Jacob Christian Dose & Frances Moyzelle (Mosie) Tindol

Jacob Christian Dose was born 25 Apr 1882, in Issaquena County, MS, near Harworth, MS, a sawmill town along the Yazoo River. The town no longer exists, a casualty of too frequent flooding, clear cutting and the Depression. He was the son of David Christian and Josephine Bellinger Dose. His siblings included twin, Sophie, sister Carrie and brother Walter Samuel. His father had come from Germany in 1873, jumping ship in New York Harbor. The family life centered around farming, fishing, hunting and trapping. Life was difficult, little opportunity to accumulate any wealth. Loans were necessary survive. Most of the family eventually moved to Vicksburg and left their farm to be confiscated for failure to pay taxes.

Jacob married Moyzelle Tindol on February 13, 1912. It was a second marriage for Moyzelle. She was previously married to William Harrison Plake. Jacob and Moyzelle had six children: Frances Vivian, Walter Samuel, Daisy Carolyn, Mary Ella Josephine, Jacob Christian Jr. and Silas James.

For more details check about life on the river, read: Fred Oakes Memoir


Dose Family (Version from Jesse Rodgers, grandson of Jacob Christian.)
Back: Mary Sophie Dose, Jacob Christian Dose, Carrie Mae Dose.
Front: David Christian, Josephine Bellinger, & Walter Samuel Dose.
A son, Willliam, died at age four in 1898. This picture is from about that time.





Home of Jacob's sister, Sophie. She is woman with tie.

Left to Right, Fredrick Franklin Oakes, Laura Annis Oakes, Charles Franklin Oakes, Sophie Dose Oakes, Robert Grantham Oakes and John Christian Oakes, Home in Harworth, MS ca 1913.

Mosie Dose's Home

Wilford Harrison Plake and Frances Moyzelle Tindol’s marriage certificate, May 1907. Wilford was from Indiana, however, shortly after son, John, was born he disappeared. It was rumored that he was a gambler. This would have been around 1908 or 1909.

Draft Registration Records record a Wilfred Harrison Plake in Knox County, Indiana in 1917. He was born April 30, 1880. Iron worker, Cumland Construction Co, Camp Perry Proving Grounds Ohio. Nearest relative Beulah Dotson, sister, Viscennes, Ind. Description: tall, large build, blue eyes, and light hair.

In 1900, he was living in Washington, Morgan, Indiana. 1910 in Lincoln, Chandler Ward 1, District 0089, OK. He was a salesman, single, born Indiana. in 1883-84. In 1910, there was also a Harrison W. Plake in Marion, Indianapolis Ward 10, district 0189, Indiana. He was single, a boarder working as laborer in Bag Factory. He was 26 (1884), born Indiana. His father was born in Kentucky, his mother in Indiana.

In 1942, there was a W. Harrison Plake living in Indianapolis at 568 Highland Av. N. between Michigan and North Streets.

After Wilford, husband, left, Moyzelle move back home and took a job as a cook at a Chris Dose’s plantation in Harworth. She worked there for several years then married Chris' son, Jacob Christian Dose.





