Adirondacks & Hudson Valley

During October 2006. we spent time in the Adirondacks and Hudson River Valley enjoying the fall leaves. We were accompanied by Doug and Nancy Winter Hatch. The Fenimore Museum exhibited a wonderful collection of Grandma Moses paintings. Hyde Park gave us a glimpse of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s lives and their extensive contributions to this nation. The Adirondack Museum is devoted to life in that area over several centuries.




















Doug and Nancy Hatch, Pat and Mel Oakes Vanderbilt Estate near Hyde Park, NY

Nancy and Doug Hatch with Roosevelts at Hyde Park, NY

Nancy and Doug Hatch, Museum near Cooperstown

Mel and Pat Oakes, Museum near Cooperstown, NY

























B & B Sign

B&B in Adirondacks

Breakfast at B&B

A surprise snow storm.

Doug Hatch and Mel Oakes, Adirondacks Museum

Fire Tower at Adirondacks Museum









Mel Oakes, Doug Hatch, Pat Oakes, David and Olga Muntianu, Cortland, NY, Oct 2006