Patrick Murray and Isabella Ednie Winter Family

Patrick Murray Winter (1840-1901) was born in Perth, Scotland in 1834 to James Scott and Ann Crane Winter. He was a hatter by trade. He married Christina Darling (1846-1903) on May 9, 1865. She was the daughter of George (1817-56) and Agnes Gilchrist (1819-65) Darling. George was a haberdasher and when John married Christina, he married into the business, hence he had a reason to stay in Perth while three of his male siblings emmigrated to the US. They had three children: daughters Agnes (1868-1959) and Christinia (1877-1963) neither of which married. Their son, James Winter (1870-1938) married Margaret Kidd (1888-1942); and they had two daughters, Mollie Winter (1905-41), who married David Murie (1904-85) and Margaret "Mardie" Winter. Mardie never married.

Some details on John and Christina's four children:

Agnes Winter, b. Perth (5/18/1868-2/l6/1959}, d. Newport on Tay, Scotland, unmarried She was a teacher and served as principal of St. Johnstown private school..

James Wlnter, b. Perth. (6/7/1870-1938). Married Margaret Kidd (1868-1942) on Aug. 28, 1902 in Dundee, Scotland. James and Margaret had
two daughters—Mollie Winter. b. Aug. 26. 1905. Mollie married. David Murie on April 16, 1938. Mollie died on June 9. 1941 in Perth leaving no children. Her sister, Margaret "Mardie", was born and died in Perth, (July 22. 1909-Nov. 12, 1989). She was the last of the family. While unmarried.Mardie felt that the son from her brother-in-law's marriage, after the death of Mollie, was her nephew and she loved dearly David and his wife Hazel. Many in the US knew Mardie, as she made several trip there and rode the bus to visit many of her relatives. She was a wonderful host in her home, Rosemont, in Perth, to many relatives who stopped to visit.

Margaret Darling was born on June 27, 1872 in Perth and died Aug 27, 1926 in St Johnstown, Perth.

Christina was born in Perth on May 15, 1877 and died at Newport-on-Tay, Scotland on 9/15/1963. She never married.


Patrick was the son of James Scott and Ann Crane Winter. James and Ann were born and raised in Scotland. Patrick and his siblings, Janet, James, Charles, William Clark, and John Bishop were all born in Scotland. Charles, William and Patrick emigrated to the United States in the 19th century, settling in Massachusetts.

Patrick Murray Winter (1840-1901)- Isabella Ednie (1851-1934)

The above list includes only 3 generations. Some fourth generation surnames include Meikle, Thomson, Cochrane, Beresford, Oakes, Hatch, Heckman, Koziol, Erlenbach, Gosse, Lawrence, Maynard, Buck, Deifell, Blatnik, Starkey, Edgecomb, Johnson, Jernigan, Herald.



Patrick Murray & Isabella Ednie Winter Gallery

Patrick Murray Winter (1840-1901) ca. 1870
Isablla Ednie Winter (1851-1934), ca.1881
Patrick Murray Winter 1840-1901
Isabella Ednie Winter, (1851-1934) Wife of Patrick Winter, b. Perth, Scotland
Believed to be John Bishop and Christina Darling Winter, c. 1865, year of their marriage. They lived only a short walk from the photographer, H. Thomson, Perth, 30th George St. (operated between 1860-65, information courtesy of Sara Kelly, Librarian, Perth). Brother of Patrick Murray Winter
Photo by George F. Roger, Artist, 57 & 59 Nethergate, Dundee, and Cottage Place, Broughty Ferry. Likely John Bishop Winter (1834-1905) and a daughter. Roger a photographer in 1871, 81 Censuses. In 1861 is photographer artist, Hawkhill, Dundee
James Scott Winter 1797-1871, Father of John Bishop Winter
James Scott Winter Stone erected by his sons. In Wellshill Cemetery, Perth, Scotland
William Clark Winter(1838-1920), b. Coupar, Angus, Scotland. Came to U. S. about 1867. Brother of Patrick Murray Winter.
(Picture, c. 1915, Courtesy Winifred Hebb)
Charles Winter(1836-1903). c. 1875. Brother of Patrick Murray Winter. Came from Scotland in 1857 to Mansfield, MA. Later joined by brothers, William & Patrick Murray.
John Ednie (1819-1901), Father of Isabella Ednie Winter
Mary Allan Ednie, (1826-1901), wife of John Ednie
Back of John Ednie’s Cabinet Card. James Porter, the photographer committed suicide on Nov. 4, 1878 in Dundee at home of his brother, by drinking cyanide of potassium from his studio. He was a crack shot of the Perthshire Rifle Battalion. He left a widow and 12 children

