Diary of Donald Bradford US Navy Radioman
Wilkes Station, Antarctica,
December 1956 to January 1958

(Many thanks to Don Bradford for permitting this diary to be included without change. It gives us an honest look into the hardships and stresses associated with this expedition. Don has a family back in the State and he clearly misses them very much. There were 17 US Navy support personel and 10 scientists at Wilkes. Ralph Glasgal and Richard Berkley diaries provide us the prospective of the scientists. Don's describes life from the viewpoint of the support staff. I think both offer at times, interesting and differing comments on the same events.)



1956-1958 Wilkes Station Antarctica


Departed Seattle Washington

November 5, I956

This diary covers 17 December, 1956 to January, 1958

17 December 1956

Today encountered heavy ice. Progress very slow. Made helo recons. Destination Cape Adare. ETA indefinite due to ice- Not doing much sleeping because it is daylight all the time.

18 December 1956
Saw many seals and 2 penguins. Have penetrated ice up to I0 feet. Going to write a
couple letters.

19 December 1956
We are about 20 miles off Cape Hallett {Cape Adare was original site} where we will build the base. High mountains with glaciers extending out into the ocean. Should start Operations in a couple of days. Saw many penguins and seals today. Had a few unpleasant words with the MAA. Going to play a little poker now. Made 20 bucks last nighL Directed to proceed to McMurdo Air strip breaking up.

20 December I956
Proceeding to McMurdo Sound. In open water afier breaking back through the ice. Played poker tonight and made 20 bucks. Continuous daylight and hard to sleep.

21 December I956
Good steaming in open water all day. Was pretty tired this morning. Played poker and made l3 bucks. Sending 50 home if I can get a money order.

22 December 1956
No progress today. Fog has visibility at zero. ln Ross Sea. Made 23 bucks at poker.

23 December 1956
In sight of McMurdo Sound and ships. Much fog and slow steaming all day. Had birthday party for two guys. Won about 40 bucks at poker.

24 December 1956

Today is Christmas eve. No different than any other day. Doesn't seem like Christmas. Tied up to the ice shelf 8 miles from McMurdo Sound. Staying here 3 or 4 days due to the Atka having one engine room flooded. Things seem a bit funny. Seems like a lot of minor delays. Maybe there is a reason. Huge volcanic mountain and glacier behind the iee shelf. Took some pictures. Sure is a beautiful sight. Going to play a little poker tonight.

25 December 1957
Not much of a Christmas. Pretty fair dinner. Nothing to drink. Two guys fell through the ice. One was drunk. Made 24 bucks at poker. Saw the skipper Today and he is sure they will build Knox Coast (the original name of the station}.

26 December 1956
Went over to McMurdo via helicopter and returned via otter. What a fouled up place. Gear and equipment all over the hill. Took some pictures of the base. People there survived the winter very well.

27 December 1956
Nothing much happening. Got underway for Cape Adare. Played poker and broke even.

28 December 1956
Steamed in open water all day. Made 7 bucks at poker.

29 December 1956
Regular ice breaking all day. Stepped on the dog's foot and damn near got my foot chewed off. Lost 23 bucks at poker. Can see Cape Hallett

The second 28 Dec should be 29.

30 Deeember 1956

Broke much ice today. Wind blowing ice to sea. Many many penguins on the beach. Probably start working tomorrow. Will be working in the supply dump.

31 December 1956
Much iee breaking. Broke a screw. Arneb got stuck and got a hole in her. Big storm 58 knots. Exec. on Arneb wanted to abandon ship. New year came in easy.

1 January I957

Not much of a new year. Many troubles with the ships. Arneb can't stay out of the ice. Have Clark and some others onboard, unable to transfer them. Strong winds. Made 25 bucks at poker.

2 January I957
SNAFU Fire in stack today.

Many things wrong. Caught two birds, banded and dyed them. Things are pretty dreary. Probably will go back to Wellington after unloading here. Sure looks bad about building Knox. Made 13 bucks at poker.

3 January I957
Went ashore for working. Carried lumber all day. Worked my ass off. Should start full scale operations tomorrow.

4 January I957

Worked 12 hours today. Operating radio on the beach. Surveyed ice for air strip. Gets pretty cold anound midnight. Sun never goes down.

5 January 1957

Back to work for 12 hours. Help set up emergency communication with McMurdo. Loud and clear. Not too tired.

6 January 1957

Working on beach. Got picture took by Mr. Conger. Should depart the l0th. Am reading a good sex book. Work as usual. Beginning to show the strain. Damn near got into a fight on the way to the beach. Bad.

9 January I95?

Got through unloading at evening chow. Had a fire on flight deck. No damage. Got underway about midnight. Lost 5 bucks at poker.

10 January 1957

Nothing much. Broke through some ice then steaming through open water. Wrote a letter. Lost 25 bucks at poker. Saw the doctor for hemorrhoids. Negative.

11 January 1957

Steamed in open water all day. Should get to McMurdo tonight. Lost my ass at poker. Broke now so will quit.

12 January 1957
Got to McMurdo last night. Will transfer to USS Glacier tomorrow probably. Couldn't sleep last night. thinking of home. Wonsey can't play hearts. Played some Cribbage with Dan. Beat him.

13 January 1957
Nothing much. Will move to Giacier tomorrow. Saw 3 movies today.

14 January 1957
Moved over to Glacier today. Really a nice ship. Should get underway tomorrow. One man was killed from MCB I. Went through the ice in a weasel.

I 5 January 1957
Got underway for Knox Coast.

