Parade of Homes, 1964

Briargrove Drive Barton Hills

Introduction: For many years, Austin hosted a Parade of Homes. An undeveloped street or area was chosen and a group of builders each constructed a new home. Furniture companies showcased their wares in the homes. For nine days the public was invited to tour the homes at no cost. It was a very popular event and drew large crowds. In 1964, Briargrove Drive in Barton Hills was chosen as the site. Being south of the river was somewhat different since much of the city development was concentrated in the Northwest Hills area. As the years progressed, the proximity to the downtown and the University, has more than compensated for "being south of the river."

From July 19, 1964, Austin American-Statesman

Newspaper Descriptions of the Houses

Under each is a list prepared by Pat Oakes of the names of people who lived in the houses. this was done years ago, so not complete.

Mark and Jill's house has a Cliffside address and was built in 1966 by Jill's parents, Ed and Sandy Nichols. It was designed by Austin architect, Leon Chandler.