Back of Mary Allan Ednie’s Cabinet Card

John Ednie (1819-1901), Father of Isabella Ednie Winter, Gardener Scone Palace, b. Fife
Mary Allan Ednie, (1826-1901), wife of John Ednie

John & Mary Allan Ednie, about 1885, Perth, Scotland.

John Ednie’s Black Thorn Cane, Perth
John Ednie’s Black Thorn Cane, Perth
John and Mary Ednie Anniversary Tea Service
John & Mary Ednie, attended St. Martins church near Perth.
Old Balboughty Cottages, early home of John & Mary Ednie. They are near Scone, Perth, Scotland
John & Mary Ednie, Old Scone Cottage No. 9, Scone, Perthshire, Scotland, c 1880s
John & Mary Ednie's Headstone
Perth, Scotland
John(1873-1969), Allan (1878-1960) & Murray(1875-1959) Winter c. 1885. Isabella Ednie and Patrick Murray Winter’s boys. Mansfield MA, J. Ralph Allen Studio. Isabella took them to Scotland for a year--1882-1883
John Winter, c. 1900--Oldest son of Patrick and Isabella Ednie Winter

James Winter Family

John Winter (1873-1969), Oldest son of Patrick Murray Winter
John Winter's School, Perth, Scotland, He attended 1882-83 while in Perth for a year.
Murray Winter, Tintype 1876
Murray Winter (1875-1969), Second son of Patrick Murray Winter
Christina Darling Winter, high school graduation, ca-1901
Christina Darling Winter(1883-1971) Sister of Allan, John & Murray Winter.
Elsie Winter George (1885-1991)--about 1903--high school graduation, Wrentham, MA
Elsie Adamson Winter (1885-1991),
Second Daughter of Partrick & Isabella Winter
wife of Walter George
Walter George, High School Graduation, 1904, Wrentham MA
(Photogragher: Millers, Elmwood Ave & Public St., Prov. R. I.)
Elsie Adamson Winter (1885-1991), c. 1905,
Second Daughter of Partrick & Isabella Winter
wife of Walter George
Walter George (1885-1969) and his father Harvey George (1855-1934) about 1910
Walter George and his father Harvey and Ida George in the wagon, 1919. Harvey lost his arm in when he developed an infection from a nail when he was working at the box factory in Wrentham
Ida, Raymond, and Murray George, c. 1919
Walter and Elsie Adamson Winter George, 1946. Note Walter’s early hearing aid.

Allan George, U. S. Army ca. 1943.

Charles Crane Winter (1888-1968)

Allan Winter (1878-1960), third son of Patrick Murray Winter, married Mary (Mamie) Holland--photo about 1896

Charles Crane Winter (1888-1968)
Charles Crane Winter (1888-1968) c. 1904
Fourth Son of Patrick Murray Winter
Charles Crane Winter (1888-1968)

Fannie George (1887-1985) c. 1916, wife of Charles Winter

Fannie & Charles Winter Wedding,
August 6, 1917, Wrentham, MA
Red-headed Robert S. Winter Sr. (1891-1963),
Youngest Son of Patrick Murray Winter
married Velma Frances White
Velma Frances White Winter (1886-1979)
Wife of Robert S. Winter Sr.
Daughter Frank Edgar & Abbie Esther Ballou White
Auntie Twins about 1910, Isabella(1896-1974) and Mary Winter (1896-1963). They were born on April Fool’s Day, Isabella Ednie Winter’s 8th and 9th children
Auntie Twins about 1914, Isabella (1896-1974) and Mary Winter (1896-1963).

