George H. Hartley & Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan


George H. and Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan Hartley Family
L to R: Francis (3), George H. (40), George Leroy (5), Dora Elizabeth (back) (13) and Mary Lucinda Caroline "Posy" (31).
Photo from about 1868

George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Family
Back: Samuel Richard, George Benjamin, Edward Lee, Alma Lee, Leila Mae
Front: George H. , George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth
Photo about 1902


George H. and Mary Lucinda Hartley Family

George H. Hartley grew up in Copiah County, MS. He was the son of William C. Hartley and Frances (Fancy) Taylor. George was born February of 1828 in Bayou Pierre, MS. He died December 11, 1908, in Hinds County, MS. It is not known where he was buried. He married Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan (other spelling Dungan) on March 22, 1854 in Copiah County. George’s siblings were Joseph (Joel) T., Henry, John Taylor, Nancy, Frances, Malinda Ann, Julia and William Calvin.

Until very recently there was only one known picture of George H. Hartley and none of his wife. That picture is shown above and was found in his granddaughter, Leila Mae Hartley Conrad’s picture box by her daughter Mary Agnes Conrad Gregory. She generously sent the picture to me and I was able to identify those in it as the G. L. Hartley family and George W. (CSA Pension application records confirm that George was living with his son.) Frances Cronin recently made available pictures of Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan’s brother, William Percy Dunigan and his wife Margaret Jane Dunigan. They are below also.

Recently Lyndy Doskocil posted an unknown picture (first picture above) from her father’s collection (Carl Hartley, Hooker and Ida’s son), After viewing the picture for sometime I have concluded that this is a picture of George H. and Mary Lucinda Dunigan Hartley and three of their children. The picture would be from about 1868. The conclusion is based on the relative ages of the children shown, the long fingers on G. H. in both the photos above, Mary Lucinda possibly being pregnant, pointed out by Frances Cronin, which is consistent with ages of Francis and George L. If this is correct we now have a picture of Mary, daughter Dora Elizabeth and son Francis who died as a teenager.
Maybe land patent 12/10/1840. 40.09 acres. Chocchuma County

In the 1850 census, George H. was living with the McGrew family and was listed as laborer. Down the street were the Dunegans, family of his future wife..

In George's son, Charles Edward Hooker Hartley’s file, it is stated: “George W. Hartley and Dungan lived in their early marriage in Copiah County, MS on SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 d Section T 10 RS-E as recorded in Copiah County Court House Book R 586 and R 612. They resided approx 1 mile from an old Hartley cemetery."

Also in the 1850 census, there was a William Hartley listed in Copiah County. His age was 24, indicating a birthday of 1826 or 1827. This William was too young to be the father of George H.

In the 1870 census, he is George Harhly. Lucinda, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Lucinda, George, Frances, William 1, David McKinsey, school teacher.

In the 1880 census, George H. was living in Hinds County, Beat 1, MS (Tinnin School) with Lucinda Dunigan Hartley (42). George (16), Sarah (14), Ora Lee(7) and Charles S. (4). Charles S. should be Charles Edward Hooker.

In the 1900 census, George H. was a farmer, he can not read or write, but does speak English. He rents his home. His father born in Tennessee and mother in Georgia. Joel P. Sweeney was bondsman for his marriage to Lucinda Dunigan. He was living with Lou Wadford, Lee McClain, Nannie McClain, Mary McClain and Fannie Wadford.

A family tree on the web states George H. was born 26 June 1831, d. 30 Oct. 1911.

George H. served in Civil War. His pension application below chronicles his service record. He enlisted on May 26, 1862, in Copiah county in the First Regiment, Mississippi Light Artillery, also known as Withers' Light Artillery, . He served in Captain George Abbay's battery in Company K. 1st Artillery Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1862 with eleven companies. During the war, the various companies served as both light and heavy artillery, but not as one command. The regiment was assigned to the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and Companes A, C, D, F, G, I, K, and L were assigned to the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, Company E to the Trans-Mississippi Department, and Company G to the Army of Tennessee. Disbanded before the end of the war. Its commanders were Colonel William T. Withers, Lieutenant Colonel James P. Parker, and Majors Benjamin R. Holmes and Jefferson L. Wofford.