16 January 1957
Got msg from Ina. Had miscarriage. Was on watch at the time. Played Mclntyre and Dan some checkers and beat their ass. Fire in ammo locker but no damage. Working in radio shack during day. Nice radio shack.

17 January 1957
Worked in shack a little. Played some pinochle. lost. Chow lousy.

18 January 1957

Truce with Dan. Played cribbage and pinochle, lost. Get some mail tomorrow. 128 bags from Curtiss.

19 January 1957
While transferring cargo from Curtiss, helicopter crashed and sank. Two pilots rescued. While circling took a 61 degree roll. Many letters from Ina. Card from Tony and H. B. Brown of Providence. Had chili. spinich and bread for supper. Starving on the SOB.

20 January I957
Played pinochle and lost. Starving.

21 January 1957
Chow tenible. Time is passing slow. Feel terrible. Rough sea. Thinking of Ina and Tim a lot. Not much work.

22 January 1957
Wrote Ina today. Chow terrible. Time passing a little better. Played hearts and pinochle. Should get to Knox on 25"‘.

23 January 1957
Just waiting to get to Knox. Sleeping and playing cards mostly.

24 January 1957
Slept, played cards and saw a movie. Should arrive off Knox coast tomorrow. Communications back to normal. 3 day outage. Still starving. Thinking and dreaming of Ina.

25 January 1957
Huge icebergs. Heavy ice. About I0 inches of snow on ice. Maybe get to land tomorrow. Starving.

26 January 1957
Part open water and some solid ice. Huge icebergs. Ice up to 20 feet thick. Chicken for noon. First good meal. Beat Mclnlyre in checkers.

27 January 1957

Unable to find lead to land, so went back outside ice pack, have started inland again. Chow tenrible. Had a headache all day. Dreaming a lot of Ina.

28 January 1957
Tried three times to get through ice pack without results. Trying a fourth. Ice up to 25 feet thick. Huge icebergs. Chow a little better.

29 January 1957
Arrived at Knox Coast. Dreary, bleak, barren coast line. Landing party ashore. Selecting base site.

30 January 1957
Base site selected, Clark Island. Picked up cargo ships. Arneb has 2 holes. Tried to tow her but unsuccessful.

31 January 1957
Reached base site agai.- Maybe commence offloading tomorrow. Thinking and dreaming of lna. Pretty good on speed key.

1 February 1957
At Knox Coast. Blasting a landing site for boats and base site. Will probably get some land named after me {Bradford Rock}- Chow fair. Maybe start building the 3rd.

2 February 1957
Commenced offloading last night at midnight. Progressing good. Using Frogman Beach as call sign. Saw Clark this noon.

3 February 1957
Worked my ass off. Erected temporary antenna. Much trouble with stakes for guide wires. Have a cold and headache. Feel like hell. Took what was probably the first government crap on Knox Coast. Have 8 huskies. real friendly.

4 February 1957
Things going good. Should be through unloading in 3 weeks. Tractor nearly got me yesterday. Feel much better.

5 February 1957
Nearly got drunk on medicinal whiskey. Worked Manila on radio. Negative McMurdo or Little America. Things going good. Chow terrible.

6 February 1957
Corpsman burned down the first head on Knox Coast. Heavy winds 50 MPH. Am now stranded on beach, guarding beer. Finally got back to the ship after 27 hours on the beach.

7 February 1957
Worked 12 hours but not tired. Charlton and I caught a kid taking chow and OOD. Wrote him up. People taking our beer and chow.

8 February 1957
Worked my ass off. lnventorying stores and beer. Building going good. Most of the radio gear ashore.

9 February 1957
Put some lockers together. Glacier had a beer party, didn’t go. Should start installing Comma gear.

10 February 1957
Worked my ass off. Things coming along fine.

11 February 1957
Hands sore from putting lockers together. Eating much. Ships leaving in a week.

12 February 1957
Couldn’t install gear because antenna poles not up. Maybe start installing tomorrow.

13 February I957
Worked my ass off. Uncrated some equipment. Many undone things on base. Much tired.

14 February [957

Working l6-l8 hours a day. Have our rhombic up. lce coming in. Got movie took by Bill Hartigan.

15 February 1957
Worked 12 hours. Have an interview with journalist to be rebroadcast stateside.

16 February 1957
Charlton is a disgrace. Good party. Ships left.

17 February 1957
Took me all day to recouperate. Everyone got drunk last night. Ships got underway early AM.

18 February 1957
Got our rhombic working. Talked to Jarratt at LA and he told me Ina had been calling to see if I was ok. Pretty tired.

19 February 1957
Working plenty and eating plenty. Just working and sleeping only.

20 February 1957
Plenty work. Have a had cut and bruised hand. Plenty tired.

21 February, 195?
Had our first big snow of the year. About 6 inches. Caught a big giant Fullmar and got some pictures. One dog got loose and came in the mess hall and nearly scared hell out of us all. Have a watch tonight.

22 February 1957
Still working on grounding and antenna system. Plenty cold working outside. Sure would like to be home.

23 February 1957
Saturday night and no place to go. Weather pretty cold. Going to drink some beer tonight.

24 February 1957
Slept most of the day. Put my bunk lamp up. .

25 February 1957
Plenty work. Memory seems to be fading. Place Frenchy on report.

26 February 1957
Holding 0300 and 1500 comm sked. Progressing. Weight I50.

27 February 1957
Had some beer. Wind coming up.

28 February 1957

1 March 1957
Still working on comm gear. Missing Ina terrible. Had 3 steaks for chow.

2 March, 1957
Weight 152. Got a receiver working. Saturday night, got half drunk.

3 March 1957
Spring day. Cleaned up barracks. Played bingo and won. Sure wish I were home.

4 March 1957
Trying to get permanent communications by 9th. Working like hell.

5 March 1957
Had 2 steaks for dinner. Much work. 30 knot wind.

6 March 1957
Nice day. Worked tonight.

7 March 1957
Much work. Nearly ready to fire transmitters.

8 March 1957
Plenty tired. Maybe light ofi'uansmitters tonight. Much thought of Ina and Tim. Chow was late and nearly got drunk.