Auntie Twins, Isabella (1896-1974) and Mary Winter (1896-1963)..
Bertha White (1882-1995) c. 1900, High School Graduation Picture. Sister of Velma White Winter
Velma Frances White Graduation, 1904
Alden White, 1884-1958
Brother of Velma White Winter, c. 1910
Mary (or Isabella) 3rd from left, Charlie Winter behind, Bertha White to the left of the right hand pole, Mary (or Isabella) Winter, Murray Winter, probably taken at Lake Archer about 1910
Middle-back, Fannie George, Velma White, and Bertha White, about 1910

Winter Gathering at Lake Archer. Click button for identification.

Bertha Eliza White 1882-1975
Sister of Velma White Winter
Daughter of Frank Edgar & Abbie Esther Ballou White

Fannie & Emma George, Fanny married Charlie Winter, Emma did not marry. c. 1904.

Elsie George,Velma & Bertha White on the gym(?) team.5,6,7 from left--about 1900
Fannie George (1887-1985), high school graduation, Wrentham, MA, about 1905

1910. Elsie Winter, Bertha White, Mildred Proctor (identified by both Ida and Muriel), Velma White, and Bob Winter. This was five years before Velma and Bob married.

Ethel Kirkton, High school graduation 1906

Leonard Kirkton, Ethel Kirkton and Murray Winter, 1910
Ethel was Murray Winter’s first wife. She died shortly after her second child was born.
Ethel Black Kirkton Wedding Picture, 1915,
Married Murray Winter
Robert S. Winter, 2nd Row, 2nd from right. Team unknown. c. 1912, likely YMCA Track Team in Woonsocket, R. I.
Walter and Elsie George with Murray, 1913
Mary Elizabeth (May) Kirkton(1900-86)--about 1918--high school graduation. She married Murray Winter
Robert Sr. & son, Robert Winter Jr. and nephew, Wilfred Winter, 1917
Murray (1913-1970) and Raymond (1915-1991) George
Peg, Ida, and Allan George about 1926
Emma George (sister of Walter George) with her car and unknown children at the George house on South Street--1920s.
Wilfrid Winter(1917-2006) c.1919
Son of Murray & Ethel Winter
Wilfrid Winter, (1917-2006), about 1920 c
Son of Murray and Ethel Winter
Wilfrid Murray Winter (1919-2006)-circa 1924
Wilfrid Murray 'Bill' Winter
Allan George (1919-91), son of Walter and Elsie Winter George, c. 1930
Naomi Winter (1904-76), c. 1922, daughter of Allan & Mamie Winter, Miami, FL
Wrentham Elementary.Front, 2nd from left: Ida Gertrude George. Front, 2nd from right: Wilfrid Murray Winter.
Frank Edgar White & grandson Robert Winter, 1917
Robert Sr. and infant Robert Winter 1916, Woonsocket, RI
Ida Gertrude George , 1917-2009 about 1919
G.W. Godchaux, Attleboro, Mass., photographer
Robert,Velma, & Robert Jr. New1920 Chevrolet 490 Touring Car
4 Cylinder, 26 HP, Sale Price $810. The tiebar between the headlights was removed on later versions that year. The double windows in back were introduced in 1920.
Robert,Velma, & Robert Jr. New1920 Chevrolet 490 Touring Car
129,106 cars produced that year. Weight 1895 lbs.
Velma & Young Robert Winter (1920)
Robert S. Winter, 1920, Michigan
Cousins Wilfrid and Robert S. Winter, 1922, Buick at their Grandmother Winter’s home in Wrentham
Raymond George (1915-1991), about 1922
l-r Murray George, Robert (Bob, Jr.) Winter, Raymond George, Charles Francis Winter, Allan George (knees up), George Winter, about 1926, at the George camp on Lake Archer, Wrentham, MA
The George camp at Lake Archer, Ida George, Muriel Winter, Marion Winter, Peg George--about 1928
Grace Louise Winter-1927--daughter of Charles and Fanny George Winter