Jacob Christian Dose & Frances Moyzelle (Mosie) Tindol Gallery

Tindol Brothers (Version from Jesse Rodgers, Great-grandson of Silas James Tindol, and grandson of Jacob Christian & Moyzelle Tindol Dose.)
Top Left: Wilburn Allen Tindol, Top Right, John W. Tindol
Bottom Left: Silas James Tindol, Bottom Right: Samuel W. Tindol
Tindol Brothers, color.
Silas Tindol (1852-1938) and wife, Jane Caroline Miller (1859-1938),
Parents of Frances Moyzelle Tindol
Mrs. S. J. “Jane” Tindol and daughter Mary Ella Tindol Armstrong (1882-)
ca. 1916
Silas Tindol (1852-1938) and wife Jane Caroline Miller (1859-1938),
Parents of Frances Moyzelle Tindol
Josephine Bellinger Dose (1858-1906)
Mother of Jacob Christian Dose
Moyzelle and Jacob Dose
Moyzelle and Jacob Dose
Mary Ann Bellinger Haver (1843-), Josephine & Addie’s sister. She married Michael Haver (1830-1892), April 8, 1859
Walter Samuel Haver (1880-1942)
Son of Michael & Mary Ann Bellinger Haver
Suggested that this might be Michael Haver, husband of Mary Ann Bellinger Haver
Samual Leist Sr.
Addie Bellinger’s husband
Addie Bellinger Leist (1848-1908), Josephine’s sister
Michael Haver and Mary Ann Bellinger, Marriage Certificate, April 8, 1859.
Sam Leist Sr. (1831-1920)
Carrie Mae Dose
Sister of Jacob Cristian Dose
Carrie Mae Dose Hopkins, “Auntie” (1886-1965)
sister of Jacob Christian Dose
Sophie Dose Oakes
Sister of Jacob Christian Dose
Charles Franklin Oakes, (1881-1956)
Husband of Sophie Dose
Mechanicsburg, MS School: John T. Plake, 3rd row right end. Others: Marybell Screws (1898-), Mae Martin (1898-), Arneita (or Amelia) Williams, Huldah Mae Erwin, Vera Mansfield (1910-), Herman Walker (1900-), Herrin Martin (maybe William H. Martin (1899)), Leslie Smith, Additional Caption for Mechanicsburg School: Mary Alice Walker (1905-), (Hildebrand, Guar or Logan) Others: maybe Ethel Screws, Willie Mansfield (f), Vera Walker (1902-), Hilton Mansfield (1896-), Lurane A. Williams (1896-), Eva Martin (1902-), Lena Martin (1904-), Mallie Martin, Teachers in 1910: Alice Robert (1888-) boarding with W. V. Martin family, Florence White (1890), Luna Roberts (f) (1891)
John T. Plake on Yazoo River, likely the Jacob and Mozelle Dose house in distance, ca. 1921-22.
This is probably the house of Jacob and Moyzelle Dose on the Yazoo River.
ca. 1921-22.
Vicksburg 1910, sternwheeler packet boat, “CR Hull” in picture.
Open & Pan
Jake Dose Jr.
Jake Dose Jr.
Frances Moyzelle Tindol Plake Dose
Aunt Mosie, 101th Birthday
Mosie Dose 100th Birthday
John Plake, Mary Dose Rodgers, Walter Samuel Dose, Silas James Dose, Vivian Dose Evans, seated is Mosie Dose
Mary Ella Josephine Dose Rogers, age 24, ca. 1948
Mary Ellen Josephine Dose Rodgers
Robert Lee “Dick” Rodgers
Robert Lee “Dick” Rodgers (1909-68)
Husband of Mary Dose Rodgers
Front:, Grace Rodgers, Wanda Adams and Mozelle Rodgers.
Back: Jesse Rodgers
Mary Dose Rodgers

Jesse Rodgers, son of Mary Ellen Dose Rodgers

Walter Samuel Dose and wife, Eleanor Lee McNeal Dose

Bill Wyatt and daughter, Rhonda Sosebee. Bill is husband of Georgia Evans
Platte Fishery, Oakes and Hartley family members worked here.
Charles Franklin Oakes was a supervisor.
Georgia Evans Wyatt
Warren Oakes and John Plake (son of Mosie Dose’s first marriage)

Fred, Grantham and Marie, Laura A. and Warren Oakes. Nephews and niece (Laura) of Jacob Christian Dose

Charles Franklin Oakes and (likely) his mother, Hulda Louisa Jane Lineberry Oakes (too short for his wife). Charles was wife of Sophie Dose. Sophie was twin sister of Jacob Christian Dose.
John Thomas and Perrie Mozelle Walker Plake
John Thomas and Perrie Mozelle Walker Plake
Dorothy Elizabeth Plake Case, daughter of John Thomas and Perrie Mozelle Walker Plake
Dorothy Elizabeth Plake Case
John Thomas and Perrie Plake, Aunt Mosie’s son by first marriage.
Jake Dose Jr. and Felix Jones
Frances Moyzelle (Mosey) Tindol Plake Dose (1885-1987)
Frances Moyzelle (Mosey) Tindol Plake Dose (1885-1987 and Kristy Renae, c. 1975.

L to R: Virginia and John Evans, Judy Councel
Georgia Evans Wyatt, Frances Evans Mohr, Vivian and George Evans, Kaye Evans Arwood. (Vivian Evans' home, Vicksburg. five of six children.)

