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Thomas Richmond Brown (1840-1901)- Lucy Lincoln (1851-1934)




Brown Family Gallery

Cranberry Bog, New England
Brown Family Crest
Origins of Brown Family Name
Captain Thomas Brown(1812-1892). Captain of The Island Home
The Island Home, 19th century side-wheel steamer, out of Nantucket R. I. More info: The Story of the Island Steamers, by Harry Baker Turner(Google Books). Click for more information: The Island Home
License for Thomas Brown to operate the steamboat “Telegraph.” First day of May, 1951.
T. Richmond Brown, 1842-1939 He was married to Lucy Lincoln Brown.
Marge Bates thinks this could be a younger picture of T. Richmond Brown. Vermont born photographer A.I. Kent(1869-) was related by marriage to the family. Wife was Mary D. Kent.
Lucy Evelyn Lincoln Brown,1840-1918, wife of Thomas Richmond Brown
Isaiah Keen's letter requesting Revolutionary War Pension
For more information click here: IsaiahKeenLetter
L to R. Bill Nutter, Alice Keene, Nellie & Edith Nutter, Warren Bazeley, Fred Keene. Sitting: Josie Keene, Cora Brown, Ralph Keene. Hanson, MA, 1903. Main St.,
Note-Fred and Alice were parents of Ella Florence Keene Brown.
Thomas Richmond Brown (1842-1939), Grandfather of Harold Foster Brown
L to R. Bill Nutter, Alice Keene, Nellie & Edith Nutter, Warren Bazeley, Fred Keene. Sitting:Josie Keene, Cora Brown, Ralph Keene. Hanson, MA, 1903. Main St.,
Note-Fred and Alice were parents of Ella Florence Keene Brown.
The Commonwealth Shoe and Leather Company, Whitman, MA, where a number of Brown family members worked at the turn of the last century. They commuted by streetcar from nearby Hanson. Early 1900s
The Commonwealth Shoe and Leather Company, Whitman, MA, where a number of Brown familiy members worked. Early 1900s
lice Hathaway Keene. (1858-1919),
Ella Florence Keene’s mother. Ella married Elton Armington Brown
Elton Armington Brown (1868-1954),
ca. 1872, photo from a tintype
Ella Florence Keene (Brown), (1875-1955)
Ella Florence Keene Brown (1875-1955), c. 1930

Elton and Ella Brown’s 50th-wedding anniversary. Standing LtoR: Lucy Evelyn, Wilson Seward, Rebecca, Fred, Cora, Dorothy Alice, Harold Foster, Roberta & Arthur. May 10, 1940. The Brown siblings with their spouses are pictured below in the order they are shown in this family photo. Harold and Ruby are divorced.

John "Bub" and Julia "Sidy" Brown.

Wilson Seward Brown b. October 20, 1894.

L to R: John Richard "Bub", Cora Emeline "Cody", Julia Florence "Sidy", and Laura May (seated) Brown.
Children of Wilson Seward "Tick" and Marian Elza Fitts Brown.

Lucy Evelyn (Brown) Monegan (1903-1964) and her husband Charles Crawford Monegan (1904–1967)
Lucy lived from 1903–1964
Wilson Seward (Tick) Brown (1894–1952) and his wife Marian Elza (Fitts) Brown (1902–1998), photo ca. 1940.
Henry and Rebecca "Beck" Brown Thuotte--8/25/1969
Fred Richmond Brown (1892–1973) and wife Alice Zoe (Therrien) Brown (1894–1963) about 1952
Thaddeus Dean Howard (1900–1976) and his wife Cora Mae (Brown) Howard (1900–1983)--about 1952
Dorothy Alice (Brown) Therrien (1902–1985) and her husband Frederick Joseph Therrien (1898–1951), about 1940
Roberta Brown Carter (1910–1994) talking to her brother Arthur (Tige) Brown (1908-1989) at the Scituate cousins gathering--1989. Tige died in December of that year.
Esther (Hassett) Brown (1912–1972) with her husband Arthur Lincoln Brown (Tige)--(1909–1989) about 1949
L to R: Roberta Brown (1910–1994) and her sister Rebecca (Beck) Brown (1912–1972) about 1920
Wilson Seward (Tick) Brown (1894–1952) and Hazel Keene (1895–1975). Cousins.
Ella Florence Keene Brown (1875–1955), 1946, mother of Harold Foster Brown
Ella and Elton Brown, Aug. 1948
73 and 80 at that time
Ella Florence Keene Brown (1875–1955)
Elton Armington Brown (1868–1954),
Josie (Keene) Estes, Ella (Keene) Brown, George Keene
Sisters and brother - Josie (1884–1961), Ella (1875–1955), George (1876–1953)--1950
George L. Keene and his wife Etta (Loretta Weeks) Keene (I don't have her dates, but she was his second wife). He was Ella Florence Keene's brother. 1950
Harold Foster Brown (1890–1970)
Oldest son of Ella and Elton Brown
Harold Foster Brown, ca 1912
Ruby Benson Brown, ca 1912
Harold Brown (next to driver) and Ruby Benson (driver) with Henry and Madeline Benson Howe (driver side). c. 1912. Unknown man in front seat. Only known picture of Harold and Ruby together. Ruby may have ring on. Married 1912. Ruby 18 and Harold 22.
Harold Brown, 1913–22
Son of Ruby (Benson) and Harold Brown
Harold Foster Brown 1950
Ruby Benson Brown, (1894–1977)
Ruby Benson Brown (1894–1977)
Ruby Benson Brown, c. 1946
Ruby Benson Brown, c. 1946