9 March 1957
Much work. Called NAF with TBL in comm building. Party tonight.

10 March 1957
Nothing to do. Got the 1200-2400 watch. Lonely.

1] March 1957
Charlton is mad at me. He thought 1 lost my temper but I didn't. Have my doubts about
him. Real nice day.

12 March 1957
Everything ok. Work, work, work. Got ham gram from Ina. Thinking of her plenty.

13 March 1957
Got word ADM BYRD died. Played some pool. Work.

14 March 1957
Plenty work. Got my suspicions about Garth.

15 March 1957
Pissed ofi. Charlton wants everything his way.

16 March 1957
Nice day. Sun out. About 24 degrees. Nice night. Moon out and sure wish I was home.

17 March 1957
Drinking beer and played bingo.

18 March 1957
Snowed a little. Played pool with the Dr. and won all games.

19 March 1957
Blizrard all day. Wind 50 knots. Should have ham station operating by 21st‘.

20 March 1957
Worked on ham xmtr all day until 1 AM. Working but no contact.

21 March 1957
Talked to Ina, not very good. Blizzaml. Nearly got drunk.

22 March, 1957
Still blizzard most all day. Talked to Grice at LA. (Little America).

23 March I957
Worked ham all day. Nice day. Magee got drunken a skunk. Real fun.

24 March 1957
Talked to Ina today. Real good. Worked ham most of day. Nice day.

25 March 1957
Worked ham all day. Kinda sick. Dreary day. Miss Ina and Tim.

26 March 1957
Beautiful sunset. Talked to Ina again.

2'? March 1957
Real nice day. Went up to the water hold. Some guys went up on the ice cap. Writing a letter to Ina.

28 March 1957
Went up on ice cap. Magnifieant. Comm blackout.

29 March 1957
Snow storm. Drinking beer in rec hall and boys went out to go to the head and came back all covered with snow. Terrible blizzard.

30 March 1957
Nothing much. Wonsey got knocked off tractor by anti-freeze. Nearly got drunk.

31 March 1957
Miss INA terrible. Sure would like some loving.

1 April 1957
Just another day.

2 April 1957
Chcwcd Hailstorms ass for not doing job. Blizzard wind 70 knots.

3 April 1957
Sure would like to be home. Miss lna terrible. Never again. Magee's leg infected.

4 April 1957
Comm blackout. Average day.

5 April 1957
Jamesway over water hole burned. Water may be a problem. Gave Rudy a beer for hitting MC in the head with a snow ball.

6 April 1957
Much trouble with NGD operators. Have a feud with Charlton.

7 April 195'!
Nice day. Llilienthal took a picture of my mustache.

8 April 1957
Wind about 25 knots and suddenly stopped completely. Charlton trying to be friendly with me but to hell with him. Women sure look in movies.

9 April I957
Worked till 3AM clearing traffic. Plenty tired.

10 April 1957
Worked hard all day. Temp +5. Nice day. Bred one of our dogs. Plenty tired. Party left for Site 2.

11 April 1957
Routing day. Been two days without a beer. Got beat out in a cribbage tournament. Temp yesterday +5.

12 April 1957
Pissed off. Things not going good. Snowing. probably a blizzard coming. Trail party retumed. Had to walk 20 miles.

13 April 1957
Got half drunk and maybe all the way before the night is over. Sure would like to be home. Miss Ina terrible.

14 April 1957

Charlton thinks he is right in everything. Does not approve of what 1 do. Real cold today. Worked 8 hours at night

15 April 1957
Had a long talk with Charlton again. Doesn’t think I'm supporting him. Must or else. Big blizzard. Wind 59 knots.

16 April 1957
Blizzard most of day. Played Cribbage in tournament and won. Did some haming. Film broke up on ice cap. Lost one roll.

17 April I957
Snowed all day. Talked to Ina. Everything fine. Got my quarterly marks. Good. Going to be the most cooperative person here up to a limit. Beautifitl night.

18 Appril 1957
Blizzard. Wind 96 MPH. Weather sure can be terrible. Sure would like to be home.

19 April 1957
Rained today. Plenty tired. Sure wish I were home with Ina and Tim.

20 April 1957
Women in movies sure are upsetting. Sure wish I were home.

2! April 1957
Talked to Ina. Got LA. on voice.

22 April 1957
Mclntyrc pissed. Nothing much.

23 April 1957
Good thing I woke up. Gas fitmes nearly got us all. Did a lot of haming. Everyone happy. Snowed 7 inches.

24 April 1957
Storm all day. Worked some ham. Nothing much.

25 April 1957
Digging out from storm. Beautifiil night.

26 April 1957
Beautifitl day. Beautiful night. Took some pictures.

27 April 1957
Talked to lna and she sure didn’t sound like she loved me. Gonna get drunk tonight.

28 April 1957
Sure got drunk last night. Didn’t know all that happened. Killed a seal yesterday. Intestine 225 feet long.

