Hanson Schools Photos


Here we collect some photos from various Hanson Schools. The Bensons and Browns went to these schools. Somes are not identified. They have historical importance and any help with identification would be greatly appreciated. Email Mel Oakes at oakes@physics.utexas.edu


School Photos
Hanson School, maybe 1890s. Harold Brown was born in 1890. Might be in photo. Boy at right end of those standing might be him.
Probably Reed School in South Hanson, MA. Note the background is the same as in the school identified in the 1910 photo of Reed School (included here) from the Hanson Historical Society,
Doris Brown thinks her mother Ruby is in photo. 7th from left on 2nd row is a possibility. Ruby born in 1894, so would make this photo, 1902-1904,
Primary School #4, Hanson, ca. 1900 Caption: #4 Primary School On Beals' Hill (where the Hanson Lawn Mower Shop is now located at 1308 Main Street).
Mary Howland (Kilbreth), teacher (I believe that this is Grace Delano), ca. 1900. First row, left to right: Hollis Ibbitson, __ Sweeney, State Ward, Laura Stuart, Abbie Monroe, William Benoit, Seward Brown (1894-1952), Fred Brown (1892-1973), Robert Calder
Second row: Mary Stuart, State Ward, Minnie Crocker, Mamie Crocker, Sadie Ford, Martha Everson, Nina Chamberlain, Marie David, Edgar Monroe, Howard Sampson
Third row Myron Stuart, Oliver Brissett, Felix Brissett, Harold Brown (1890-1970), Harry Hill, David Brissett, Della Benoit, Lizzie Strang, Doris King
Primary School #4, Hanson, 1903 Caption: #4 Primary, Miss Grace Delano, teacher Taken Oct. 7, 1903 Primary No 4 School Grace Delano, teacher Beal's Hill (now Main St.)
left to right, top to bottom Arthur Richards 4th, Seward Brown 3rd, (left end of second row), Mary McDonald 2nd, Giles McDonald 3rd, Jessie McClain 2nd, Ralph Harley 4th, Marion Sampson 3rd, Josie Hill 5th, George Faulkner 3rd, Mildred Monroe baby, Elsie G. Calder 4th, Florina Valley 1st, Flora Wright 3rd, Hollis Ibbitson 5th, Abby Monroe 5th, Weston Crocker 2nd, Florence Hobill 3rd, Mary Valley 2nd, Edgar Tillson 5th, Edith Kinsington 2nd, Mildred Ibbitson 4th, Arthur Valley 1st, Adlor White 2nd Emily DiMestico 2nd Chester Richards 1st Nelson Burrell 4th Fred Brown 4th (tall boy in white shirt at back.), Edwin Ibbitson 1st, Joseph Tillson 2nd, Hattie Kensington 2nd, Loring Besse 4th, Tooflee White 1st, Russell Richards 2nd, George Ford 3rd, George DiMestico 3rd
South Grammar School, Hanson, 1902-1903 Caption by Elsie Calder: South Grammar School South Grammar School, built in 1881 on the spot where Grange Hall now stands. Moved in 1907 to the Reed Street lot and donated by the Hanson Manufacturing Company and became Primary No. 7.
Left to right, front to back Harry Bearce, Roland Hammond, Arthur Richard, Tony Peninni, George DiMestico __? Hollis Ibbitson, Ralph Harley, Theodore Hammond, Bert Hammond,Robert Bearce, George Faulkner, Mildred Wilson, Parker Wilson, Frank Peninni, Minnie Crocker, Fred Brown, Weston Crocker, Ruth Collins, Nelson Burriel __? __? Emma Sampson __? Seward Brown (note split hair like Fred Brown), Jennie Hovey __? Marion Sampson __? Robert Calder, Bertha Thomas, Elsie Calder, Grace Delano (teacher) __? Abbie Monroe [Lowrin?], Besse Sadie Willis
From Lillian Ellis, 8/4/1964

