White Family

Colorized scan of White name sketched by Abbie Esther Ballou (1851-97) in her music book, before her marriage to Frank Edger White.

Eliphalet White (1765-1840)-Bethania Alden White (1761-1848)




White Family Photo Gallery

Will of Eliphalet White (1765-1840), February 1835.

Transcription of Above Will:

In the name of God Amen. I Eliphalet White of Attleborough in the County of Bristol and Commonwealth of Massachusetts yoman Considering the uncertainty of life and being of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and put forth this my last will and testament as follows. First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Bethanie the lot of land in regarding where I now live with all the buildings, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging to her and her heirs and assigns forever also all my personal estate except which is hereafter ?(maybe specified) ? Secondly I give and devise to my eldest son Damon White his heirs and assigns forever Two Notes, both amount to Twenty-four hundred dollars which I hold against him be given up to him by his paying to my wife the sum of forty-eight dollars a year as Right of Dower during her natural life. Thirdly I give and devise to youngest son Deronza White his heirs and assigns forever a Deed of the farm whereon he now lives which I have enumerated and which is in my keeping it to be given to him.

Fourthly my wish is that my Daughter Mary Shepard had paid her yearly by my executors the income of one thousand dollars during her natural life and at her death give and bequeath to her children the sum of one thousand dollars to be paid them by my executor in equal shares, but in case her children should not live to come of lawful age my will is that my executors receive the same equally. Fifthly I give nothing to my son in law James Ware. Sixthly I do constitute my tw0 sons Damon and Deronza my conditions of this my last will and testament. In witness where of I have set my hand as seal this Twelfth day of February in the year of our Lord Eighteen-hundred & thirty-five. Signed sealed publicized by the above named Eliphalet White to be his last will & testament in the presence of us who at his request & in his presence have herein unto ?affixed our names and ?writinges to the same.
Ebenezer Draper
Samuel ?eay
Isaac Draper

Eliphalet White

Deronza White (1801-66)
Almira Briggs Aldrich White (1817-1904)
(Mrs. Deronza White)
Mother of Frank Edgar White
Alden Deronza White (1884-1958)
Edwin Alonzo White (1829-)
Ruth Emily Tressora Howard
Sarah J. Bowen White (1836-) (Mrs E. Alonzo White)

Almira Briggs Aldrich White (1817-1904)
(Mrs. Deronza White)
Mother of Frank Edgar White

Maybe a daughter of Deronza and Hannah Tyler White Holmes. Hannah was Deronza's second wife. They had a daughter Hannah Tyler H. White. (1843-1926) If we assume picture of Almira (her stepmother) was taken in1867 based on her being about 50 in the photo at left, then Hannah would be be 24, about right for the photo.

Deronza White (1801-1966) Auction
9. Alden Deronza White (1884-1958)
Tintype of Sarah Jane, Edwin Alonzo(1829-1911),& Clara White (Edwin was half-brother to Frank Edgar White)
28. Betsy D. (Bessie) Read
1st Wife of Amos T. Read (1848-?}
27. Amos Theodore Read (1838-1911)
Amos Theodore Read(1838-1911),
Robert S. Winter Jr. ’s Great Uncle.
Frank Edgar White

Frances Maria Allen (Fannie) Maxcy, b. Attleboro (1856-1934)
She looks like Almira Augusta White seen later.

41. Maybe same man as picture 17, however no mustache, Charles Josiah Allen
Clara White (1866-?)
Daughter of E. Alonzo & Sarah White
Maybe a young Frank Edgar White.

Almira Augusta White Read (1847-1927)
54. Album Backplate

Frank Edgar and Abbie Ballou Family

Frank Edgar White
Abbie Esther Ballou (1851-97) Wife of Frank Edgar White
Frank & Abbie White Marriage Cert 1879
Bertha Eliza, Abbie Esther,Velma Frances White (Around1890)
Abbie White Funeral Records Aug 29, 1897. The bill is dated Oct. 12, 1900
Bertha ElizaWhite(1884)
Ruth Emilie Ballou Howard (1847-70)
Emily Tressora Howard(1870-1939)
Wife of William A. Alexander
Maybe Ruth Emilie &Abbie Esther Ballou, ca. 1865
Maybe Mother of Unknown Sisters above. Eliza Chloe Guild Ballou(1821-83)
Ruth Emilie Ballou Howard
Sister of Abbie Ester Ballou, ca. 1870
Appears pregnant with Emily Tressora?r.
Emily Tressora Howard(1870-)
daughter of Albert W. & Ruth Emily Ballou Howard, ca. 1890
Bertha Eliza White (1884).
Frank Edgar White (1856-1936)
Maybe Emily Tressora (1870-) & William A. Alexander(1866-) and son Howard(1901-)
Frank Edgar White (1856-1936)
Maybe Emily Tressora (1870-) & William A. Alexander(1866-) and son Howard(1901-)
Velma Frances White, 1887
Alden Deronza White
Bertha Eliza White
Velma White Winter (1886-1980)
Frank Edgar White
Alden Deronza White 1889-age 5
Alden DeronzaWhite (1884-1958)
Alden DeronzaWhite (1884-1958)