29 April 1957
Big row with Charlton and ham set. Strmn all day. Sure miss Ina.

30 April 1957
Charlton trying to run a good station. Nice day. Sure miss Ina.

1 May 1957
Nothing much. Had a few words with Charlton and he went to see Burnett.

2 May 1957
Talked to Ina today. Heard Tim. Real good. Work tonight.

3 May 1957
Nothing much. Nice night. Would like to be home.

4 May 1957
Went up to ice cap. Temp -3.

5 May 1957
Nothing much.

6 May 1957
Nearly ate my beard.

7 May 1957
Routine life.

8 May 1957
Snowing. Looks like we are in for a storm. Temp dropped 20 deg in one hour.

9 May 1957
Storm about 30 knots. Wyche and Magee made chief.

10 May 1957
One of our dogs died. The Dr. and John Molholm skinned him. Blood thirsty culprits. Still getting along ok with Charlton. Storm still.

11 May [957
Big row with Charlton. Saturday night and no place to go. Gonna get drunk when I get off work at 5 AM.

12 May 1957
Drank beer for about an hour and half then went to bed. Temp -3. no wind, cold. Still speaking to Charlton.

13 May 1957
Nothing much. Saw "I The Jury". Had 3 beers and went to bed. Cold.

14 May 1957
Worked all night. Gonna get drunk on 15th after talking to Ina.

15 May 1957
Didn't talk to lna. Had the day off. Got drunkem a skunk. Weasel went through the ice in the bay. All safe. Weasel recovered.

16 May 1957
Trail party stranded out on Glacier (Vanderford) and rescue party can't find them. Dogs ran away front Carl and got into a fight and one of them was killed.

17 May 1957
Rescue party unable to find lost party as yet. They have 2 days food left and if they are not found today they will attempt to walk out tomorrow. Temp +10. Cut MCs finger and he said I'm gonna kill you tonight. He is sleeping with a machette. l’rn sleeping with 2 knives.

18 May I957
Trail party got back. Plenty tired. Think we are gonna have a storm.

19 May 1957
Having a storm, wind about 50 knots. Talked to lna last night. Not too good.

20 May 1957
Worked plenty hard. A radioman got hurt at McMurdo on a weasel.

21 May 1957
Worked on antennas. Plenty cold outside. Getting hard to sleep.

22 May 1957
Plenty cold. Nice night. Plenty work. Sure wish I were home.

23 May 1957
Temp +l6. Killed a seal today with 2 little one inside.

24 May 1957
Winds dropped from 70 MPH to 0 in I5 minutes. Temp +20. Wt 155.

25 May 1957
Should be leaving middle of April. Saturday night and no place to go.

26 May 1957
Wind to 72 MPH then died completely. Daniel hit Charlton so looks like he has had it.

27 May 1957
Dan went to mast but don’t see how he could have. Wind jumped from 0 to 60 MPH in 10 minutes.

28 May 1957
Talked to Ina. Storm, wind 100.4 MPH. Planks flying all over. Temp +26.

29 May 1957
Temp +32. Curly and George made chief and they are buying beer- Nearly got drunk. Bay clear of ice.

30 May 1957
Temp +38. I killed a seal. Got some movies of dog and seal fight.

31 May 1957
Temp +42. What crazy weather. Trail party depaned for Site 2. Am 380 beers ahead in poker. Guess I won’t buy anymore.

1 June 1957
Temp 0. Storm coming. 24 hour watch. Sure would like to be home. Talked to Walt for a while this evening. Plenty tired temp -6.

2 June 1957
Sure would like to be home. Feel low. Beard about 21/2 inches long. Having a few beers at 4 AM.

3 June 1957
Went dog sledding. Much fun. Took some pictures. Temp +10.

4 June 1957
Nothing much. Nice moon. Daniel got a court martial for hitting Charlton.

5 June 1957
Lost track of days. Nice moon. Much work.

6 June 1957
Nice night. Worked my ass off.

7 June 1957
Easy night. Moon real nice. Wish I were home. Drinking beer at SAM.

8 June 1957
Nice night. Nearly got drunk. Wish I were home.

9 June 1957
No excitement.

10 June 1957

Bailey and Lilienthal want to get married. Big change. I have written up ham grams for them to girls in the states. Nice moon. Temp ~13.

11 June 1957
Temp -16. Sleeping a little better. Nothing new. Nice moon. Saw Cereus twinkling and changing from red to green. Beautiful.

12 June 1957
Much work.

13 June 1957
Temp -51 at Site 2. Not much of anything.

14 June, 1957
Made a shelf above my bunk. Temp -21. Got a msg from Tim. Sure do miss and love them both.

15 June 1957
Much work- Melntyne got drunkem a skunk.

16 June 1957
Slept a lot of the day. Drinking beer and awaiting the birth of our pups. Should be sometime tonight. 11:15 She is in the process. Pooky is the name.

17 June 1957
Can’! sleep. Didn’t see the movie. Plenty tired and sleepy.

18 June 1957
Talked to Ina yesterday. Had a talk with Mr. Burnett. Things are bad. Charlton is going to be bitter.

19 June 1957
Haven’t been sleeping much. Sure cold. Doing a lot of thinking.

20 June 1957
Much tired and sleeping, but can’t sleep. Snowed. Getting plenty forgetful. Maybe a little crazy. Talked to Mirny station (Russian)

21 June 1957
Had some seal steak. Not so good. Tastes like liver. Daniel got busted. Mid winter party.

22 June 1957
Snowing and storm. Went to bed at 7 PM. Sleeping a little better.

23 June 1957
Still snowing. Drank some beer this afternoon. Talked to lna. Jean got married at 0300 L.S.T. Temp +26. Temp rose 12 degrees in 15 minutes. Had 2 steaks for chow. Daniel a little off. Wt 156.