Muriel Winter (age 1), daughter of Charles & Fanny George Winter, 1927

Winters, 1929, Wrentham, MA, Back:l-r, Fannie W., Ida George, May W., Raymond G., Velma & Robert W., Jr., Wilfrid & Murray W., Allan G., George W., Front--:Beth W., Marian W., Grace W., Isabella Ednie Winter w/Muriel W., Margaret G., Ethel W., Charles Francis W.

Robert S. Winter, high school graduation, 1934.

Bunker Jr High Honor Students, 1931
Dad is in the second row from the back, 5 people in.
Muskegon, Michigan, for larger version, click button
Bunker Jr High Honor Students, 1931
Dad is in the second row from the back, 5 people in.
Muskegon, Michigan
Typecast “Daddy Long Legs”, Lead Bob Winter, Bob is in ninth grade at Bunker Junior High- 1931, Muskegon, MI
Robert Winter, Jr.-really stylish in knickers! 1931
May, Wilfrid, Ethel, Beth, & Murray Winter, Christmas, c. 1935
Christmas at Murray and May Winter’s Home, c. 1935. Click button above for identification.
Dinner Group, Standing: Murray Winter 4th from the left & May Winter 6th from the left.
Naomi Winter, Caroline (Carrie) Winslow Winter, Edith Winter (Carrie's daughter), Christina Winter, Fannie Winter--Taken in Wrentham or Mansfield, about 1935
Carrie was married to Charles Frederick Winter, son of Charles Winter who came over from Scotland. She was the mother of Beth Winter Gommi.

Walter and Elsie George, Fannie and Charlie Winter about 1935
Walter and Fannie were brother and sister as were Charlie and Elsie

George Ednie Winter (1918-2005), son of Charles & Fannie Winter, about 1936
?, Everett Olsen, George Winter, Robert Winter, Donald Kirkton, Allan George, ca 1938
Lois Brown at 1936 Yearbook
Lois Brown at Lake Archer 1936
Raymond George 1937-38--home from Annapolis
Bob & Lois Winter, Dating. New York World’s Fair, 1940.

1938 Winters and Georges in Wrentham, MA

About 1938. Wrentham, MA. In tree:l-r-Marian Winter, Margaret (Peggy) George, Standing: Charles Winter, Bertha White, George Winter, Fanny Winter, Allan George, Ida George, Raymond George, Velma Winter, Robert Winter, Jr., Christina Winter, Mary Winter, Charles Winter, Walter George, Kneeling/seated: Emma George, Robert Winter, Sr., Elsie Winter, Muriel Winter, Murray George, Grace Winter

Walter and Elsie George and their children l-r Peg, Walter, Murray, Raymond, Allan, Elsie (Winter), and Ida George, 1939, Wrentham, MA
Ida George, State Teachers College, Bridgewater, MA, 1937. Ida is in 2nd row over left shoulder of man in the middle of first row.
Charlie and Fannie (George) Winter and their children, about 1939
l-r, Grace, Charlie, Muriel, George, Charles, Fannie, and Marion, Wrentham, MA
Velma Winter, Lois Brown, Bertha White, 1940
Bob & Lois Winter, Plymouth Church, Miami 1940, Wedding Day
Bob & Lois Winter--1940
Pat Winter & Doris Brown, 1941