Alden DeronzaWhite (1884-1958)

Velma White Graduation 1904

Bertha White Graduation 1900

Bertha White (1882-1975)

Bertha White (1882-1975)
Jane Johonnot (1889-1949), wife of Alden Deronza White.
Robert S. Winter & Velma White Marriage Cert. 1915
Velma White Winter
Velma White Winter
Velma & Bertha White
Bertha & Velma White
Donald White 1919
Donald White, ca. 1918
Whites and Winters visiting. l-r Alden White and his sister Bertha, Bob Winter, Jr., Velma White Winter, Donald White and Jane Johonnot White (wife of Alden and mother of Donald), and Frank Edgar White (father of Alden, Bertha, and Velma)--about 1919. Photo likely taken by Bob Winter, Sr.

Alden Deronza & Jane Johonnot White Family

Alden DeronzaWhite (1884-1958)
Jane Johonnot (1889-1949), wife of Alden Deronza White.
Carrie Morton, Jane Johonnot’s Mom, 1865
Carrie Morton Johonnot 1919 ( b. 1862), Jane Johonnot’s mother.
Ira, Martha, Jane & Carrie Johonnot
Jane & Martha Johonnot 1895
Jane & Martha Morton Johonnot
Martha graduated from Wellesley College in 1910
Jane Filson Johonnot, A. B. 1911
She graduated from Waltham HS in 1907,
Jane Johonnot Grad BU 1911
Jane Johonnot Grad BU 1911
became a high school teacher at Sharow High School
Ken, Don & Connie White ca. 1923-24
Connie, Dolly, Ken, Don (at back) White 1930
Connie White ca. 1932
Dolly White ca. 1932
Donald White( 1917-60) about 1934
Ada Sailey and Donald White--1943 with Ada's nieces Constance (with Ada) and Carol (with Don) Stonaker. The Stonaker girls were in their wedding four years later.
Donald White with Constance and Carol Stonaker, Ada's nieces--1943
Wedding party of Ada Sailey & Donald White, June 14, 1947
Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church, New Jersey, left to right--Melvin Sailey, Eleanor Stillwell, Willard Sailey, Carol Stonaker (now Fisher), Ada, Donald, Beatrice Daly, Ed Daly, Constance Stonaker Lee, Theresa Stonaker, Lewis Stonaker. Donald White was the son of Jennie and Alden White.
Dolly White Rose
Dolly & Connie White
Connie White
Dolly White Rose with children, Jane, Rick & Jim, 1954

Mount Vernon, VA, March 24, 1913
Back row:
George Bartlett; Wm Startz; Miss Johnson(?) Teacher Later Mrs. ??????; Josephine A. Bailey Raymond (1862-1930) (Clarence A. Raymond’s mother); Elsie Godspeed; Gertrude Briggs; Elaine Briggs; Earle Pearson; Lawrence Albert White, S. Attleboro, son of Damon A. and Annie White ; Unknown Tour Guide.

Front row:
Gertrude Holden; Florence W. Holden; Florence Bailey Peachey (Falk) (1889-1991), (?) Sheldonville School Teacher Later Mrs. Merrill Nelson Falk, Plainville; Marion Startz; Dorothy Castleton; Ethel Kirkton (1888-1921) (Later Mrs. Murray Winter); Marion Farrington; Louise Brastow; Mary Leonard Later Wignall; Jessla(?) Gibson who worked at Clarence Raymond’s house.

Note: Lawrence Albert White, nineteen at the time of the photo, will, in four years be serving in France. He returned from WWI in 1919. He worked in a Near East Relief program. Shortly after returning, he applied for a passport to return to Europe to be married. His passport photo is at right. In 1920, he married Vera Petrosky, a young woman born in Petrograd. They were married in Constantinople, Turkey. They returned to the U.S. and moved to Detroit where they opened a beauty parlor. Lawrence died in Detroit in 1971. He was a great-great grandson of Eliphalet White.

Lawrence A. White Document
Ken, Don & Connie White ca. 1923-24
Connie, Dolly, Ken, Don (at back) White 1930