South Grammar School, Hanson, November 1903

Caption by Elsie Calder: South Grammar School, built in 1881 on the spot where Grange Hall now stands. Moved in 1907 to the Reed Street lot and donated by the Hanson Manufacturing Company and became Primary No. 7. (Taken Nov. 1903)

Row 1 (left to right) 1. 2. 3. Bernice Cogan 4. 5. 6. 7. Sadie Ford 8. Nina Chamberlain 9. Robert Calder 10. Wesley Besse 11. 12. 13. 14. Stuart Chamberlain
Row 2 1. 2. Maud Brewster 3. Lillian Ellis 4. Doris King 5. Martha Everson 6. 7. Lillie Hammond 8. Bert Hammond 9. Joseph King 10. Edgar Monroe 11. 12. 13. 14.
Row 3: 1. Royce Josselyn 2. 3. Henry Straffin 4. Leon Everson 5. Burton Clark 6. Ama Witt (teacher) 7. 8. Oliver Brissett 9. 10. 11. Harold Brown
Sticker on back (donated by): Mrs. Leslie E. Browne Box 244 349 West Centre Street, West Bridgewater, Mass. 02379

Hanson School, Grace Delano, teacher. Hanson, MA, c. 1906. 

Front Row: 1 maybe Florina Valle, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7 is Cora Mae Brown(1900–1983), 8 is Thaddeus Dean Howard (1900-1976,) 9, 10, 11, 12,,13, 14

Back Row: 1, 2 maybe Mary Valle, 3, 4,5 maybe Marion Sampson, 6, 7 is Cora Mae Brown(1900–1983), 8 is Thaddeus Dean Howard (1900-1976,) 9, 10 maybe Arthur Valle, 11, 12,,13 is Wilson Seward (Tick) Brown (1884-1952). Cora and Tick were sister & brother to Harold Foster Brown. Cora married Thaddeus Dean Howard who is to her left in the photo.

Others in photo: Carrie Mae Howland (Nicholson) (1898–1978), Emily Pennini, Dorris Calder (Douglas), Grace Dyer Josselyn (Stetson), Mildred Freeman Monroe (1899–), Frances Mary Palopoli (Alfano)(1899–1990), Marion Louisa Sampson (Moody) (1896-) She attended the State Normal School at Bridgewater, MA and became a teacher, Florina (1896–), Mary (1895–) and Arthur (1899–) Valle (Valley, Albert (1896-) and Albertine (1898-) Valcour, George Chester Richard (1897–1952,in the photo)

Cora Brown

Grace Marie (or Marion) Delano, born April 22, 1881, in Duxbury, MA, to Otis and Elizabeth Frances Osborn Delano. She married Percy Lewis Walker (1874–1958) on September 29, 1909, in Duxbury, MA. She was a school teacher in Wilmington, Vermont, in 1900. They had four children: Donald D., Kenneth M., Percy Lewis Jr., and Unknown. Grace died December 3, 1968 and is buried in Duxbury, MA.

Students in the class: Seward and Cora Brown are siblings of Harold Foster Brown.

First Grade, Dec. 23, 1908, Hanson

Reed St. School, South Hanson, January 1910
Caption on front: Reed St. School, So. Hanson, Mass.
Jan. 1910. Photo by D. T. Burrell

Cora Brown might be in this photo. 3rd from right end, back row would be my guess due to puffed cheeks.

Kindergarten, 1900s, Hanson Caption: First Kindergarten Class 142 High St., Bonney Hill, early 1900's Corner of Pierce Ave and High St. House in back is Clinton Calder's
Front row, left to right: Edwin Thayer, Carrie Howland, Marie Beals, Annie Richards, Grace Josselyn, Clara Langill (teacher), Dorris Calder, Carl Swanson
Back row, left to right: Sara Calder, John MacDonald, Hayward Stevens
Ruby Benson's High School Class 1911, Hanson, MA. Ruby second row, at left, in white blouse