L to R: Standing: Ron and Fran Mohr, Georgia and Bill Wyatt, Judy and Brian Counsel, George and Vivian Evans,Virginia and John Evans, Kaye Arwood. Front, Rhonda Wyatt and Teresa Counsel. Taken in front yard of Evans
residence in Vicksburg. George Evans died in 2000.

Ron and Frances Evans Mohr
Kaye Evans Arwood
Cynthia Arwood Harkness, daughter of Kaye Evans Arwood.
Kristy Renae Arwood Carnes, daughter of Kaye Evans Arwood
Kristy Renae Arwood

Sisters: Lisa Evans (1953-78), Judy Evans Counsel, Frances Evans Mohr (1937-2001), Kaye Evans Arwood. McDonald, TN., c. 1975.

Robert G. Oakes (Grantham’s son) and John Plake (Aunt Mosey’s son from first marriage)

John T. Plake and Robert G. Oakes

Silas Dose, son of Jacob Christian and Mosie Dose
Warren Oakes and John Plake
Vivian Evans’ aunt’s and grandfather’s headstones.
Jacob & Mosie Dose’s Home, Vicksburg, MS
Frances Evans, Silas Dose, Laura Oakes Peterson, Warren Oakes
George Richard Evans, ca. 1939
George & Vivian Evans 50th Anniversary, they were married in Jackson, MS, Feb. 5, 193,9 at home of L. A. Butterfield. Vivian was former Vivian Dose Gossen. They lived at 501 Locust St. Vivian attended Union College in Nebraska. Both worked for State of Nebraska until retirement.

David Christian Dose Stone
There is strong evidence to suggest birth date is March 4, 1844.

Kaye Arwood playing the piano.
Vivian Dose Gossen Evans
Frances and John Evans in their Missionary Volunteer youth group uniforms. Both were children of John Ellis Gossen and Frances Vivian Christine Dose. They. took the name Evans when Vivian married George Evans following the death of husband, John.
Vivian Dose Gossen and John Ellis, 1934
Silas and Pat Dose 's children and grandchildren
Back: Debbie Dose Hart, Bill Hart (Debbie's husband at the time), and Timothy Alan Dose
Front: James Samuel "Jim" and Candi Dose and their three boys, Christopher, Dustin (at back) and Danny. (Thanks to Timothy Lee and Timothy Alan Dose for identifications.)
Walter Samuel Sr. and Eleanor Lee McNeal Dose

Walter Samuel and Elinor Dose Family.
Back L to R: Elinor Marie, Timothy Lee "Timmy", Linda,

Front L to R: David, Walter Samuel, Elinor, Mark, Sammy (Thanks to Tim Dose for providing this photo.)

Tom and Doris Alice “Lisa” Evans Schlife, Alice was daughter of George and Vivian Evans. She died in 1978. Lisa was born during the Vicksburg tornado, December 4, 1953. Tom was from Nebraska.

Front: Bill and Georgia Wyatt, at left: William and Rhonda Wyatt Sosebee. At right: Randy and Rechelle Wyatt Lewis,
William and Rhonda Wyatt Sosebee. Rhonda is daughter of Bill and Georgia Wyatt
Jacob and Moyselle Dose Home, Vicksburg
Sherman Cody Hull Jr.
Casket of Silas James Tindol at their home in Yazoo City, MS. Center. Picture is at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Yazoo City. Picture at right is widow, Jane Miller Tindol. Silas died January 3, 1938. Jane died one month later, February 11, 1938. They had celebrated 63 years of marriage on November 11. They were the parents of daughters, Mary Ella Armstrong, Myrtle Mae Tucker, Moyzelle Dose, Coor Eugenia Grant, Sarah Elizabeth Norwood, Janie, and sons, John Samuel and Walter.
Lara Ellen Dose, great-granddaughter of Jacob and Moyzelle Dose
Director of National Network for the Arts in Health in UK
Lara Ellen Dose
Jaime Dose, great-grandson of Jacob and Moyzelle Dose.
Singer with Velvet Truck Stop Band. brother of Lara Ellen Dose
Jaime Dose

Bob Arwood, spouse of Kaye Evans Arwood.

Bob and Kaye Evans Arwood

Program from Bob Arwood's service.

Bob Arwood's obituary

Walter Samuel and Elinor Dose Family.
Back L to R: Elinor Marie, Timothy Lee "Timmy", Linda,

Front L to R: David, Walter Samuel, Elinor, Mark, Sammy (Thanks to Tim Dose for providing this photo.)