Charles and Isabella Bruce Smith Winter Family

Charles Winter (1836-1903)–Isabella Bruce Smith (1840-1904)

Early ancestors of some in this family: John Winthrop and Edward Winslo from the Mayflower and Plymouth settlement. Benjamin Rush, physician and signer of The Declaration of Independence.



Charles & Isabella Winter Gallery

Red Hot Poker and Loch
Charles Winter(1836-1903). c. 1875. Brother of Patrick Murray Winter. Came from Scotland in 1857 to Mansfield, MA. Later joined by brothers William & Patrick Murray.

Isabella Smith Winter (b. 1840-1904) ca.1903, Wife of Charles Winter, m. 1869. She was from Edinburgh, Scotland. They lived in Mansfield, MA

James Scott Winter 1797-1871, Father of John Bishop Winter
James Scott Winter Stone erected by his sons. In Wellshill Cemetery, Perth, Scotland
Believed to be John Bishop and Christina Darling Winter, c. 1865, year of their marriage. They lived only a short walk from the photographer, H. Thomson, Perth, 30th George St. (operated between 1860-65, information courtesy of Sara Kelly, Librarian, Perth). John is a brother of Charles Winter.
Photo by George F. Roger, Artist, 57 & 59 Nethergate, Dundee, and Cottage Place, Broughty Ferry. Likely John Bishop Winter (1834-1905) and a daughter. Roger a photographer in 1871, 81 Censuses. In 1861 is photographer artist, Hawkhill, Dundee
William Clark Winter(1838-1920), b. Coupar, Angus, Scotland. Came to U. S. about 1867. Brother of Charles
(Picture, c. 1915, Courtesy Winifred Hebb)
Patrick Murray Winter 1840-1901
Brother of Charles Winter
Charles Winter(1836-1903) ca. 1900,
From Meigle, Perth, Scotland. First brother to come to U.S.
Charles Winter, last will and testament.
Charles Winter, last will and testament.

Charles Frederick & Caroline Winslow Winter Family

Charles Frederick Winter c.1883 (1874-1929)
Son of Charles and Isabella Smith Winter
Anna Isabell, Charles Frederick and James Scott II Winter c.1883
Children of Charles and Isabella Bruce Smith Winter

Caroline Winslow (1873-1940),c.1892
Wife of Charles Frederick Winter (m1901). Mother of Beth Winter Gommi.

Charles Frederick Winter c.1883 (1874-1929)
Son of Charles and Isabella Smith Winter
Naomi Winter, Caroline (Carrie) Winslow Winter, Edith Winter (Carrie's daughter), Christina Winter, Fannie Winter--about 1935
Taken in Wrentham or Mansfield. Carrie was married to Charles Frederick Winter, son of Charles Winter who came over from Scotland. She was the mother of Beth Winter Gommi.
Elizabeth Isabella(Beth) Winter, Charles Frederick Winter Jr., Caroline Edith Winter, c. 1921, Grandchildren of Charles Winter (1836-1903)
James Scott Winter II (1872-1942), son of Charles and Isabella Smith Winter, c. 1900, Hardy Studio, Boston, Mass.
James Scott Winter III (Jim) and his father James Scott Winter II, Taken at Portrait by Maxines, 2511 Boardwalk, Atlantic City about 1936

James Scott & Emily McCloud Winter II Family

James Scott Winter II (1872-1942) c. 1925, son of Charles and Isabella Smith Winter
Roger Paul Jordan Photographer, Portland, ME
Emily Guild McCloud Winter (1871-1969) c. 1925, wife of James Scott Winter II
Roger Paul Jordan Photographer, Portland, ME
Anna Bruce Winter (1907-72), daughter of James Scott & Emily McLeod Winter II, high school graduation c. 1924, she married Carl Scheffy in 1930
Carl Scheffy Sr & wife Anna Bruce Winter Scheffy,1955
Carl Scheffy, Jr., Anna Winter Scheffy, Leighton (Bud) Scheffy, and Carl Scheffy, Sr.
Pat and Mel with Carl Scheffy, Jr., and his brother Bud (Leighton) at the 99 in Mansfield, August, 2010. Carl and Bud are descendants of Charles Winter who came over from Scotland.  Pat's lobster roll was delicious!!
James Scott Winter III (1905-73), Grandson of Charles Winter, Electrician and Organist. Installed the great organ at Atlantic City Music Hall
James Winter, Organist Group, 2nd Row, Far Right
Ted Gommi & Ships. They were donated along with a virtual library of books on ships and shipping to the South Street Seaport Museum in lower Manhattan where they are on permanent display.
Early 1980s, Seated: Elizabeth "Beth" Winter Gommi's and Theodore "Ted" Gommi's family
Back--Priscilla Winslow (Gommi) Circo, Virginia Winthrop (Gommi) Vieira, Barbara Winter Gommi; Front--Peggy Winslow Vieira and Nancy Winthrop Vieira--before each was married

This was taken 1996, a few months before Nancy died of cancer.
Back--Joseph Victor Rush, Michael Alan Peck, Eliseo (Lee)  Neves Vieira;

Front: Peggy Winslow Vieira Rush, Nancy Winthrop Vieira Peck amd Virginia Winthrop Gommi Vieira

Back--L to R: Joseph and Peggy Vieira Rush with Lee Vieira;

Front :  Virginia G. Vieira with grandson Benjamin Winslow Rush

6/2014  Lee Vieira, his grandson Benjamin Winthrop Rush, and son-in-law Joseph Rush

6/2014  Virginia Gommi Vieira with daughter Peggy (Vieira) Rush