Charles Edward Hooker and Ida Wyatt Hartley Family

Hooker Hartley Background

Charles Edward Hooker Hartley came to Delhi, LA from Flora, MS when he was about 30. He was a “drummer”, salesman. There he met and married 15 years old Ida Davis Wyatt from Franklin Parish. They made a life in Delhi where they had 10 children. Information about pictures. The three Davis brothers are thought to be Ida Wyatt’s mother’s brothers from Tenaha, TX where they ran a Chevrolet dealership One was named Wed. His name is after Charles Edward Hooker, a colonel in the Confederate Army who lost an arm in the Battle of Vicksburg. George W. Hartley, Hooker’s father, served in his unit and presumably admired him greatly. A picture of the colonel in included here.

Charles Edward Hooker Hartley(1875-1960), c. 1900,
Tintype restored by Mel. Oakes

Charles Edward Hooker Hartley(1875-1960), c. 1900,
Tintype restored to more original color before yellow aging.



Charles Edward  Hooker and Ida Wyatt Hartley Gallery

Back Row: Lucinda Hartley McClean, Vernon Wharton Hill(stepson of Ora), Ora Lee Hartley Hill,(Lucinda’s sister), Charles Hooker Hartley(her brother), Sallie Davis Wyatt(Ida’s Mother), Ida Wyatt Hartley, (Hooker’s wife),

Children of Hooker & Ida and daughter of Ora Lee Hartley Hill-
Row 3: Delma & Inez Hartley,
Row 2: George, Homer & Sallie Mae Hartley,
Row1 : Carl Hartley & Jessie Woodrow Hill (Ora’s daughter),

This picture shows three siblings of George Leroy Hartley(Mel’s Maternal Grandfather). They are : Lucinda, Ora Lee, and Charles Hooker.

Christmas 1950, Delhi, LA

Back Row: John Bernard “B”, Charles Homer, Ellen Inez, Melda Lee, George Norman “Hop”,
Second Row: Carl H. “Cooter”, Harry, Bobby Gene “Bit”, Sallie Mae
Front Row: Charles Hooker and Ida Lee Wyatt Hartley (daughter Delma was deceased)

Back: Carl (Cooter), Hooker, Ida, Homer, Bobby (Bit)
Third Row: Bernard (Bee), Jack Wyatt(Ida’s Brother), Harry, LeVada (Homer’s wife), Ellen Inez Grisham ,Inez Hartley Grisham, George (Hop)
Second Row: Sallie Hartley McKnight, Annette Hartley,, Maxine Green Hartley (Hop’s Wife), Melda
Front Row: Mary Ann McKnight, Diane Hartley, Maxine Green’s Mother, Sherry Lynn Hartley (Hop’s daughter), Bruce Silk (Melda’s son)

Charles Hooker Hartley

Charles Hooker Hartley & Wagon

Charles Hooker Hartley and son, Homer, and Wagon

Ida Davis Hartley at the piano. She played with a group called the Hot Notes.

Ida & Hooker with grandchildren:
Front Step: Mary Ann McKnight, Sherry Lynn Hartley (Hop’s daughter), Annette Hartley (Homer’s daughter). Second Step: Bruce Silk (Melda’s son), Diane Hartley.
Back: Ida and Hooker Hartley and Inez Hartley Grisham.

Ida Hartley cutting birthday cake.
L to R: Clarice Dalrymple (florist), and son V. P. Dalrymple, Mr. Ringle, ?, Mrs. Ringle, Annette Hartley (Homer’s daughter), Inez Hartley behind Ida. Ida sold insurance for Catron and Gay Funeral Home in Delhi, LA. They gave the party. (Thanks to Annette Hartley, Dorsey for the identifications.)

Charles Hooker and Ida Hartley, brother to George L. Hartley

Charles Homer and Salle Mae Hartley, Children of Hooker & Ida Hartley
C. Hooker Hartley, back rt., Three Davis brothers of Sallie Davis Wyatt, Ida’s Mother
Hooker&IdaHartley’s Kids Homer, Inez, Sallie Mae, Delma,
Homer Hartley
Delma & Inez Hartley
Delma & Inez Hartley
John Bernard (Bee) 1 year; Melda 3 1/2 ,
John Bernard & Melda Hartley
Melda Hartley
Hooker Hartley, 80th Birthday,1955.
RoberGeorge Norman”Hop” Hartley
(Jan 8, 1915-Aug 14, 1990)t Grantham Oakes
Sisters Mary(11) & Ida Wyatt(12)

Charles Hooker Hartley Album
(Pictures shared by Melda Hartley Silk )

Inscribed:”You be surprised how much I love you, Dannis or Dassie” (maybe a Wyatt?). Picture folder from Conway, AK,
Charles S. & Mary Caroline Hartley Talley, Hooker’s sister.
Unknown Girl

John B. Hartley

“Pat” written on picture.

Maybe Mary Wyatt Marriage, think I see T. F or T. N. Mary was Ida Wyatt Hartley's sister.
Sallie Mae Hartley, I think I see her name on the picture, Melda didn’t think so.
Inez Hartley, La.Tech, 1927

The picture has Judy on back, but under right conditions I think I see Inez Hartley, help needed.

Modene Henry, daughter of Eula Wyatt Henry, sister of Ida Wyatt. Eula was wife of Dr. J. P. Henry, dentist in Winnsboro, LA

Maybe Sallie Mae Hartley, very faint writing, very difficult to see. Hartley is clear.

Unknowns, Frances Cronin thinks 2nd from right is Hamon Hill, I agree.
Carrie Bess Hartt, friend of Ida Hartley
Carrie Bess Hartt, friend of Ida Hartley
Mrs. Sterling Hall
Sister Mrs. Sterling Hall

A. J. Freeman (Ruth?)

Charles Hooker Hartley & ?
Ida & Mary Wyatt. Looks like a school campus and uniforms.
Ida Wyatt, Hooker Hartley & Mary Wyatt
Delma Hartley postcard
Melda says Sherry Hartley, George Hartley’s daughter
Mary Wyatt
Gordon McCormick, connection unknown.


Fr: Bit holding Diane, Homer, Allan Silk holding son Bruce.  Bk: Carl Hill & Margie Hartley, LeVada (Homer’s wife),
Ella, Freddie(adopted son) & Warren Hyman
Allan Silk, Marine, 1940. Husband of Melda Hartley Silk
Melda Hartley Silk
Allan and Melda Hartley Silk, 1946

Hooker Hartley Siblings 1984
L. to R. Homer, Sallie, Harry, Melda, Carl (Cooter) ; George Norman (Hop), Tulsa, OK

Fred & Chris Oakesow.
Bruce & Ewella Jacks Silk. Bruce is the son of Allan and Melda Hartley Silk
WWI soldier. picture in Hooker Hartley’s file, taken in Louisville, KY. 2nd Lt., US Army, Camp Zackary Taylor? Army. ACC Camp Zackary Taylor
Charles Edward Hooker, Colonel CSA, Battle of Vicksburg. Namesake of Hooker Hartley

Col. CharlesEdwardHooker, 1825-1914