Kennard Loignon and Eleanor Dean Oakes Wedding
August 3, 1975



Kennard L. Loignon
Eleanor Dean Oakes


Kennard L. Loignon and Eleanor Dean Oakes were married August 3, 1975



Kennard and Eleanor Loignon Wedding
Kennard Loignon, brother, sister, brother
Wedding Party
Eleanor And Kennard, cake eating
Edith and Arthur E. Loignon, Ken's mom and dad and brother-in-law
Ollie ?, Eleanor and Kennard Loignon
?, ?, ?, Eleanor Oakes, Katharine Huff Hartley
Eleanor with Mr. and Mrs. Hudjens. He gave her away.
Vivian Hartley Brasher and her mom Katharine Hartley. Katharine was Eleanor's aunt.
Flower Girls family
Eleanor and ?
Wedding Party
Eleanor Oakes Loignon


Eleanor, later in her life, enjoyed making special occasion cards for friends. Here are a few of them.