May 11-26, 2005

In May of 2005 we visited our dear friends in Bristol, England, Don and Ann Kimber. We first met Don at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Don was a graduate student in geography. Mel was a graduate student in physics and Pat was an undergraduate in history and education. When Don returned to England following his year in the United Stats he met and married Ann. They have two sons, Paul and Phillip. We had a number of trips with them ove the many years of our friendship.

We flew to Gatwick and then took a train to Bristol as Don and Ann agreed to drive for our travels. Don picked us up at the Bristol-Temple Mead train station designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-59), celebrated English engineer. We went to pick Ann up at Bristol Univrsity. We inquired of a graduate student near the geology building about "The Map That Changd The World". Mel remembered that the map created by William Smith was at the University. As luck would have it, the student was a geology student and had a key to the room where the map is hung behind a curtain. It was a special treat.

There were two trips during our visit. The first was to visit Bradford on Avon, considered one of the most beautiful villages in England. As so often happens when traveling with the Kimbers, they are a always willing to seize opportunities for exploration. Out trip to Bradford got sidetrackrd by wonderful places in between. A beautiful estate in Cold Ashton, a May Day celebration in Marshfield and a Steam Rally near Castle Combe. We did see Bradford on a later trip with them. The second trip was to Chester and points in between, Tewkbury, Ledbury, Chatsworth House and Warwick Castle.

Ann found us a wonderful place in Chester. We stayed at Cotton Farm B&B that had a Roman bridge and a Roman road nearby as well as a Mott and Bailey castle mound. The farm was listed in the Domesday Book.

We visited Phil, Debbie and Evie Kimber in Leicester and had a wonderful meal at an old pub.

Pat and I took the train to London and did some sightseeing and attended the musical, "The Producers." We took a side trip to Leatherhead to visit great friend, Eunice Paul and her daughter, Lydia's family before returning to Austin.


England 2005 Trip
Mel, Ann, Don and Pat at Lock Bridge Restaurant, Bristol, UK
"The Essential Engineer", sculpture honoring Brunel, celebrated engineer from Briston. Tom Freeston (1968)
Pat, Mel and Ann. Photo taken by Don as he and Paul were leaving for Arsenals football game. Kimber home in Bristol.
Wills Tower, U. of Bristol. Mel, Ann and Don Kimber
Wills Tower, U. of Bristol
The Map that Changed the World by William Smith, U. of Bristol
Mel giving Don a computer lesson.
Choir Practice at Cedar Park Elementary School. This is Don and Ann's church choir.
Church Yard at Westbury-on-Trym
Bristol Docks
Fish and Chips with Ann, Don and Mel. A "Spam Fritter" can be seen on the plate, before and after the meal.
Cold Ashton
Cold Ashton
Estate Entrance Cold Ashton
Flowers at Cold Ashton
Cold Ashton
Garden in Cold Ashton
Baps and Cream Tea at the Sweet Apple in Marshfield.

One of the most notable bread rolls is the bap. Baps hail from Scotland and are a staple of the region, a favored morning bun among the Scottish.

May Féte in Marshfield
May Féte in Marshfield
Maypole Marshfield
May Pole Celebration, Marshfield, UK
Maypole Marshfield
Maypole Marshfield
Maypole Marshfield
Maypole Marshfield
May Queen Marshfield
Castle Combe
Norman Church in Marshfield
Norman Church Marshfield
Pat and Mel Oakes, Marshfield
Don, Pat and Ann at Steam Rally near Castle Combe.
Steam Calliope, Steam Rally near Castle Combe, Pat, Mel, Ann, Don Kimber
Castle Combe
Castle Combe
Tomb Sarcophagus, Church in Castle Combe
Computer lessor with Don
on and Mel in front of their church, Trinty-Henleaze, United Reform Church.
Don and Mel planting tomatoes in their backyard.
Standing: Paul Kimber, Ann and Don Kimber, Mel Oakes. Sitting Elaine, Paul's girlfriend and her mother.
Standing: Paul Kimber, Ann and Pat Oakes, Mel Oakes. Sitting Elaine, Paul's girlfriend and her mother.
Mel and Don "washing up."
Installing hanging baskets brackets.
Tewksbury Abbey, Ann, Mel and Pat
500 year old copper beech at Tewksbury Abbey.
Ledbury Market Hall. Ledbury is a market town and civil parish in the county of Herefordshire, England. One of the most outstanding is Ledbury Market Hall built in 1617, located in the town centre.
Cotton Farm, our B&B near Chester. Field of rape in the distance.
Breakfast at Cotton Farm
Cotton Farm B&B near Chester
Cotton Farm
Medieval Roman Bridge near Cotton Farms near Chester. There is a second bridge in the background. Cobblestone.
Mel at Medieval Roman Bridge near Cotton Farms near Chester.
Mel, Ann and Pat at Medieval Roman Bridge near Cotton Farms near Chester. Wild parsley by bridge and white mayflowers in background.
Mel and Ann on Medieval Roman Bridge near Cotton Farms near Chester.
Mel and Ann on Medieval Roman Bridge near Cotton Farms near Chester.
Bed and Breakfast at Cotton Farms near Chester. Mayflowers in bloom.
Cotton Farm, Pat and friend.
One-quarter around the Medieval Wall around Chester.
Francis Restaurant in Chester.
Pat and Ann. Peak District.
View of the Peak District. Gorse in bloom in the distance.
Chatsworth House
Chatsworth House and Cascade
Pat and Mel, 42 Wedding Anniversary at village of Edensor near Chatsworth.
Gardens of Chatsworth designed by Capability Brown in 1770s.
Pat and Mel admire rhododendrons on the grounds of Chatsworth.
Pat, Ann and Mel, entry hall to Chatsworth House.
Elegant Room with tulip vases.
Ann and Pat in dining room, Chatsworth.
Chatsworth Gardens
Don, Ann, Pat and Mel at Chatsworth Gardens and Cascade.
Chatsworth House interior.
Cup of tea at Chatsworth House.
Ann Kimber and her granddaughter, Evie in Leicester.
Roof thatching on our hotel, The Red Cow in Leicester where Phil and Debbie Kimber lived.
Debbie, Evie, Ann, Don and Phil Kimber
Evie and Ann Kimber
Warwick Castle
Pat and Ann at Warwick Castle.
Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle
View from Warwick Castle battlements.
Falconry Demonstration at Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle
Exhibit at Warwick Castle
Christ Church, Leatherhead. Eunice Paul and Mel in front. Bob Paul's church years ago, now his son-in-law, Dean Tapley, was pastor.
Sunday Dinner at the Queen's Head Pub. Eunice, Dean, Lydia and Mel.
London Eye, Mel and Pat.
View from London Eye
St. Paul's Cathedral
View of Globe Theather
Globe Theater
In front of Cabinet War Rooms
Parliment Building with Richard the Lion-Hearted statute.
Allison Cole-Stutz with Violet 6 weeks, Hazel 3. Richmond suburb of London.
U. of Richmond campus, Allison, Violet, Mel, and Hazel.
Mel, Allison, Violet, Hazel and Chris.
Hazel Cole-Stutz
Chris, Allison, Violet, Pat and Mel, Richmond.