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To help us remember the good people, past and present, and the good times...

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In this site we include photo albums and family history of our families, hobbies, travels, and special events.  The most recent events included a trip to England a family gathering on Whidbey Island, WA to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.   Our third grandchild, Durham Oakes Deifell, was born May 6, 2012 in San Francisco. We are delighted. 


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Interlochen, MI, 2009

Photo by Eugene Buck


This web site is dedicated to Patricia Alice Winter Oakes, my wife, my friend and my love.  She taught me the true value of family, a value she seeks every day to enhance. 

—Mel Oakes

Tony, Mardie & Durham, May 2012

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Pat, Mardie, Mel and Durham, May 2012

Durham Oakes Deifell, May 2012

Durham Oakes Deifell, May 2012

This is hand-drawn genealogy tree done for four villages in Sweden. It is part of my colleague and friend, Roger Bengtson’s family. A relative in Sweden did the drawing. Roger’s scan permits zooming to a very detailed level. Sadly that version is too large to include here.

—Mel Oakes