George was discharged a little over a year later as being "Too delicate." He later enlisted in 4th Cavalry Regiment [also called 4th Battalion]. It was organized during the fall of 1862 by consolidating Hughes' and Stockdale's Mississippi Cavalry Battalions. Surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Its commanders were Colonel C.C. Wilbourn, Lieutenant Colonels Cornelius McLaurin and Thomas R. Stockdale, and Major James M. Norman. George was in Company E - (Ramsey’s Company). He next served with 24th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry (also known as Moorman's Calvary)- Company D - Capt. Joseph W. Davenport's Company. He suffer a small injury of his hand on July 4, 1864, "didn't amount to much." He was cut-off from his unit and was near Jackson, MS, at the time of surrender. George is not listed in online roster's for these units.

There is a muster roll which list a Private G. Hartley from Copiah County joining the Hughes’ Cavalry Battalion Mississippi on 1 Nov 1863. Regiment is Calvary. Regiment, state is MS. Later combined into 4th Regiment Co F. He is listed as AWOL.

Also a G. Hartley enlisting from Claiborne, County. May 24, 1864. Moorman’s Battalion. 1st Co. D, later Roberts Company Mississippi Artillery.








George H. Mary Lucinda Hartley Family Gallery

The picture above given to me by a relative was a mystery. The picture had Lee McClain written on it, however the clothing suggested and his daughter, Mabel confirmed, “That is not my father.”

Examining the picture closely it appears to be two layered pictures. They were separated carefully using water, (advice from Sue Murphy an art conservator and close frien). Below are several versions of the picture hidden behind the above picture.The cardboard backing had stamped “G. W. Hartle”, no y. The stamped name would have been long after the photo was taken and could be in error. On close examination I think I see Hartley along his right hairline. If this is George H. Hartley, then the picture is from 1850s as he was born in 1828 and appears to be 20-30. Hope to confirm the date of this picture by the high collar, (see examples below). Below I have added eyes of G. H. from a later picture since in the original that information is lost, maybe due to an interaction with the paste. Note that this picture is a copy from an original as evidenced by the border on right and at bottom. The original may have been a tintype or albumen.

The picture above, now seen on Dora Hartley’s page, was about 1890 or so. Her husband Albert Wadford would match datewise. Slight evidence, since no known pictures exists of him. Nothing written on picture so far has been found.

Maybe George H. Hartley


Maybe George H. Hartley

Here I have added eyes of G. H. from a later picture since in the original that information is lost, maybe due to an interaction with the paste.
Photo of man with high collar, 1855-see
High collar photo, 1851-see
Bayou Pierre, MS, birthplace of George H. Hartley
Henderson (Henry) (1850-1920+) and Julia Ann Hartley (1847-1895) Huffman, sister of George H. Hartley.
Florence Amelia Dungan Clayton, Daughter of WilliamPercy Dunigan, brother of Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan Hartley
William Percy Dunigan (1829-1904), brother of Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan Hartley
Margaret Jane Dunigan, Wife of William Percy Dunigan
William Calvin (1825-1905) & Rhoda Elizabeth Gustavus (1836-1916) Hartley, brother of George H. Hartley. William and Rhoda went to Robinson County, Texas, later lived in San sSaba, TX.
Caroline Rachel McGrew Dunigan (1826-85), Married Jacob Dunigan, divorced..
Maybe Sally White George, La Pearl George McClain’s mother or Mary Dunigan Hartley, Lee’s Maternal Grandmother
John Taylor Hartley (1856-1919), George H. Hartley's nephew. Son of George's brother William C. Hartley who went to Texas in 1857.
Judge John Taylor Hartley (1856-1919), George H. Hartley’s nephew. Son of George’s brother William C. Hartley who went to Texas in 1857. He was a judge in San Saba, TX, 1908-16.

William A (1880-1937)). & Frances Adair (1876-) Blankenship. Grandson of Joseph Hartley.