Teacher at the back is Grace Marie Delano, see following photo.

Frt: 7th from left, Cora Mae Brown(1900–1983), Thaddeus Dean Howard (1900-1976) & Back Extreme Right: Wilson Seward (Tick) Brown (1884-1952). Cora and Tick were sister & brother to Harold Foster Brown. Cora married Dean Howard. Hanson, MA, c. 1906. Others in photo: Carrie Mae Howland (Nicholson) (1898–1978), Emily Pennini, Dorris Calder (Douglas), Grace Dyer Josselyn (Stetson), Mildred Freeman Monroe (1899–), Frances Mary Palopoli (Alfano)(1899–1990), Marion Louisa Sampson (Moody) (1896-) She attended the State Normal School at Bridgewater, MA and became a teacher, Florina (1896–), Mary (1895–) and Arthur (1899–) Valle (Valley, Albert (1896-) and Albertine (1898-) Valcour, George Chester Richard (1897–1952, Thaddeus Dean Howard (1900, in 1918, he married Cora Mae Brown who is in the photo) Suggestion: Florina Valle left end of front row, Mary Valle second from left end back row, Arthur Valle fifth from right end, Marion Sampson to the left of the teacher.

Grace Marie (or Marion) Delano, born April 22, 1881,in Duxbury, MA, to Otis and Elizabeth Frances Osborn Delano. She married Percy Lewis Walker (1874–1958) on September 29, 1909, in Duxbury, MA. She was a school teacher in Wilmington, Vermont, in 1900. They had four children: Donald D., Kenneth M., Percy Lewis Jr., and Unknown. Grace died December 3, 1968 and is buried in Duxbury, MA.

Students in the class: Seward and Cora Brown are siblings of Harold Foster Brown.

Wampatuck Lodge, Harold Brown--1960
Harold Brown is left of man with hat in the center of front row.

Harold and Ruby Benson Brown Family

1924 Brown Kids
Back: Florence, Elsie, Bud
Front: Doris, Lois
The Brown family w/o Grampa--Bud, Elsie, Ruby holding Lois, left, and Doris, right, Harold, and Florence--1921. Harold died about 9 months later of some sort of infection.
Brown Children, Back:Elsie, Florence, Elton Sr., Front: Lois about 1925
Florence, Elsie, Lois, Ruby, & Doris Brown (ca. 1926), note hand-me-down gym suit from 1924 picture above.
Standing: Elsie, Florence, Elton Sr., Seated: Doris (L) and Lois Brown (R) (1927)
Elsie, Lois, Mildred ?, Florence & Doris Brown about 1930.
Elsie Brown (1914-1960), high school graduation 1932
Elsie Brown (1914-1960), high school graduation 1932
Florence, Elsie, Doris & Lois Brown--1934
Brown Family, L to R: Elton, Florence, Ruby, Doris & Elsie Brown. 1944
Andrew Sherry and Florence Brown Sherry. Andrew and Florence were married in 1939 and divorced in 1944.
Andrew Adam Sherry, exhusband of Florence Brown
Andrew Leo Sherry, son by previous marriage of first husband of Florence Brown. New York Military Academy

The four policemen in the above article were dubbed "The Fearless Four". That activity by the Fearless Four was the start of the unraveling of the wartime gambling industry in the city. Soon the slot machines, (mostly owned by Uncle Andrew Sherry) disappeared, the Friday night poker games ceased, and the “ice cream parlor” was torn down and replaced with an apartment house. Although
stationary, store-front bookies were out of business, it gave birth to the mobile bookie that travels from spot to spot to make contact with his regulars.

Below is a Time Magazine article on the Fearless Four.

The Fearless Four

The fires of revolt, which flared up in Athens, Tenn. a fortnight ago,
broke out anew last week 865 miles away in tiny, shabby Central Falls,
R.I. (pop. 26,000). Again it was Army & Navy veterans who set the
blaze; this time, four rookie policemen. But there were differences: 1)
the rookies had never meant to light the torch of civic reform in the first
place; 2) they fired no shots, broke no laws in waking up the town.

