(1868) Winter
Unlabelled. Probably a picture of Mollie & Mardie Winter with their father James pictured on a ship.
August 1909 picture of Molly and Mardie Winter, when Mardie was less than a month old. Could this be with Mardie's paternal grandmother Christina Darling? Or could the lady be the "Lizzie"
1920a Mardie with her mother, Miniature photo labelled simply 50 on reverse

Maybe James Winter. Unlabelled, printed as postcard.

James Winter(1866-1938)

1936 or 37, Jim & Maggie Winter and Raymond George at Rosemount Place. Raymond, recent Annapolis graduate, probably on first cruise to England. 2nd Cousin of Mardie Winter.

Left, Raymond George, (1st cousin once removed of James Winter.) Mollie Winter, ?, Maggie Winter. 1936-37
George M. Kidd(b.1897). Son of George E. Kidd and Grandson of George M. Kidd. Cousin of Mardie Winter. May 18, 1916..

1921, George M. Kidd(b.1897). Son of George E. Kidd and Grandson of George M. Kidd. Cousin of Mardie Winter.

Alexander Robert Kidd(1867-1937), brother of Maggie Kidd, Mardie Winter’s uncle..

Alexander Robert Kidd (1867-1937), Red Cross, WWI, he would be about 50 - Herbert Morle, The Raeburn Studio, Perth. There is another Alexander Kidd in Perth at this time.
Undated, unlabelled, possibly 1940s. Mardie Winter in Nanny Uniform.
Back of Glasgow picture

Mardie Winter, c. 1935. Only labelled Velox on rear of photo

L to R: Mardie Winter, ?, ?
Maggie and James Winter, maybe Mollie at stern.
Unknown two girls in back.
Middle Row: James, Mardie & Maggie(partly seen) Winter
Front: Agnes Winter,?, Christina Winter. c. 1930
Mardie Winter back left, maybe father Jim next to her.
Mardie with Beth Winter Gommi at Tarrytown, 24 Jul 1966
Joe Mardie Winter rowing two small boys, 1937. Labelled Velox 27 50& Lura Oakes Howard
May, Mardie, Chris & Isabella at Wrentham 26 Apr 1966
Mardie Winter at Land's End 18 Jun 1954. Labelled Colour of stones in Coronation Crown
Jo Ann Howard. DaughtInverclyde 1935. Mardie Winter sixth from left of seated row, with Molly Winter sitting on the grass directly in front. Velox, labelled 2 of Joe & Lura Oakes Howard
1906 Maria Darling Winter at 7-and-a-half months, I think pictured with her grandmother Mrs Maria Kidd (nee Easson), b. 1830. But why is the picture by Donald Fraser of Cardiff? This is a bit of a mystery
Rev. James Murray, Kilmacolm Parish, Scotland, c1920,, photo by Lafayette Ltd
Pencilled on rear of photo: "Dr JM. 87/ Mr. Weir 84/ Dr? Allan 76/ Mr King 75/ 122 combined ages." Date 2/41, . On rear of cardboard mount: "Mr. Allen, Prestwick / Mr. Weir, Helensburgh/ d. 25.11.39. Dr Murray/ d. 8.3.41. Mr. King, Dundee".

Unknown Family Photos from Mardie Winter's Files

1895 Unlabelled - photo by Warneuke, Glasgow

ca 1925 perhaps, Entirely unlabelled

10.7.35, Dunkeld. Also labelled 733.
c1910 Unlabelled, Printed as a postcard by Williamson & Co of Norwich
Labelled "J.W. G-5. 7.08".
Unidentified, c1890. Photo by Th. Larsen, Tonsberg, Norway. The existence of a photograph from Norway is a mystery, but there is also a small pack of B&W postcards from Norway from around the same period
Unidentified relatives of Mardie Winter
Church Dedication, Perth
Rev. James Murray, Kilmacolm, Scotland
Probably same guy as next fellow. Local India or Africa?
Labelled “The usual way with me, Comfort.”
Maybe a Winter. Too young for Jim Winter, Labelled “Novice”
Woman in Frame

Agnes Winter's Watercolors

Agnes Winter Watercolor St. Abbs Head, Scotland
(picture courtesy of Martha Koziol)

St. Abbs Head, Southeast Coast of Scotland

Agnes may have painted from bottom of this road

Very similar formation to that in Agnes’ watercolor
Location of St. Abbs. near Eyemouth
Whiteby Low Tide
Unlimited Thistles
Rossshire Loch
Donnaheiche, August 1915
Clay, Norfolk