Pat & Phone, 1942--photo by Florence Brown

Marion Winter, b.1921, c. 1939
Marion Winter, b.1921, c. 1939
Lois & Pat Winter, 1941
Bob, Lois & Pat Winter, 1943
Bertha White crocheted Pat’s dress.
Ethel Winter & Air Force Friend, 1943
Summer in Wrentham-1944,
l-r Bob Winter, Jr., Velma White Winter, Lois Brown Winter, Doris Brown, Bertha White. In front, Nancy Winter ( l) and Pat Winter (r)
May, Murray and Beth Winter
Thanksgiving 1944, Charlie & Fannie Winter’s house, Wrentham, MA
Ida George, Marion Winter, Beth Winter, Muriel Winter, Grace Winter, Marion, Muriel & Grace are sisters. Beth and Ida are cousins. Thanksgiving 1944.
Mary, Chris & Isabella Winter, sisters,
Thanksgiving , 1944, Wrentham, MA
Fanny & Charlie Winter’s house.
Isabella Winter, Walter George, Muriel Winter, May & Murray Winter, Fannie Winter, Elsie W. George, Beth Winter, Chris Winter, Ida George(Hidden), Grace /w Elton Brown Jr., Emma George, Marion Winter, Charles Winter
Thanksgiving, 1944
Muriel, Marion, Fannie, Charles & Grace Winter,
Thanksgiving, 1944
Emma George, Elsie W. & Walter George, Ida George, and Elton Brown Jr., Thanksgiving , 1944.
Christine Winter, Mary(?) Winter, unknown, May Kirkton Winter
Ethel, Beth, Wilfred, May and Murray Winter Family
10 Dana Street in Cambridge, MA, where the Auntie Twins and Aunt Chris lived for many years. It was built in 1909, called The Castle, and was designed by well-known Boston architects, Newhall and Blevins,
Pat Winter, chair, made by her Grandfather Winter, c. 1944. Portrait by her Aunt Florence
2010 gathering of Winter cousins. Back-l-r John Farquharson, Pat Winter Oakes, Nancy Winter Hatch, Bill Farquharson (son of John and Priscilla), frt--Betty Elliot, Priscilla Elliot Farquharson, & Bill (William Winter) Elliot--taken at Bertucci's in the Derby St. Shoppes in Hingham, MA. Priscilla & William Winter Elliot are the great-grandchildren of William Clark Winter.
LtoR, Jim & Marion Winter Thomson's wedding, Apr. 3, 1945, home of the bride's parents, 192 E. St., Wrentham, with Grace,*Fannie ,Velma, ?, *Charlie Winter (*brides parents), Beth Winter. J&M drove to Newport News, he shipped out the next day. Minister, Melville Shafer, married C&F 28 yrs prior.
Beth, Loel, Aunt May, Wilfrid, Minin, and young Marjorie. This was taken at Grace and Cy Cochrane's wedding reception--Wrentham, MA. May, married to Murray, was step-mother of Beth and Wilfrid. May’s sister Ethel was their mother; she died shortly after Beth was born.
Pat, Nancy, and Bobby with grandparents Robert and Velma Winter, 1946, Wrentham, MA

IsLois, Bobby, Bob, Sandy, Pat and Nancy, 1949

170 Winter Street, Wrentham, 1948 Gramma Winter, Nancy, Lois, Sandy, Pat, Bob Winter, Gordon, Ellie, Margie, Lois, Grampa Winter, Elsie Wilson,
Gramma Brown with Sandy & Bobby '49-'50
Back: Bobby, Becky Brown, Pat
Front: Sandy, Martha Brown, Nancy, 1949
Lois and Children--Sandy, Nancy, Bobby, and Pat 1951
Portrait by Aunt Florence--Mom made our dresses
Cyrus Mark Cochrane (1922-2004), husband of Grace Louise Winter, 1952 in Hawaii
Lois Brown Winter, 1952
Robert S. & Velma White Winter, Grandparents, 1952

Lois and Pat Winter, 1944


Nancy, Pat, and Lois B. Winter, 1944, Coral Gables, FL
Probably taken by Aunt Florence
Florence Brown, Pat & Nancy Winter, 1946
Nancy Ellen Winter , 1946
Bobby Winter, III--1947
Sandy would have been a small baby when this was taken.