What the Central Falls veterans had started out to get was a 20% pay
raise they had been promised. When Chief of Police George Collette
shrugged the whole thing off they went to see the city’s political boss,
old Uncle Andrew Sherry, in adjoining Pawtucket. Sherry suggested
circulating a petition through the force. But as soon as they did they
found themselves catching “punishment duty,” guarding city dumps and
traffic—free intersections.

Then a helpful reporter gave them the idea that started the sparks flying.
Like everyone else in Central Falls they had known all along that illegal
slot machines, bookies and back-room gamblers were doing a fat $1
million—a—year business. There were slot machines in half the city’s
mainstreet stores. Up until now they had obediently heeded unofficial
warnings not to do anything about it. But a good lively raid might get
them a better break.

Raid & Reform. Next day, off duty and in plain clothes, they burst into
Alphee Lamarre’s shoeshine parlor, carted two slot machines off to
police headquarters. Within a week they were suspended by Mayor John
Healey on the mysterious charge of “something they should have done,
but failed to do.”

At that the whole town took up the cry of angry protest. Six Providence
lawyers volunteered legal help. Most of the town’s veterans’
organizations and the Good Government Club rallied around. There
were mass meetings, hangings in effigy, furious speechmaking. A minor
intramural row had turned into a major political fight. The biggest
heroes in the city were handsome, hefty Patrolmen Frank Klich, Lucien
Tessier, John Byrnes and John Gorman—now nicknamed the “Fearless

Backtracking fast, Mayor Healey announced that the suspension
hearings were canceled, that the rookies would be restored to duty. But it was too late. An independent, veteran—backed ticket was gunning for
the whole city administration in the fall elections. Last week, atop the
bandwagon and not at all embarrassed, the Fearless Four had everything
but their raise.

Elsie, Florence, Lois, Bud, & Doris Brown, 1951
Lois B. Winter, Florence B. Caldarone, Bud Brown, Doris Brown, and Elsie B. Wilson with their father Harold Brown--1951
Ruby, Doris, Bud holding Georgie, 1939
Brown Chorus Line, 1972 reunion in Colorado
Sisters Lois, Florence, Doris and mother Ruby
768 Neponset St. in Norwood, MA, where Ruby Brown and her children lived between 1928 & 1932
768 Neponset Street, Norwood, MA. Each time Ruby Brown moved she had to get her brother to sign the rental papers for her. She and Grampa did not divorce for many years and she had to have a man sign--and it wasn't going to be Grampa Brown. Nancy and I were on a trip with Mom and Dad when we took those pictures.
Home in Norwood, Ruby Brown and children lived here for several years between 1928-32
Lois Brown Winter and Norwood Home, now a dentist office. Pictures taken by Pat Winter and Nancy Hatch in 2000.
In 1947, Lois Brown Winter, Ruby Brown, and her sister Sylvia Cole went to Cuba for a few days. For more about the trip see next photo.
Details of Cuban Trip in 1947 by Ruby Brown, Lois Winter and Sylvia Cole.

Aunt Marian Brown's 70th birthday celebration--1972
Back Row--Cody (Brown) and Phil Dolan, Ethel and John (Bub) Brown with Aunt Marian Brown in between, Laura May (Brown) and Fred Houghton.

Kneeling in Front: Julia (Sidy) (Brown) and her husband Bill Hoffman. Scituate, MA

Twins John Brown, Julia Brown Hoffman, Marian F. Brown (widow of Wilson Brown), Cody Brown Dolan, Laura May Brown Houghton-
Scituate. MA, August, 1989
Mother and Children

Nick and Florence Brown Calderone

Florence Brown
Florence Brown on Dock

Florence Brown (1916-2000)
Florence Brown (Sherry) Caldarone (1916-2000), c. 1939
Florence Brown Teaching Photography NY
Florence Brown Teaching Photography NY
Newlyweds Nick and Florence Brown Caldarone with Velma White Winter, 1949
Florence Brown (1916-2000) & Nick Caldarone, (1916-1996)

Elton "Bud" and Margaret "Peg" George Brown

The Browns, Christmas, 1952
Peg and Elton (Bud) Brown with (l-r) Martha, Philip, Elton, and Becky