24 June 1957
Had a few words with Charlton. Sleeping a little better.

25 June 1957
Have noticed in myself am inclined to stoop forward when walking. Believe if a man was isolated long enough he would soon walk on all fours.

26 June 1957
Many mid-winter greetings. Worked my ass off. Daniel just got his rate suspended for 3 months.

27 June 1957
Nothing much. Plenty of work. Some aurora tonight.

28 June 1957
Had a beer can fight with 3 guys in rec hall. Draw.

29 June 1957
Miss home. Gonna get drunk tonight.

30 June 1957
Another month gone. Nice day but wind is coming up. Temp -20.

1 July 1957
24 hour watch. Cutting down on drinking beer. Official IGY starts.

2 July 1957
Plenty tired this morning. Slept pretty good.

3 July 1957
Had two beers last night and one tonight. Comm blackout.

4 July 1957
Had 3 beers tonight. Through work at 03:15. Comm blackout-

5 July 1957
Comm back to normal. Had one beer tonight. Hope to talk to Ina soon.

6 July 1957
Snowing a little. Talked to Ina. Not very good. Having some beer tonight.

7 July 1957
Ran the movie. Charlton and Rudy are going to S-2 tomorrow. Hope a storm comes and keeps them up there. Not sleeping so good.

8 July 1957
Storm. Wind 50 knots. Got our wish. Trail party last on icecap. Having a couple beers at 0500.

9 July 1957
Trail party got back ok to my disappointment. Nearly got drunk on 6 beers this morning. Had one beer tonight. Sure would like to be home.

10 July 1957
Berkley got up at 04:30. Talked to Capt. Dickey. (South Pole Station). Hard to sleep.

11 July 1957
Slept pretty good today. Handle bar mustache about 2 inches long. Looks good. Stn miss1naandTim.

12 July 1957
Mac and Rudy returned after turning over weasel. Rudy got a few bumps on his head. They nearly got lost between here and icecap. Think they had been drinking.

13 July 1957
Had some delicious punch tonight. Haven’t been drinking any beer. Had a helicopter crash at McMundo. Killed l and seriously injured 2 more. Temp -15,

14 July 1957
Got part of the night off. Storming starting.

15 July 1957
Storm 90 MPH. Got 16 hours of sleep. I haven’t been out all day. What people will do to see a movie.

16 July 1957
Much drift snow. Put some hot stuff in Noonan's chow. What a laugh

17 July 1957
Talked to Ina. Sure do miss her. Just can't seem to get along with Charlton.

18 July 1957
Sun was up but blowing snow. Sure would like to be home.

19 July I957
Plenty sleepy. Another storm. Tired.

20 July 1957
Hate Charlton’s guts. Riding my ass. Gonna see the morale officer.

21 July 1957
Had a talk with the Dr. Maybe got things squared away. Things don’t look bright. Gotta dig out temporary comm shack in next two weeks or am in trouble.

22 July 1957
Beautiful day. Sun up. Much work at temporary.

23July 1957
Carl went out on sea ice in weasel.

24 July 1957
Talked to Ina. Sure miss her.

25 July 1957
Storm today wind 60 MPH. Was out in it and had a little trouble getting back from 1/4 mile in a weasel.

26 July 1957
Sure am mad. Sure getting hard to take some of the bull shit.

27 July 1957
Storm 50 knots. Temp 0. Sure would like to be home.

28 July 1957
Pooky scared Lilenthal tonight. He nearly climbed the flag pole.

29 July 1957
Worked up at temporary. Carl, Dan and Dr. went through the bay ice 3 times but not all
the way.

30 July I957
Digging a lot of snow. Morale down.

31 July 1957
Still working at temporary.

1 August 1957
Talked to Ina. Sure glad to hear her again. Talked to Japanese station “Syouea“. 24 hour watch. Gonna take a shower and sleep for 12 hours.

2 August 1957
Storm. Wind sure is fumny. Slept most of day.

3 August 1957
Dug snow all aftemoon. Sure am tired at 0200. Gonna get the Dr. to give me a sleeping pill.

4 August 1957
Good bull session tonight. Sent 21 good ham grams. Nice night.

5 August 1957
Storm 75 MPH. Pretty bad out. Lillianthal lost his beloved hat. Sure would like to be home. Wind 81 MPH.

6 August 1957
Up at noon till 3AM. You get some of the damdest thoughts. Would like to be home so much some time I think I will go crazy.

7 August 1957
Dug snow this afternoon. Morale a little higher. Sure would like to be home.

8 August 1957
Nice moon. Things sure depressing.

9 August 1957
Still nice outside. Heard from Davisville that the Arneh is coming here. 2 RMs coming.

10 August 1957
Took 3 hours cleaning the recreation hall this afternoon. Morale sure low.

1l August 1957
Frenchy and Rudy went to S-2. Lil and Beetle making a kite. Finished mocicans for lna. Sure would like to be with her now.

12 August 1957
Boys got back from S-2. Surely lonely.

13 August 1957
Storm all day. Wind 88 MPH. Doing some studying. Morale low.

14 August 1957
Storm: all day. 88 MPH. Doing some studying. Morale low.

15 August 1957
Storm all day. 80 MPH. Talked to Ina for a few minutes. Morale improved. Barometer goes straight up and then down.