Nancy, Pat
Sandy, Bobby
Winter, 1949

Pat, Sandy, and Nancy Winter, Easter 1951
Bobby is not in the picture as he had the chicken pox--57 Campina Court, Coral Gables, FL
Beth (Winter) and Loel Raymond's wedding, June 28, 1947, Wrentham, MA
l-r--Ida George, Wilfrid Winter, Muriel Winter, J. Wally Weber, Sherwood Parker Raymond, Loel and Beth, Ethel Winter, Harold Andrew Raymond, Lilllian Power, Dick Farrar, Kathy Kavanaugh , and two flower girls, on left is Jane Schouler and right, Cynthia Weber. Click Button details and larger picture.
Charles & Fannie Winter, Grace & Cy Cochrane's wedding-
Feb. 21, 1948
Charles Crane Winter, Fannie George Winter, Grace Winter Cochrane, and Cyrus Mark Cochrane
This picture was taken in the living room in the house on East Street.
Bob and Murray Winter 3/4/1949
Bob Winter and brother Murray Winter visit during the wedding reception for Aunt Florence and Uncle Nick Caldarone. The reception was in the church parsonage in Wrentham, MA.
Doris Parker Winter--about 1923-24
Doris was the daughter of William Lewis Winter and his wife Susan Parker.
Velma White Winter--1950s
Nancy,Pat, Sandy & Bobby Winter, 1953
57 Campina Court, Coral Gables, FL
Nancy, Lois, Sandy, Robert & Pat Winter with Uncle Alden White, 1954, Florida

Our Christmas card picture for 1954 in our new house at 5910 S.W. 81st St.

Front: Sandy and Bobby Winter, Back: Nancy and Pat Winter

Naomi Ednie Winter-(1904-1976), about 1955
Sisters, Velma Winter & Bertha White, about 1960 at 170 Winter Street, Wrentham, MA
A gathering of Winters and Browns--August, 1958 Back:l-r-Bob & Velma Winter, Bertha White, Peg Brown, Nancy, Bob, & Lois Winter, Bud & Elton Brown; Front: Bobby, Pat, & Sandy Winter, Martha Brown, Stephanie Caldarone, Fred, Phil, & Becky Brown
Walter and Elsie George with Elsie’s siblings, Mary, John, Chris, Isabella, and Charlie Winter,
50th Wedding Anniversary, Dec. 14, 1962
Aunt Bertha, Aunt Chris, Aunt Isabella, Grandma Velma, 10 Dana St., Cambridge, MA, 1964
Ted & Elizabeth (Beth) Winter Gommi,
Queen Mary, 1967--Beth was the granddaughter of Charles Winter, one of the brothers who came over from Scotland. Her husband Ted did the first family genealogy in the 1970s
Elsie Winter George, Bud Brown, Raymond George, sailing around Newport, June 17, 1969 (Note that Aunt Elsie has her handbag with her on the boat.)
Charlie, Ethel & David Hyman
Nancy, Pat, and Sandy with Charlie (1925-2009) and Ethel Winter Hyman (1924-2012) in Manhattan, 2008. We had a lovely visit. Ethel is Robert Winter’s cousin.
Ethel Winter --1939--daughter of May (Kirkton) and Murray Winter
Ethel Winter --1939
Entrance Exams 1st Class of H. S. Performing Arts at Juilliard. Seated:John Martin, Critic NY Times, Martha Hill, Martha Graham, Standing.:B.J. Wahlberg, Pianist, Ethel Winter, Instructor, Mrs.Draper, Murial Stuart, Ballet--1948
Ethel Kirkton Winter Hyman danced with the Martha Graham Company and taught at Juilliard--photo--1957
Ethel KirktonWinter Hyman, daughter of Murray and May Winter--1963
Ethel Winter in Martha Graham’s “Frontier”--1964
Ethel Winter, the Juilliard School’s Dance Department’s 2008 recipient of the Martha Hill Lifetime Achievement Award. Click for more. Photo from 1965
Ethel Winter-1943
Babe Ruth, Charlie Hyman and g-father Max Rosner & Lou Gehrig, c 1929, Charlie married Ethel Winter
Charlie Hyman and Babe Ruth, c. 1933
Charlie Hyman & Joe DiMaggio, c. 1936
Charles Hyman, (1925-2009), husband of Ethel Winter, father of David Hyman