Bud and Peg George Brown’s Wedding, 1941

Bud and Peg George Brown’s Wedding, 1941

Aunt Peg's bridesmaids
l-r Grace Winter (cousin), Doris Brown (sister-in-law), Beth Winter (cousin), Ida George (sister), Ellie Olsen (friend), Aug. 27th, 1941
Elton & Peg George BrownWedding Line, Aug. 27th, 1941
Elton Winslow (Bud) Brown (1915-81), 1941
Missionary Pastor Elton (Bud) Brown in his Davao, Philippines, office, 1946
Cousins Phil Brown and Judy Caldarone--August, 1957
Phil (5) and Judy (6) playing dress-ups--Providence, RI
Gordon & Margie Wilson, Nancy Winter, Ellie Winter, at Erie Place, Jamaica Plain, MA. 1946
A gathering of Browns and Winters--1958 at Bud and Peg Brown's home.
Back:--Nancy Winter, Peg Brown, Becky Brown, Elton Brown, Robert, Bobby, Lois and Pat Winter
Front: Stephanie Caldarone, Fred Brown, Sandy Winter, Martha Brown, Phil Brown, Judy Caldarone

1968 Xmas at Browns (Br.) in Millbury, MA
Bk:Phil Br., Elton Br. w/Matthew, Becky Br., Grampa Br., Pat Oakes, Sandy Winter, Judi Caldarone,

Frt: Nancy Hatch w/ Beth O., Martha Br. w/Nancy Ronan, Jimmy Ro., Fred Br., Robert Winter w/ Stephanie Cal, Linda Ronan, Lois W. Ronan

Brown Cousins--Aug. 1956
Judy Caldarone, Ellie Wilson, Nancy Winter with Stephanie Caldarone in front of her, Pat, Sandy Winter, and Bobby Winter, Lois Wilson--at Franklin Park in Jamaica Plain, MA

Ralph and Elsie Brown Wilson Family

1910. Elsie Winter, Bertha White, Mildred Proctor (identified by both Ida and Muriel), Velma White, and Bob Winter. This was five years before Velma and Bob married.

1958 Ralph and Elsie Brown Wilson, in front of
their house on Erie Place in Jamaica Plain, Boston

Ralph & Elsie Wilson

Elsie Wilson

Elsie Wilson & Child

Gordon Wilson & Dog

Margie and Ellie Wilson--3/1947
--Erie Place?

Lois Wilson

Lois Wilson

Lois Wilson and Doll

Elsie Brown (1914-1960), high school graduation 1932
Lois, Margie & Gordon Wilson, 1940
Enjoying an outing at Nantucket Beach--Date--1939? Ralph Wilson is in the back, Elsie Brown Wilson is holding daughter Lois on her lap, moving to the right--Doris Brown, Florence Brown, cousin Virginia Benson; at the front from the left--Lois Brown holding nephew Gordon Wilson, Ruby Benson Brown, and Elsie's step-children Georgianna (Georgie), Dorothy (Tookie), and Phyllis Wilson
Lois Wilson (1935-94)
Photos by Florence Brown, 1941
Gordon Wilson(1937-50)
Photos by Florence Brown, 1941
Gordon Wilson Sailor Hat (1937-50),
Photos by Florence Brown, 1941
Marge Wilson
Photos by Florence Brown, 1941
Family Fun at Erie Place 1946,
Back: Sisters Lois Winter and Elsie Wilson
Fr: Gordon & Margie Wilson, Nancy & Pat Winter, and Ellie Wilson
Gordon & Margie Wilson, Nancy Winter, Ellie Winter, at Erie Place, Jamaica Plain, MA. 1946
Elton Armington Brown & Grandson Gordon Wilson
About 1942
Gordon & Margie Wilson, Nancy Winter, Ellie Winter, at Erie Place, Jamaica Plain, MA. 1946

Robert S. and Lois Brown Winter Jr.

Lois Brown High School Graduation, 1936, Wrentham, MA
Lois Brown at Lake Archer 1936
Lois Brown Winter about 1943
Gramma Brown, Sandy&Bobby'49-'50?

John and Doris Brown Gragg

Doris Brown
Doris Brown
Doris Brown Glamour Shot by Florence Brown
Ruby, Doris, Bud holding Georgie, 1939
Doris Brown, Spanish House in California, 1940s
John Blair Gragg 1960
John Gragg (husband of Doris Brown) & Jada Johnson
John Blair Gragg, 1930, Naval Academ
Naval Academy Polo Team 1927-28
John Gragg, 4th from left, 3rd row, big guy.
John Gragg (left end) & Admiral Chester Nimitz (suit) 1959
Lois Brown Winter's Scituate Cousins about 1950--Back row--Julia B. Hoffman and son Billy, Cody B. Dolan, Lois Winter, Aunt Marian Brown behind her, Bob Winter, 2nd row-- Nancy, Pat, and Bobby Winter, Front Row--Sandy Winter, Bobby Dolan, Richie Hoffman, Laura May B. Houghton and son Tom. Julia, Cody and Laura May are sisters and Marian is their mother.