16 August 1957
Worked at temporary all afternoon. Still storm.

17 August 1957
Made some ski poles and going skiing tomorrow. Formula for Antarctic punch, grapefiuit. grape. orange and lemon juice, 100 proof whiskey with brandy if desired.

18 August 1957
Didn’t get any sleep before brunch so didn't go skiing. Morale low again.

19 August 1957
No eontact with Ina on my sked. Looks like storm.

20 August 195730 August 1957
Comm blackout continues. Worked at temporary all morning. Sure would like to be home.

21 August 1957
Couldn’t sleep when I went to bed so got up and worked at temporary till 10:00 and finally went to sleep. Sure is hard to sleep. You sure think of some of the craziest things.

22 August 1957
(Same entry as 21 August).

23 August 1957
Storm all day wind at 89 MPH. Sure would like to be home. Trail party got caught on the ice in the storm but got back to base safely. What a shame.

24 August 1957
Couldn’t sleep so stayed up all day. Storrn tonight. Plenty tired at 03:00.

25 August 1957
Slept pretty good. Morale pretty low. Storm all day 85 MPH-

26 August 1957
Got about 4 hours sleep. Storm. Worked at temporary. Sure would like to be home.

27 August 1957
Temp +29. Fine day. Can‘t sleep. Worked all night and gonna work this morning.

28 August 1957
Worked till noon. Sure tired tonight. Sure would like to be home.

29 August 1957
Comm blackout. Nice day but slept most of it. Hope to talk to Ina soon.

30 August 1957
Comm blackout continues. Worked at temporary all morning. Sure would like to be

31 August 1957
Comm blackout. Seems to be improving. Slept all day. Much aurora tonight. Bull
session with Lil and Beetle.

1 September 1957
Five more months till the ships will be in. Slept all day.

2 September 1957
Had 5 beers last night and nearly died today. Guess I won’t drink too much more. Comm

3 September 1957
Took a sleeping pill but it didn’t work. Went over and saw a movie at 9:30 PM. Can’t sleep.

4 September 1957
Beautiful day. Took some pictures. Comm improving.

5 September 1957
Temp -2. Beautiful day. Trail party returned from S-2. Comm improving.

6 September 1957
Small storm. Pretty tired. Charlton is a shit head.

7 September 1957
Jack came up but I was busy and didn’t talk to lna. Nice day. Went for a walk across the
bay and took sortie pictures. Gonna get drunk tonight.

8 September 1957
Beautifixl day. Have a sked for tomorrow with Ina.

9 September 1957
Storm 90 MPH. Talked to Ina for a bit. Sure good to hear her.

10 September 1957
Birthday. The boys took me down out in a 70 knot storm and gave me 26 lashes. Storm all day. The boys made me a cake and took it over to the rec hall in 8O MPH of wind.

11 September 1957
Didn’t pay to get up today. Burnett won‘t listen to me.

12 September 1957
Captured an Emperior penguin. Sure strong. Got two seals.

13 September,l 957
Dug snow. Carl fell in the bay alone and nearly didn't get ouL

14 September 1957
Saturday night and no place to go. sure would like to be home. This place is beginning to show on everyone.

15 September 1957
Party departed for S-2. The Spook and Gil went out man hauling overnight. Crazy. l8:00 storm. Sure looks like we may have some dead people on hand.

16 September 1957
The people sure don’t get along with the wheels. Storm.

17 September 1957
Talked to Ina and my morale is higher. Storm all day. The boys are still out in their tent.

18 September 1957
Two people still out on ice. Rescue party went out but unable to find them. Full scale rescue tomorrow. Lost at pinochle. Sure depressing.

19 September I957
Full scale search and rescue underway. Two weasels searching. 11:00 no sight of lost party. 14:00 the idiots have been found alive.

20 September 1957
The boys returned from S-2. Packed my sea bags. Ready to go.

21 September 1957
Hard day. Berkley and Frenchie had a weight contest. Berkley won. First day of spring.

22 September 1957
Went fishing but couldn’t break a hole in the ice. 3 months and 3 weeks to go.

23 September 1957
Got temporary operating. Argo (puppy) sure is growing.

24 September 1957
Doing a lot of studying. Comm blackout since 21th.

25 September 1957
Doing a lot of studying. Ships will be in 15 February. Sure would like to be home.

26 September 1957
Had a long talk with Mr. Burnett. Truce with Charlton. Wonsey got word his mother was committed to a mental hospital.

27 September 1957
Had a long nice talk with Burnett. Storm all day. Dug snow.

28 September 1957
Storm all day. Starting to paint the shack. Wind 90 MPH.

29 September 1957
Painted our room. Powder blue. Went fishing, no catch. Storm. I had 2 large steaks for chow.

30 September 1957
Rudy making clay women. Storm 110 MPH. Sure depressed.

I October 1957
Morale high. Three planes arrived at McMurdo. Talked to Ina for a few minutes. Should have our orders by 15th. Had a long tall: with Claud.

2 October 1957
Snowing hard. Sure feel low. Hailstorm mad.

3 October I957
Nice afternoon. Sure would like to be home. Much work.

4 October [957
Not much. Nice day.

5 October 1957
Took the dogs out for a couple hours. Kao is smart. Heard the Russian satellite signal. Worked my ass off. Seven hours continuous on the circuit.

6 October 1957
Listening to the Russian satellite. Slept all day.

7 October I957
Slept all day. Saw two movies and went to bed at 05:00. Sure miss lna.

8 October 1957
Talked to Ina. Morale higher. Slept all day. People left for S-2 but turned back because of weather.

9 October 1957
Storm. Sure thinking about home. Some people at LA. and McMurdo got orders. Doesn‘t look good.

10 October 1957
Storm all day, 70 MPH. Everyone feels low.

ll October 1957
L. A. boys got orders. Sure sweating them. Storm all day.

