Foothills Music Festival
Reynolda House, Winston-Salem, NC

August, 1998


In 1997 Ben Wolff and Rachel Matthews co-founded the Foothills Chamber Music Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. For seven years Ben led the festival as cellist and co-Artistic Director as it presented a celebrated series of summer performances, lectures and symposia at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art, and the Delta Fine Arts Center. In 1998,

Beth Oakes participated in the festival, and many friends and family attended. The album below shows some of the attendees.

Foothills Music Festival

Back: ?, ?, Bernice Matthews, Rudi and Barbara Wolff, Mel Oakes, Pat Oakes

Front: John Baldwin, Clara Park, Ben Woflf, Rachel Matthews, Elizabeth Oakes

FoothillsMusicFestival Pat, Bob and Lis Winter, John Modine, Sandy and Chip Heckman. Deron Neblett, Betsy Russell, Mardie, Mel, Rollin Russell, Sarah Oakes, Olive Garden, Winston-Salem.
Chip Heckman, Rollin Russell, Mardie Oakes, Betsy Russell,. Sandy Heckman, Sarah Oakes, Lois Winter, John Modine, Pat Oakes

Front: Eugene Buck, Beth Oakes John Modine, Sarah Oakes, Mardie Oakes

Back: Pat Oakes, Lois Winter, Bob Winter, Sandy and Chip Heckman. Mel Oakes, Deron Neblett

Sisters, Sand Winter Heckman and Pat Winter Oakes
Sisters, Sand Winter Heckman and Pat Winter Oakes
Mel Oakes, Betsy Russell, Rollin Russell, Beth Oakes, pat oakes
Pat photographing Beth and Eugene
Mel, Eugene, Beth, John, Mardie, Deron, Pat
Eugene and Beth
Sarah and grandparents, Lois and Bob Winter
Mardie and grandparents, Lois and Bob Winter
Beth and grandparents Lois and Bob Winter
Bob and Lois Winter, Eugene Buck. Beth Oakes, Ben Wolff
FoothillsMusicFestival21 Viair ro Tryon Estates after Foothills Festival.
FoothillsMusicFestival22 Tryon Estates, Lois Winter, ?, ?, Bob Winter, Pat Oakes
Mel Oakes, Lois and Bob Winter, Tryon Estates
Lois Winter, Tryon Estates
Lois, Pat and Bob
Bob Winter
Lois Winter
Lois Winter and ?
Dining Room at Tryon Estates
Mel, Lois and Pat