Welcome to the Pat and Mel Oakes' Family Website

In this site we include photo albums, family histories, hobbies, travels, and special events. The Guide to the Site should be your companion as you navigate through the site looking for your family. Otherwise, after a few clicks, you may not know where you are, however, you may be surrounded by many treasures, many containing your DNA.

To help us remember our family and friends, past and present, and their role in shaping our lives.


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This web site is dedicated to Patricia Alice Winter Oakes, my wife, my friend and my love. She taught me the true value of family, a value she seeks every day to enhance. —Mel Oakes


Mel and Pat at Interlochen


Mel and Pat Oakes, Interlochen, MI, 2009
Photo by Eugene Buck



8/8/13 The Oakes family on Whidbey Island--Freeland, WA; Back: Emily, Eugene, and Beth, Sarah and Joe, Mardie, Durham, and Tony; Front: Mel, Pat, and Ethan. We were all together to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary which was on May 18, 2013.



This is hand-drawn genealogy tree done for four villages in Sweden. It is part of my colleague and friend, Roger Bengtson’s family. A relative in Sweden did the drawing. Roger’s scan permits zooming to a very detailed level. Sadly that version is too large to include here. You can, however, zoom your browser and see more detail.
—Mel Oakes


The cartoon below seems appropriate.