Joel P. Swinney (Sweeney) (1826-?) and Nancy Hartley (1834-?)




Joel Pate Swinney (Sweeney) and Nancy Hartley

Nancy Hartley was daughter of William C. and Francy Taylor Hartley and sister of Joel T., George William, Henry Clinton, John Taylor, Malinda Ann, William Clavin, and Frances Hartley.

Little is known about Nancy Hartley, other than she was born in 1834 and married Joel P. Swinney (Sweeney) April 2, 1852. Some estimate she died around 1855. Earlier references to the family was speled Sweeney, however as time passes, the descendants use Swinney.

Joel P. Swinney was the bondsman for the marriage of George William Hartley and Caroline Dungan.

In 1859, Joel P. Swinney purchased 200 acres, location: 1 SWSE WASHINGTON No 11N 5E 22; 2 ESE WASHINGTON No 11N 5E 22; 3 WSW WASHINGTON No 11N 5E 23. It was recorded in the Jackson, MS land office.

Joel's will was probated on January 28, 1861, in Claiborne County, MS, which suggests a death date of 1860 or 1861. He would not have been part of the Civil War. His wife Sarah Megee Swinney and Michael Megee were listed in the probate records. Michael is believed to be Sarah's father.


Joel Pate Swinney and Nancy Hartley Gallery
The pictures below are all of family member of Joel Pate Swinney and his second wife, Sarah Megee

Martha Susan Grimsley Harper Swinney, wife of Rev. Dr. Cyrus Pate Swinney, brother of Joel P. Swinney

Rev. Dr. Cyrus Pate Swinney Jr., brother of Joel P. Swinney. He was born December 22, 1832 in Mississippi and died Jue 5, 1880 in Bodcaw, Nevada County, Arkansas

Wiley J. and Fannie Clark Swinney Family, Wiley was nephew of Joel P. Swinney.
Frances Ethel "Fannie" Clark was the eighth Child born to Morris Brown Clark and Nancy Hughes Ragland Clark

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She was born 7 January 1881 in Chestnut Mound, Smith Co., Tennessee. Shortly after arriving in
Fannin Co Texas, Fannie married Wiley Jefferson Swinney on 14 November 1897. Wiley and Fannie
were both teachers. To them were born 10 children, one of whom is still living.
Wiley and Fannie are both buried in Clovis, Curry Co., New Mexico.
Spurgeon Dewitt Swinney b: 17 Aug 1898 Windom, Fannin Co Texas 
Verda Mae Swinney b: 5 Nov 1900 Delby (near Leonard) Fannin Co., Texas 
Florence Lee Swinney b: 13 Jan 1903 Leonard, Fannin Co., Texas 
Thetis Birdie Swinney b: 12 Oct 1904 Hilger, Fannin Co., Texas 
Charles Pate Swinney b: 9 March 1907 Bonham, Fannin Co., Texas 
Wiley J. Paul Swinney b: 5 Jan 1911 Ladonia, Fannin Co., Texas 
Thelma Frances Swinney b: 18 Aug 1913 Terrell, Texas
Martha Nancy Swinney b: 13 March 1916 Bellview, Curry Co., NM
Wilson Pershing Foch Swinney b: 26 Nov 1918 St. Vrain, Curry Co., NM 
Living Swinney 

Wiley died 3 Sept 1940 in Clovis, NM. Fannie died 23 March 1958 in Clovis, NM.
Both are buried in the Mission Garden Cemetery.

Samuel Walter Swinney, (1863-1937), nephew of Joel P. Swinney.

Anna Charity Rowe Swinney (1867-1947), wife of Samuel Walter Swinney.

Samual Walter (1863-1937) and Anna Charity Rowe (1867-1947) Swinney family.

Dating the photo: Stanley was a minister and with five children might have been exempt from WWII. Hiram, according to his death certificate, did not serve in the military, likely too young. WWI database does not contain any service for Payton though he is registered. Bessie the youngest girl appears at least 16, making the earliest for the photo is 1918.

Standing L to R: Alva Ethel Swinney Ross (1893–1976), maybe Payton Cyrus Swinney (1892-1983), Stanley Clarence Swinney (1887–1965), Hiram Theodore Swinney (1899–1957), Mamie Ruth Swinney (1898-?).

Sitting L to R: Dameris Maxine Swinney (1905–1982), Samuel Walter Swinney, Anna Charity Rowe Swinney, Bessie Olene Swinney (1902–1995)

Byron Prentiss Swinney (1879-1972), grandson of Joel P. and Sarah Megee Swinney.

Byron Prentiss Swinney (1879-1972) and wife, Nora Lee Parsons (1888-1967), grandson of Joel P. and Sarah Megee Swinney.

Payton Cyrus Swinney (1892-1983), grandson of Joel P. and Sarah Megee Swinney.

Bessie Olene Swinney Phelps (1902–1995), granddaughter of Joel P. and Sarah Megee Swinney.