12 October 1957
Storm still. Berkley and I cut a leg off Powell’s screw stool.

13 October 1957
Everyone looking for the satellite and Mclntyre and Lilenthal released a balloon. Byrd. Pole. McMurdo got orders.

14 October 1957
Dug snow at temporary. No orders.

I5 October 1957
Took the dogs over to penguin rookery, but no penguins. Much painting. No orders.

16 October 1957
Everyone got orders except me. Good duty. Jack was up and said Ina was sick, but
relayed through Portland to Milwaukee and she is ok.

17 October 1957
Orders. USS Prevail out of N.Y. I'm most pissed off S.O.B. in Antarctica.

18 October 1957
Maybe get my orders changed. Still mad. Lil is hearing guys talk on the ham set and thinking they are female. Bad.

19 October 1957
Had a nice long chat with Jack, W6WGG.

20 October 1957
Talked to Ina. Feel much better now. She is saving money. Went over and saw the first two penguins of the season

21 October 1957
Went on an Antarctic seal roundup in a weasel. Branded 22 seals. Got a sun burn. Am really beat- Saw some penguins.

22 October 1957
All day watch.

23 October 1957
Slept all day. Much work.

24 October I957
Tired and wonna go home. Noonan took some movies of the shack. Storm. Vanderford Glacier is moving 6 feet per day. 25 miles long, 5 miles wide. Fastest moving glacier in Antartica.

25 October 1957
Didn’t sleep much. Side painful from a fall on weasel on 21th. In misery. Hallett had average wind of 72 knots for 5 hour period.

26 October 1957
Snowing. Played some shuffleboard. Syd’s girl friend hasn't been home the past two times he has called. Looks like she doesn't live there anymore.

27 October 1957
Took 25 tons of fuel to S-l for trip to S-2.

28 October 1957
All night watch. Many penguins around.

29 October 1957
Burnett and Mclntyre took 3 weasel to S-2. Checking on the tractor. OK. 104 miles in 24 hours. Bad.

30 October 1957
People returned from S-2. Not much sleep today.

31 October [957
Killed about 40 penguins to take back. Tired. Hung the dog sled in Geodisic dome.

1 November 1957
Transmitter trouble. Typewriter trouble. Much work.

2 November 1957
Got the night off and nearly got drunk. Snowing.

3 November 1957
Don’t feel so good. Snowing. Mae got drunk and then we got him drunk again. What a riot. 1 had two steaks for chow. Sure would like to be home.

4 November 1957
Nice day. Worked on typewriter all day.

5 November 1957
Comm blackout. Tired of this place. Bred Pookey today.

6 November 1957
Kita and Horizon had a dog fight. Horizon won. Nice day. Sure am tired of this place.

7 November 1957
Nice day. Am ready to go home.

8 Novber 1957
Got our orders oflicially and have requested Port Lyautey, San Juan or shore duty in Europe.

9 November 1957
Talked to Ina. Feel 100% better. She bought a lot in Florida

10 November 1957
Daniel was dnmk serving evening chow. He talked to Mr. Burnett and the Dr. The boy is
bad off. Storm all day.

11 November 1957
Forgot a schedule with Mawson. Am not recommended for proficiency advancement.

12 November 1957
Daniel talked to Cdr. Flynn and he sounded pretty good but you can’t beat city hall.
Going to talk to Cdr. Flynn about recommendation for proficiency advancement.

13 November 1957
Talked to Cdr. Flynn but no satisfaction. Sure would like to be home.

14 November I957
Snowing all day. Much Much work. Morale pretty low.

15 November 195'?
Much work. Painting. Work load doubled.

16 November 1957
This 12 hours a day is beginning to tell. Sure wish I were home.

17 November 1957
Sure boring. Sure wish I were home.

18 November 1957
Patterson and Lil went to S-2. Painted all day. Talked to Ina. How I love her. The strain of isolation is beginning to show on everyone especially Mr. Burnett. The people at the Pole have been under the snow too long.

19 November 1957
The boys got back from S-2. Going back on the Arneb. Played volley ball.

20 November 1957
Talked to Jack. Nice day, temp +32.

21 November 1957
Carl brought an Emperor back.

22 November [957
Painted all day. Snowed all day.

23 November 1957
Nice day. Painted all day.

24 November 1957
Talked to Ina. Feel much better.

25 November 1957
Pained. Nice day. Got some pictures of an emperor. Played some pinochle.

26 November 1957
Finished painting. Played pinochle and won 2 bucks. Bailey got word that his brother died in August.

27 November 1957
Nice day.

28 November 1957
Fine dinner. Bailey sick for 3 days. Sure wish 1 were home.

29 November 1957
Twin engine aircraft flew over. Sure surprised everyone. Believe Russian.

30 November 1957
Got Mclntyre pissed off today. Looks like this place is beginning to show on him.

1 December 1957
24 hour watch. Long, long day. Nice summer day.

2 December 1957
Slept all day.

3 December 1957
Temp +42. Sure lonely. Sometimes I think I'll blow my top. Got to last 2 more months.
Have just about had the course.

