George Leroy Hartley & Mary Elizabeth Varner


George H. and Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan Hartley Family
Parents of George Leroy Hartley

L to R: Francis (3), George H. (40), George Leroy (5), Dora Elizabeth (back) (13) and Mary Lucinda Caroline "Posy" (31).
Photo from about 1868

George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Family
Back: Samuel Richard, George Benjamin, Edward Lee, Alma Lee, Leila Mae
Front: George H. , George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth
Photo about 1902


George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Family

George Leroy Hartley's father, George H. Hartley, grew up in Copiah County, MS. He was the son of William C. Hartley and Frances (Fancy) Taylor. George H. was born February of 1828 in Bayou Pierre, MS. He died December 11, 1908, in Hinds County, MS. It is not known where he was buried. He married Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan (other spelling Dungan) on March 22, 1854 in Copiah County. George H.’s siblings were Joseph (Joel) T., Henry, John Taylor, Nancy, Frances, Malinda Ann, Julia and William Calvin.

Until very recently there was only one known picture of George H. Hartley and none of his wife. That picture is shown above and was found in his granddaughter, Leila Mae Hartley Conrad’s picture box by her daughter, Mary Agnes Conrad Gregory. She generously sent the picture to me and I was able to identify those in it as the G. L. Hartley family and George H. (CSA Pension application records confirm that George was living with his son.) Frances Cronin recently made available pictures of Mary Lucinda Caroline Dunigan’s brother, William Percy Dunigan and his wife Margaret Jane Dunigan. They are below also.

Recently Lyndy Doskocil posted an unknown picture (first picture above) from her father’s collection (Carl Hartley, Hooker and Ida’s son), After viewing the picture for sometime I have concluded that this is a picture of George H. and Mary Lucinda Dunigan Hartley and three of their children. The picture would be from about 1868. The conclusion is based on the relative ages of the children shown, the long fingers on G. H. in both the photos above, Mary Lucinda possibly being pregnant, pointed out by Frances Cronin, which is consistent with ages of Francis and George L. If this is correct we now have a picture of Mary, daughter Dora Elizabeth and son Francis who died as a teenager.

boys died young, 2 buried in Carey or Karey,MS Rudolph Hartley buried in City Cemetary Vicksburg, MS 1930. George died chronic Brights disease and his death certificate says he died in Clinton. Death cert says 24th March is birth date


The 1880 Census has George listed as George Jr. George WH.’s mother is listed as born in Georgia. Lucinda’s parents are listed as born in Alabama.

George L. and Mary are in 1920 Census.

They are in the 1900 Census on page 27. Last name not clear.

He was called Bud.













George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Family Gallery

Back: Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley, Margie Louise (Oakes), James Russell "Buddy", and Marvin Ashford "Cootze"
Front: Aileen (King), George Leroy Hartley,
Picture taken in Clinton, MS, about 1916 .

Samuel Richard 9 (1896), George Benjamin 10 (1995), Edward Lee 7 (1898), George L. 41 (1863), Unknown girl 6 (1899), Unknown child 1 1/2 (1903), Mary Elizabeth “Betty” 28 (1876), maybe Mary Caroline Hartley Talley in back,
ca 1905. The two children in white dresses are a mystery. Their ages appear to match being young siblings of the boys, however the other children in the family does not match their ages. Maybe they are neices and nephews. Ages don't match grandchildren. Mary Caroline never had children.

Robert Benjamin Varner, father of Mary Elizabeth Varner.

Melvin Oakes, G-Grandson of Robert B. Varner with his 1966 VW.

Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley’s handwriting on back of previous postcard picture
George L.Hartley
Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley
Believed to be G. L. Hartley Tintype
G. L. Hartley Tintype
First thought this to be G. L &. Hooker Hartley however age difference is a stretch. The picture has Mr. G. T. Martin written on it. In 1860 census, there is G. T. and H. M. Martin. G. T. is 23 and H. M. is 19, an age difference of four year which might be appropriate for this photo a bit earlier.
Believed to be same as two young men above. Tintype thought to be about 1895, maybe G. T. and H. M. Martin.
Grandma Hartley & Aileen Hartley at Green Hall, All Saints College, Vicksburg
George Leroy Hartley and Mary Elizabeth Varner Marriage Certificate, September 23, 1890
Stone for George Leroy Hartley, born March 22, 1863 and died June 14, 1924. Hammack Cemetery, Mt. Leopard Road, Flora, MS, 2008
Stone for Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Varner Hartley, born June 27, 1874 and died February 21, 1929. Hammack Cemetery, Mt. Leopard Road, Flora, MS, 2008
Donald, Floyd and Mel Oakes cleaning the Hammack Cemetery in Flora on Mt. Leopard Rd. Stones are of George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Hartley, maternal grandparents. The cemetery is behind a fence as the road goes up a hill. Pat Oakes took the pictures. 2008
Oakes Auto Parts 1931, Chris Oakes, Marvin Hartley, Willaim Reed, James Hartley, (Dr), James C. Deason, Fred Oakes
Bennie Hartley & Leona Bowman
Margie (3), James (2) Hartley
Margie(3) & James(2) Hartley,
gift from Frances Cronin, granddaughter of Ora Lee Hartley Hill who was a sister of George L. Hartley.
Margie (3) & James (2) Hartley Postcard Back, 1909

Margie Louise Hartley, age 21, All Saints College, Vicksburg, 192

Margie Louise Hartley Oakes

George Benjamin Hartley
George Benjamin Hartley
Mary Armetta Faulkenberry Hartley 1897-1978
Rufus & Leila Conrad, Ashley’s Bible
Leila Mae Hartley (1894-1953)
Leila Mae Hartley, about 1914
Alma Lee Hartley, (1892-1954). married Grady Matthews
Henry Grady Matthews
Alma Lee Hartley Matthews (1892-1954)
Margie, James (Buddy), Aileen Hartley
Petrified Forest, Flora, MS. G. L. Hartley family lived in sight of the forest.
Marvin Ashford Hartley
Catherine Elizabeth Jones (1917-86), 2nd wife of Marvin Hartley
Aileen & J. C.King
Charles S. & Mary Caroline Hartley Talley, G. L. Hartley’s sister.
Downtown Flora, Mississippi, three years after Margie Louise Hartley Oakes was born.
Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Death Certificate. She was living with son, James Russell Hartley.