Winter Photo Album 1939-1940s

This is an album that belonged to Bob and Lois Winter covering a period when they were courting.



1939-1940s Winter Photo Album
Bob Winter, George Winter, Doris Brown, ?, maybe a Wilson child. June 24, 1940, Provincetown, MA
Wilson, Wilson, Lois Bown, Robert Winter, Donald Kirkton, George Ednie Winter 1940 Provincetown, MA
Boat to Provincetown, June 27, 1940
Lois Brown and Bob Winter, June 1940 Boat to Provincetown.
"Tubby and Bruce" Provincetown, June1940
View of Provincetown 1940
Pilgrim Monumnet in Provincetown where previous photo was shot. 1940
Ella Brown, May 1940
Ella Brown with granddaughter, Lois Brown and Roberta Brown Carter's son, Donald Wilfred Carter. 1939 Girl maybe a Wilson.
Ella Brown with daughter, Roberta Gordon Brown Carter and Roberta's son, Donald Wilfred Carter. 1939
Harold Foster Brown
Velma Winter, Lois Brown Winter, Bertha White 1940
Lois Brown Winter 1940
Sisters Velma White Winter and Bertha White
Christmas 1938
Walter George, Bob Winter, Bertha White, Margaret "Peg" George, Isabella Winter at Foxboro-Wrentham Fire Tower
Bob Winter and Georgie Wilson 1939
Sisters Velma White Winter and Bertha White, "Highland near farm.1939"
Bob Wonter, likely New York or Boston in 1939
Doris Brown and Lois Brown
Ruby Brown Farm House
Ruby Benson Brown 1939
Lydia Margaret Bauman Benson and Ruby Benson, Lydia was wife of Merle Benson, Ruby's brother.
Georgie Baron Wilson, stepdaughter of Elsie Brown Wilson, 1939
Sisters Doris and Lois Brown 1939
Robert Stewart "Bob" Winter Jr.
Lois Brown and Bob Winter, Christian Endeavor picnic, Webster Beacch, 1939.
Bob Winter 1939

Elizabeth Naomi D. Haro (later Park then Newberry lived in Chicester, NH, Hilda Frank (lived in Norwood)and Charles Heuser, May 1940 maybe at Gordon College.

Charles was in Gordon College of Divinity and Missions. Lois went to Gordon College. Charles had quite a career. Wondered if Lois kept in touch.

Charles L. Heuser was born on December 21, 1920 in Dedham, Massachusetts to William F. and Hannah J. Heuser. He attended public grade school in Dedham and went to Boston Trade School for High School. He graduated from the plumbing department and worked the summer as a plumber’s helper. In the fall, he entered Gordon College of Theology and Missions in Boston and graduated in 1943. Charles attended Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut and graduated in 1945 having completed a three year course in two years, working nights as a juvenile court officer, then in a funeral home. When he tried to enlist for military duty, the war was winding down so they said they no longer required his services. Charles married Gertrude in 1946. After graduation, he took his first ministry job in Fryeburg, Maine. He was pastor there for three years. Rev. Charles Heuser served on the Board of Directors for the Congregational Conference of Maine and was the Director of their youth camp for a week each summer. From Maine, Charles became a Missionary/Educator on the Atoll of Truk in the South Pacific. He was a teaching principal of the High School and superintendent of 52 churches. The four year term stretched into five in order to graduate the first class from the High School. He returned to the states and accepted a call to a small church of 246 members in Hopkins, Minnesota. Charles served on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Conference, and directed a youth camp each summer. After 13 years as Pastor, two building programs, moving the church to a new location, the membership now stood at 1,300. Charles ran for and was elected to the Hopkins City Council for a four year term. Charles accepted a call to the Country Club Congregational Church in Kansas City, Missouri. The church grew, the building was renovated and a new addition added. He was elected to serve on the Missouri Conference Board of Directors. He attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City and received a degree in Counseling. He was honored with a Doctor of Divinity degree by Drury College. After 10 years as Senior Pastor he accepted a call to the Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes Estates, California. There he founded the Sea Cliff Memorial. He served as the Chaplain for the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department. Charles was elected to the California Board of Directors and the Board of Governors for the Board of World Ministries. A history book of the neighborhood Church was published in 2003 and listed the interesting and creative ways he led this split church with a poor giving record to a united growing congregation with the highest giving record of all the Congregational Churches in Southern California. After 12 years as Senior Pastor he retired. Two years after retirement Charles married Janis and they moved to Gold Beach, Oregon where they have resided since 1988. Charles remained active in the ministry through preaching, funerals and weddings. He started and brought the Port of Gold beach Memorial to reality. He served as Worshipful Master for three consecutive years plus two additional years. He received his 50 year pin in 1997. He was a 32nd Degree Mason. He was the president of the Humbug Mountain Shrine Club for three years. He began the appreciation luncheon for the school teachers at the years end and “Soles for Little Souls” program. He served as a member of the Curry District Health Council and the Budget Committee for Curry General Hospital. He was a member of the Master Food Preservers and the Master Gardeners. Charles was preceded in death by his father, mother, brothers Bill and Al, and his sister Mary Charles is survived by his wife, Dr. Janis, son Charles (Liz), grand daughters Lara (Peter) Kimball, great grand daughters Sophia and Ariana, and great grandson Alex, grand daughter Sarah and grand daughter Samantha of Minnesota, son Douglas (Martha), grand daughters Lindsay and Heather of New Hampshire, son Stephen (Melissa) and grand daughters Christine and Stephanie, and daughter Patt Heuser of Portland, Oregon. A celebration of Charles’ life will be held on Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church in Gold Beach.