David Hyman, son of Charlie and Ethel Winter Hyman,
NewYork, 1962

Mardie Winter, St. Andrew’s Church Yard in Scotland, 1984
1977 Winter-Oakes-Hatch-Heckman, Cumberland Falls
Winters and Georges at Aunt Elsie's 100th birthday party, October 24, 1985 Wrentham, MA
Back row, l-r, Allan George, Wilfrid Winter, Raymond George, Bob Winter, Beth Winter Raymond, Marion Winter Thomson, George Winter
Middle row, Ida George Meikle, Ethel Winter Hyman, Muriel Winter Beresford, Marilyn George and her older sister Shirley George (daughters of Uncle Al George--I don't know their married names)
Front row--Peg George Brown, Mardie Winter (who came all the way from Scotland for the party), Dorothy Winter, Elsie Winter George (celebrating her 100th birthday), and May Kirkton Winter
Bob and Lois Winter on a camel in Egypt--1992
Mom and Dad had a great trip--but Mom got sick and dehydrated--had to be hospitalized when they got home
Dave and Ida's 50th wedding anniversary, July 2001
On the left--Charles and Theresa Meikle Griswold, center, Ida and Dave Meikle, right: Eric, Peggy (Meikle) and Will Egli

Winter/Brown Family Reunion group picture, July 19, 2007, Giants Ridge, Biwabik, MN

Back row, L>R--Sarah Oakes, Beth Oakes, Elizabeth Brown, Phil Brown, Josh Brown, Mardie Oakes, Tony Deifell, Kamala H. Johnson, Ethan Buck on Eugene Buck's shoulders, Jay Johnson w/ Jaheim, Robert Winter. Allison H. Edgecomb, Pat W. and Mel Oakes, Cindy Davies, Zach Brown, Linda Ronan, Alicia and Cathy Brown, Elton Brown, Theresa Brown, Aaron Brown, Shanti H. Blatnik w/ Katia, Martha B. Koziol, Robert Hanson, Becky B. Erlenbach, Emily Brown, Peg George Brown (senior member of the family)

Middle--L>R--Kathy Brown, Ellie Wilson Reppucci, Margie Wilson Davies, Nancy Ronan Morrison, (skip Allison) Jean Webb, (skip Cindy), Cassie Davies-Juhnke, (skip Linda), Jessamy Brown, Fred Brown(sunglasses), Sandra W. Heckman, Asha, Pragya (Mishra), Sanjeev and Gaurav Adhikari

Front--L>R--Doug and Nancy W. Hatch, Emily Buck, Sophia Blatnik, Aliyah Johnson, Susanna Edgecomb, Jada Johnson, Lydia Blatnik, Scott Blatnik, Grace and Rose Morrison, Ray Brown

Also at the reunion, but not pictured, were Beth Bidlock, Dave Juhnke, Carla and Jay Erlenbach, Becka Boss, and Frank Blatnik.

Wrentham High School & Town Hall, 1958 (now demolished.)
Spring 1965. Cerry Blossums, Great-Uncle John Ednie Winter in N. Attleborough, MA
John signed it on the back "91 + years"--he lived to be 96

George Ednie Winter from 1940 Tufts University Yearbook

Side view of my grandparents' home--170 Winter St., Wrentham, MA--1941
Side view of my grandparents' home--170 Winter St., Wrentham, MA--1941
Early 1940s Doris, Ida, and Peg in front of of Aunt May and Uncle Murray's home on South Street in Wrentham, MA
Tufts University 1940 Yearbook
George Ednie Winter, Senior Class.

Tufts University 1940 Yearbook
George Ednie Winter, back row, extreme right.