4 December 1957
Think I’ll survive.

5 December 1957
Doing some studying. Sure would like to be home.

6 December [957
More studying. Sure would like to be borne.

7 Deceber 1957
Hailstorm going to S-2 tomorrow I think. Sure is going to be a tough go for 2 days.

8 December 1957
Party to S-2. Berkley and Honoka went over a 5 foot wide crevase and just barely made.

9 December 1957
Temp +40. Beautiful day. Walt was up but conditions were bad.

10 December 1957
One year since we left civilization.

11 December 1957
Beetle and John returned from S-2. Talked to Walt for a few minutes.

12 December 1957
Lost 20 bucks playing poker, so have quit until I get aboard ship.

13 December 1957
Slept all day. Autographed .lohn’s book.

14 December 1957
Sure home sick. Jack was up but bad signals and didn‘t talk to him. Sunrise on icebergs, sure pretty.

15 December 1957
Charlton thinks his thinking is always right. He is held off. Sure will be glad to get out of here.

16 December 1957
Argo and pooky killed 2 penguins.

17 December l957
Windy. Just like a March day stateside.

18 December 1957
Wind 62 knots. The most beautifixl sight I have ever seen here. Storming with clouds looking like a hurricane and the sun was reflecting on them at sumset.

19 December 1957
Heard from K1NAP. Got orders to Port Lyautey, Happy.

20 December 1957
Took some pictures. Beautiful day.

21 December 1957
Time passing pretty good. Can't sleep too good. Sure wish I were home.

22 December 1957
Nice day. Sure would like to talk to Ina.

23 December 1957
No luck on talking to Ina. Molholm and Loken got stuck in ice and we went to the rescue. Everyone went through the ice up to his hips. Water sure cold. Much fun.

24 December 1957
Christmas eve. Santa arrived in dog sled. Talked to lna. Sure glad everything ok. Called from Diego. Santa gave me a picture of the base.

25 December 1957
Talked to Ina. Sure glad to hear her. Good dinner but too tired to enjoy it. 24 hour watch.

26 December 1957
Got up at 03:30 after 11 hours sleep. Was plenty tired. Have an outboard motor on a life raft. Works good.

27 December 1957
Talked to Claude. Temp +43.5.

28 December 1957
Snowing. Would like to be home.

29 December 1957
Not much. Gonna drink some beer tonight.

30 December 1957
Talked to Ina for a minute. Sure miss her.

31 December 1957
Sure good to know this is the last of 1957. Probably get drunk tonight. Talked to Ike and maybe have a big party.

1 January 1958
One year ago today since I shaved. Beard 6 1/2 inches long. 3 steaks for chow.

2 January 1958

Hailstonn went to S-2. Long watch till he gets back. Garth set off fire alarm and he was on one PA. system yelling false alarm and Burnett on another yelling this is no drill. Handled 35 messages today.

3 January 1958
Hailstorm returned from Site 2. Tired.

4 January 1958
Wind blowing continuously past two days but no snow.

5 January 1958
Windy. 70 MPH. Sure would like to be home. Heard Gudmundson talking to Weddell Sea from WOC8.

6 January 1958
Fire alarm went off and nearly scared hell out of everyone. Had a meeting and Charlton is a two faced SOB. Dan has had the rooster. He has a little four-wheeled trailer.

7 January 1958
Real shakeup. Magee told Charlton what he thought of him. A shame the shakeup comes so near going home. Roof leaking terrible. Much work fixing it.

8 January 1958
Real foggy. Talked to lna for a few minutes.

9 January 1958
Sure am homesick but am going to ride the Arneb anyway.

10 January 1958
Sure wish Jack or Walt would come up on ham.

11 January I953
Taking the day off and think l’ll get drunk tonight.

12 January 1958
Green, Daniel and Hailstorm got two seals. Beautiful day. Plenty tired, 24 hour watch.

13 January 1958
Ships in Hallett offloading.

14 January 1953
Ships should be here in two weeks. People went to S-2.

15 January 1958
Drank some beer this early AM. The guys got back from S-2. Gonna drink some more beer when through work. Helps to sleep.,

16 January 1958
Sun: did get drunk this morning. Sure felt terrible at noon. Guess I‘ll lay off the stuff.

17 January 1958
Talked to Ina. Sure good to hear her. Drinking some beer tonight.

18 January 1958
Farewell party tonight. Took some inside movies.

19 January 1958
No mail onboard Atka for us. Should be the last quiet weekend.

20 January 1958
Plenty tired. Went to bed at 18:30.

21 January 1958
Nice day. Going to S-2 at 18:00. The icecap is like being in another world.

22 January 1958
Good trip to S-2. Ships may be in tomorrow.

23 January 1958
Helicopter landed at 14:30 from the Atka. Beautiful sight. Not long now. 24 hour watch. Should be happy about the Atka being in but I’m not too much. Must just be tired. I’m afraid I have changed much more than I want to admit.

24 January I958
Plenty work. Ships will be in about 2400. Fried eggs and ham for breakfast. First time in over a year.

25 January [958
Mclntyre up at 5AM. Ships arrived at 12:30. Worked my ass off. Read my mail till midnight. Discontinuing this log.

Will continue with general information.

Cape Hallet was built and was self-sustaining in 7 days.

Hallett Station was built at Capre Adare on a penguin rookcry which contained about 50,000 penguins.

Wilkes Station was built and self-sustaining in 4 days. Off-loaded 1700 tons of cargo to build base. 1400 cases of beer. Budweiser cans rusted. Schlitz malt congealled into lumps. Pabst (my beer) was best of all.

10 civilian scientists and 17 US. Navy personnel manned Wilkes.

The only contact we had with the outside world was via amateur radio except for official communications with Mclviurdo Sound. During the winter months no ships nor aircraft were able to penetrate the ice or weather. There was no landing strip at Wilkes.