Picnic 1940.

Unknown, Maybe Vivian Tisdale, Gertrude Wilson, Alberta Simms, Maybe Maribelle Moulton,

Front: Grace Rackley, Delores Buck, Thelma Bentley

Juniors and Freshmen at Gordon College picnic, Jones Beach? May 1940
Gertrude "Trudy" Wilson, Gordon College
Gordon College, George Smith, O. Tibbets, May 1940
Professor Merrill C. Tenney and Professor and Rev. Ralph F. Palmer, May 1940
Front: Lois Brown, Gertrude ?Trudy" Wilson, Charlie, Ann, Back: Howard Weaving. Jonsey, May 30, 1940, Gordon College
Back: Gertrude Wilson, Marion Harnish, Stanley Mellish,
Front: Howard Weaving, Gordon Crook, Fenway May 30, 1940
Scene on the Fenway, Gordon College, May 1940

College Doorsteps


Lois Brown and Gertrude "Trudy" Wilson, Gordon College, May 1940
Gertrude Wilson, Lois Brown, Gordon Crook, Marion Harnish, Stanley Mellish, Gordon College, May 1940
Bob Winter, Lois Brown, Unknown
Bob Winter, Lois Brown on ferry. 1939?
Lois Brown and Florence Brown
Bob Winter and Lois Brown
Lois Brown, Bob Winter, Florence Brown
Lois Brown
New York World Fair, June 1940.
New York World Fair, June 1940.
Lois Brown, New York World Fair, June 1940.
New York World Fair, June 1940.
Florence Brown, New York World Fair, June 1940.
Lois Brown, New York World Fair, June 1940.
Lois Brown, New York World Fair, June 1940.
Lois Brown, New York World Fair, June 1940.
Ralph and Elsie Wilson Family. Back to Front: Elsie, Margie, Ralph, Middle: Phyllis, Dorothy (Tookie), Georgie, Front: Lois and Gordon
Lois Brown and Elsie Brown Wilson
Marjorie Wilson
Lois, Marjorie and Gordon Wilson
Marjorie Wilson August 1940
Gordon Wilson
Marjorie Wilson
Georgie Wilson
Lois, Marjorie and Gordon Wilson 1940
Wilson Children
Bob Winter and Lois Brown
Lois Brown pining., September 1940
Lois Brown and Pal, August 1940
Bob Winter and Lois Brown
Bob Winter nd Lois Brown
Bob Winter and Lois Brown
Lois Brown
Lois Brown
Ruby Brown Family Farm House with Doris Brown in front.
Florence Brown.
Doris Brown
Bud Brown and Pal
Gertrude Wilson from Gordon College or Phyllis Wilson, Elsie Wilson's stepdaughter.
"Mrs. George Branche, Out Hostess, Stoneham, MA, Octorber 1940"

At right, Leslie Dienstadt, Stoneham, MA He was Secretary of Massachusetts Christian Endeavor This was C. E. conference Oct 11-13

At right, William T. Murphy Jr., Stoneham, MA He was Secretary of Massachusetts Christian Endeavor This was C. E. conference Oct 11-13. Featured speaker at conference, R. G. LeTourneau. Note: Mel Oakes worked one summer for R. G. LeTourneau in Vicksburg, MS and he and Pat were close friend with a LeTourneau relative.


Float at Christian Endeavor Conference, Oct, 1940, Stoneham, MA Bud Brown.
Float at Christian Endeavor Conference, Oct, 1940, Stoneham, MA
Float at Christian Endeavor Conference, Oct, 1940, Stoneham, MA
Float at Christian Endeavor Conference, Oct, 1940, Stoneham, MA, Peg George and Bud Brown
Float at Christian Endeavor Conference, Oct, 1940, Stoneham, MA I believe that is Peg George with Bible.
Unknowns, 1940
Maybe James W. Thompson 1940. James Thompson married Marian Winter in 1945.
Maybe Campina Court, Miami, 1940
Betha White and Velma White Winter, New Lawnmower
Wilson child maybe.
Freddie Warren
"Norma And John"1940
Otto And Frederick Warren
Otto A. Warren