Gordon Rex Flack Jr.

February 15, 1929-June 8, 2019

Gordon Rex Flack Jr.

Gordon Rex Flack passed away June 8, 2019. Gordon was 90 years old and lived a full and wonderful life. He and his wife Janie were currently living at Westminster Retirement Community in Austin, TX.

Gordon was born in San Antonio, TX on February 15, 1929 to Gordon Rex Sr. and Inez Casey Flack. His father was an agent for an oil company and later joined the insurance industry. Gordon graduated from Amarillo, Texas high school in 1947. While in high school Gordon delivered newspapers. The following article appeared in 1947 in the Amarillo, Texas newspaper:

Following graduation from high school, Gordon enrolled in Texas A&M University, graduating in 1951 with a BBA.

Gordon married Janie Marjorie House on July 2, 1955 in Scotland Neck, Halifax County, North Carolina. A wedding photo is below.

Grodon and Janie had three children. Gary Flack (deceased). Kevin Flack and Karen Flack Thrash. Kevin and his wife Tammie live in Houston, TX. Karen Flack Thrash lives in San Marcos, TX. Gordon had three grandsons that brought him great joy in his lifetime. Colby Flack, son of Kevin and Tammie, is married to Adrienne Flack and they currently reside in Houston, TX. Ryan Flack, son of Kevin and Tammie, lives in San Antonio, TX. Nathan Thrash, son of Karen Flack Thrash and Charles Thrash, also resides in San Antonio. Gordon had two siblings, Larry Flack and Betty Tom Stone. Larry Flack preceded Gordon in death. Betty Stone currently lives in Houston, TX. Gordon and Janie were married for 63 years.

Gordon also earned an MA from Trinity University in San Antonio and completed post graduate work in both law and education at UT-Austin. He was an Army officer during the Korean War.  Gordon served as a manager for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company early in his professional career in San Antonio, TX. He moved on from that position to become the manager of the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce. He made an unsuccessful run in 1981 for the city council of Rollingwood, a suburb of Austin. Gordon became the Assistant Commissioner for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, a position of importance and high visibility. He was often quoted in Texas newspapers regarding board issues. He retired in 1989 after a 23-year career.

Gordon and Janie loved tennis, playing at Lost Creek, entering tournaments, and in about 1990, Gordon joined a group that played regularly at the Austin High School courts. Gordon played as a regular and Janie as a frequent substitute until health issues intervened in 2014. Both were very good players and were great fun to have on the court.

Gordon and Janie shared some celebrity status with a lost bird in 1993

Blue-footed Booby
Photo by: Greg Lasley
April 22, 1994
Lake L.B.J. @ Granite Shoals
Burnet County, TX


This long-staying bird may be the most-seen rarity ever: By the time it departed from its diving-board roost for the last time, the property-owner's guest book contained more than 5,800 names from 19 states and nations.

Gordon and Janie established two undergraduate scholarships at Texas A&M University. They wished to give something to Texas A&M University that made a difference in the lives of students. With matching funds from the University and the Capital City A&M Club they established two undergraduate scholarships to ease the financial burden of students from the Austin area working to get their teacher certification.

Gordon and Janie were avid travelers and took many exciting trips that most others would find quite adventurous! He always told his grandsons to "stay curious". He was passionate about politics and helping others. Anyone that knew him would tell you they could always get a good conversation going and he might change his point of view just for the sake of conversation!

Gordon and Janie Flack Photo Gallery

Gordon Rex Sr. and Inez W. Casey Flack, wedding day
February 14, 1926, Tom Greene, Texas

Parents of Gordon Rex Flack Jr.

Gordon Flack, Cub Scout, Amarillo, TX

Gordon Flack and his sister, Betty Tom.

Gordon Flack, Amarillo

Gordon Flack, Amarillo High School, 1946

Gordon Flack, Amarillo High School, 1947

Gordon Flack, Texas A&M Cadet

Gordon Flack, Texas A&M Cadet

Gordon Rex Flack Jr. and Janie Marjorie House on July 2, 1955 in Scotland Neck, North Carolina
Janie attached their prescription for a happy marriage.

Gordon Flack, center, manager of New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, 1965

Gordon Flack, candidate for City Council, Rollingwood, 1981

Gordon Flack, New Braunfels, Wurstfest

Left to Right, Charles Thrash, Karen Flack Thrash, Inez Flack (Gordon's mother) and Gordon Flack

Flack Family: Left to Right: Gary, Gordon, Kevin, Janie, Karen Flack Thrash

Gordon Flack, and grandsons: L to R: Colby Flack, Ryan Flack and Nathan Thrash
Lake LBJ, 2000

Gordon Flack and his grandson, Nathan Thrash and blue-footed booby, Lake LBJ, Granite Shoals, ca. 1963

Janie and Gordon Flack, Andvord Bay, Antarctica, 2002

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